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Avengers Assemble!

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Summary: YAHF - Someone sees where the Gang is headed in the future thanks to the plans of the PTB, they decide to mess with the program, what they get is something far more powerful. When all else fails heroes shall assemble to avenge us.

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DC Universe > Young Justice
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KaosreignFR18738,146108534,83731 Oct 1331 Oct 14No

Chapter two

Avengers Assemble!

Disclaimer: Don't own BTVS, Marvel or DC, simple as that.




*Sound effects*

Chapter 2: When one is not enough…

Inside Ethan's shop…

Despite the bustling mass of youth inside, Xander couldn't help but smile, Halloween had always been one of his fondest holidays before the discovery of monsters roaming the Earth, even back then when he had to make due even then with make shift costumes he still enjoyed happy times with Jesse and Willow.

They would trick and treat to their hearts content and just let themselves go with their fun and camaraderie…oh how he missed those days.

*Well since the big bads are taking the night off and despite Herr Snyder's plans, the girls and I will make the best off it…just wish you were here with us Jess. You would have had a field day with what I have in mind.*

He thinks with a sad gaze, he shakes it off for the moment, best to leave the past in the past and looks at the wares the shop is selling as he searches for costumes to fulfill their wish for a heroic theme.

He saw many costumes that called out his inner geek as it were as they were damn fine collection, Halo, World of Warcraft, Star Wars and more and true enough they looked to be of very good quality... but no Justice League.

Xander paused in his search to rub his head in confusion as he figured the place must have something of the heroic team…

*Maybe they ran out?*

He wonders, his thoughts on the matter naturally clouded his situational awareness and therefore does not allow him to sense the approach of the shop's owner until...

"May I help you young man?"

"GAH!" A very startled Xander Harris lets out as he turns to face a man around Giles age and with crisp British accent looking at him with amusement.

"Jeez man! Don't that, you almost gave me a damn heart attack."

The teen says as he tries to calm his rapidly beating heart.

"I do apologize young man, allow me to introduce myself…" the man replied with a smile as he held out his hand "…Ethan Rayne proprietor of this establishment at your service."

"Xander Harris, sorry for freaking out on you but in this town it just isn't done with the PCP gangs and all."

Xander replies as he shakes the hand.

"Oh I understand, but despite that I do feel you are in need of some assistance."

"Well I do indeed, see a group of friends and me are planning on going as a theme this Halloween and one of them recommended I come here, I just can't seem to find the costumes."

"I see, what is the theme and how many are in your group if you don't mind my asking."

*That way I can surprise ol' Ripper with this evening's fun. This will really get his attention for sure!*

Rupert's old acquaintance thinks to himself with some rather dark and mischievous thoughts as he knew that there was bit more to Halloween than some thought, even more so when one brought in a certain chaos loving deity to the mix.

"Three adults, four teenagers around my age and three are women and finally a pre teen girl, our theme is the Justice League."

Ethan winced at that.

"Oh dear, we may have a bit of problem there, if you would please follow me I can show you what I mean."

Doing as asked the young man followed him to the back of the shop.

"I did indeed order costumes of the League, however what I received instead was…well see for yourself."

The young did indeed step passed the man and spotted the costumed mannequins only to stop and stare at them.


There only eight of nine mannequins dressed in he could only describe as incredible detailed and fine craftsmanship. Though not the league they definitely stood out among the crowd.

"As I said I did indeed order the Justice League, but the shipping company must have suffered a delay as well as mix up and by the time I realized it well it was too late to do anything about it. I do plan to file a complaint at some point, but what is that old bit, ah, no sense crying over spilled milk since these costumes happen to be very well made."

Ethan said to the still awed teen.

"Why didn't you put them out there with the others? I mean these look awesome…"

Xander replies as he approaches one of the costumes, a rather patriotic yet still intimidating suit with a shield with a crack in it, not that it was broken; more like it was there from the start.

*Kind of gives the old girl and edgy feel to it plus the patriotic look is always a classic. I'm all for it*

"Oh I did, no point in not trying to make the best of a sticky situation, but the public did not share your enthusiasm for some unknown characters they never heard of. In the end I only managed to give one out to a young gentleman that had a rather odd spider motif if you will."

"Captain America…huh, catchy name."

He says to Ethan as he looks at the shield with a clear question in mind.

"Be my guest young man, I too would like to see how it would look on you." Ethan answered and he was curious.

Xander carefully picked it up, taking note that it was actually made of metal instead of plastic and what's more how right it felt to him. He slid his arm into the straps and looked at himself in a nearby mirror. And damn, did he look good…

"I do say young man; you look rather well carrying that."

"Yeah, it looks great, heck all of these look like someone really put a lot of effort in making them." The boy replies as he looks at the other costumes with a keen eye.

*I bet Buffy would look awesome in the Viking get up and that large sword. And Willow is a bit of a tech and that gold and red armor looks like something up her alley.*

"Too true young man, too true…"


"…shame not many were interested, they even show the characters backstories." Ethan said with a hint of disappointment.

*Shame really, I wonder what can of chaos they could do for my little night.*

The disguised chaos mage was brought back from his thoughts by the young man.

"Can I see these backstories?"

"Of course…" Ethan moved to the back of the red, white and blue costume and pulled of some pieces of paper and handed them to the male Scooby.

Xander quickly read through it and was soon smiling.

"This is some definitely good stuff."

"Enough to give this suit a whirl? As you American folk are so fond of saying." Now it was Ethan's turn to smile at the prospect of getting one of Giles little helpers, for he knew who he was and who he was affiliated with, to participate in his plans.

"I'll take them all."


Excitement now laced the older gentleman's voice at an even greater prospect for the evening's events to come.

"Yeah, these are too good to just leave them here and I do need several costumes for my group so I figure, go for broke."

Xander's face wore his well known smirk as he saw this as a good way to take a negative and make it into a positive.

"Young man just for that I will sell these to you at half price and you may keep them, and don't bother saying no since I will not accept any answer but yes."

"I…well thanks, this is really nice off you sir."

"I am merely providing a service to an upstanding young man who has made sure that these fine wares do not go to waste, now then just wait for me outside while I prepare these for you and your friends."

Xander nodded while shaking the man's hand in gratitude before leaving the shield and heading for the cashier, not noticing the smirk Ethan was sporting.

*Oh this will be a night old Ripper and his friends won't soon forget!*

The man thinks to himself before grabbing some ingredients to add a little something extra for the costumes…though he doesn't realize he is being watched.

"Ya got right English, this WILL be a night to remember, heh heh heh only the problem for you though is I doubt yer boss is goin' to love it."

A voice spoke out loud yet it seemed that it was not heard by the room's sole occupant.

Back at the Summers residence…

While Xander was returning from Ethan's the group was lounging and speaking with one another…or at least some of them were.

Giles, Joyce and Jenny were in the kitchen talking over some ice tea about how best to deal with the situation. Buffy and Willow were taking about what to do after the kids get back Dawn watched some TV while Cordelia paced around the living room.

"When is that dork going to get here already?" She complains, earning her a glare from Dawn at the way she described her long time crush.

"He isn't a dork…" the young girl muttered, of course it was not low enough the older teen did not hear her.

*Girl needs some serious growing up to do if she thinks Xander Harris is boyfriend material.*

She went back to her pacing, and occasionally admiring some of the decorating Joyce had done around the place as she did like the older woman's choice in décor.


"Xander's back!" Dawn cried out as she happily bounded for the door.

*Oh yeah, that girl's got it bad. At least she's not too young or else this would be wrong on soooo many levels*

Cordelia says inwardly as she rolls her eyes before taking a seat and await her verbal nemesis to come.

"Lucy I'm home!" She hears him say in a fake Hispanic accent.

"Lord, please shoot me now…"

She mutters in exasperation as she spots him carrying some boxes with Dawn trailing behind him with one. He puts it down before going after the rest of the merchandise for their outing.

Once they all gathered Xander took the floor so to speak.

"Well folks I got good news, bad news and take it as you want news, which one do you want to hear first?"

"Take it as you want it?" Jenny humoredly asks with a raised brow and a smile.

"That would be either good or bad news depending on your POV, and since you asked we shall start off with that bit of news. I got these at half the price; I have already taken my share and will leave the rest with Mrs. S to redistribute what's left." He finishes as he hands over the rest of the money to Joyce.

"Thank you Xander, I'll make sure to split it evenly when we get back."

"Well now that we have resolved that, what is the bad news Xander?" The undercover Watcher asks.

"Well…these are not Justice League costumes."

"What!? You used my money to buy me a costume of some unknown!"

Cordelia naturally snaps as she did not need this aggravation since who knew what costume he got her.

"The guy ordered them and got something else instead, and besides they are great costumes and we get to keep them afterwards."

Xander refuted to his nemesis already planning his revenge as he already had the PERFECT costume in mind for Cordelia.

"Cordelia please calm down and let Xander explain what he brought us."

Joyce says as she acts as the voice of reason. Cordelia huffs but complies with the woman in the end. Joyce was good woman so no sense trying to cause trouble with Xander over this, they could do it in private later.

"Thank you, now then first up is Buffy's costume…"

He says to his blonde haired friend as he grabs the box labeled "Toruun" and gives it to her yet keeps the paper where the characters bio is as he is about to explain it to her

"…he be the mighty Toruun."

"Tor what?"

Buffy naturally asks, showing that she too had no idea who this character was.

"Toruun Buffy, your costume is a character who is a real power house and has a wicked choice in weapons and powers. See she is a Norse Goddess and the daughter of Thor and Sif who was left on earth, to learn some lessons in humility with the children of other heroes on her world to save it when the time was right against a villain who took over and killed the other children's parents."

He replies as he hands her the sheets of paper to get a look at the character.

Both she, Willow and Dawn took a look and had to admit she was impressive, she was donned in golden armor that covered the lower half of her arms and legs, a metallic skirt around her waist as well as a breastplate on her chest and a golden winged circlet on her forehead. In her right arm was a sword that spanned out half way up before curving inward at the tip with a leather strap at the end of the pommel and the hammer of Thor in the center of the blade.

"She looks so cool Buffy." Dawn says to which she would have to agree.

* May not be Wonder Woman, but I can definitely take a liking to this.* Buffy thinks happily.

"I know, right?"

Xander spoke up before continuing.

"…she is super strong, fly and can control and absorb lighting as well fight real good with that sword of her which only she can use and can deal out a lot of punishment."

"Thanks Xan, it is a really nice costume." She said with a beaming smile that made him to the snoopy dance in his mind. Looks like he had made her day, and THAT was always a good thing.


"Now for my best bud Willow…" he speaks as he gives her a box labeled "Iron Woman"

"…this is the most powerful piece of tech in the world, or least that's what it says in the cheat sheets. Here is the Iron Woman armor also called the "Bleeding Edge" armor worn by one Natasha Stark. She used to be a weapon manufacturer until those same weapons were used by terrorists and nearly got her killed, but she pulls through as she created a sort of supped up artificial pace maker that also powers the armor while keeping her alive; she also happens to be one of the smartest people on the planet."

Her pictured showed an ebony haired woman wearing a crimson and gold armor, with other images showing her firing repulsor blasts, morphing the armor arms into canons and using and energy sword as well.

"Wow, thanks Xander!"

His first best friend replies with an ecstatic look on her face, she was always the tech head of the team and this was like candy to her.

"Next we have the costume for our little lady known as Dawn."

This time the box read Shadowcat

"…she is a sweet Jewish girl with a gene called the "X-gene" that gives her superpowers, she can phase through objects, walk on air, mess up electronics or become super strong and bulletproof. Definitely the kind of powers I feel you personally would love."

Dawn saw the picture and was definitely interested; the character wore a black and white suit with a pink sash and a mask that covered half her face. The images showed her going through walls or lifting things bigger than her.

"Awesome! Thanks Xander."

The young girl replies as she grabs him in a hug she makes lasts a little longer than necessary.

"Now it's time for the adult costumes." He says to the group, earning the attention of Joyce, Giles and Jenny.

"What about mine dork?" Cordelia snips.

"The best is yet to come oh impatient one, you are simply going love what I picked up for you."

He replies to the self proclaimed Queen of the school with a smirk that starts to worry her a bit. Who knows what she had to be forced to wear, even more so when hers was the last to be given.

"Now first up is for the lovely Mrs. Summers…" her box read the Invisible Woman

"…or should I say Mrs. Susan Storm-Richards AKA the invisible Woman?"

"Go on." Joyce asks as she is intrigued by the name tag and the moniker here.

"She is part of a group of superhero/explorers who have done some crazy stuff such as travelling through the universe, other dimension, meeting alien races real Jules Verne type of stuff. She and three others got their powers when they went into space in a ship her husband designed, they get dosed with cosmic rays that change them, in her case she could make this invisible force fields that can turn her or objects invisible or can be used to make anything she needs on the spot; it's one of the reason she is considered the most powerful one of the three and she also happens to be a mother of two."

The picture shows a blonde haired woman in a black and white uniform with four in the center using her abilities in very creative ways.

"Oh this is impressive, thank you very Xander."

"Anything for a pretty lady."

He replies with wink that earns him a giggle.


"Just telling the truth that's all…" he then gave a mischievous look she recognized when he was about to prank someone and she had a very good idea on who.

"…but if you like, you can show me your gratitude…in private?"

"Why Xander, are you trying to seduce me?"

She replied in low tone, though inside she was laughing up a storm at the faces her daughters were making.

"MOM/XANDER" Both soon cries out "STOP FLIRTING!"

At that point they can't help it anymore and soon both mother and friend are cracking up.

"Ha ha ha, oh man you should have seen your faces. Man I wish I had a camera!" Xander speaks between laughs.

"Oh mercy, I haven't played a prank like that in ages."

Joyce replied in kind, one look at two thoroughly embarrassed girls just make her laugh some more.

"As much fun as that was…" Jenny starts off.

*And it was.*

"…I believe Rupert and I are still waiting."

"Oh right, sorry Ms. C…" Xander now brings two boxes labeled Dr. Strange and Clea Strange, though they don't see the twinkle in his eyes when he does "…here you go."

"What can you tell us about these characters?"

Giles asks as up till now he was rather curious since the work and care in the portrayal of the costumes along with detailed backstory had him intrigued.

"His name is Dr. Stephen Strange and he used to be this successful surgeon until an accident damaged his hands, the guy obviously did not take it well so he did everything he could think of to get his life back. It got to the point he got so desperate that he went into the mountains of Asia on a rumor of a healer with strange powers, he found him but this man called the "Ancient One" was not just a healer but the world's greatest sorcerer and protector against the supernatural with me so far?"

They all nodded as they were eager to hear more.

"So the guy takes on the Doctor as a student despite already having one, well this other student was a real a-hole and turns out he is on the dark side to get rid of the old master. The Doc finds out and warns him of the danger and they stop this Mordo guy, Doc's master rewards him by making him his heir and successor to the title of Sorcerer Supreme after he ascends so to speak."

The picture he gives Giles shows a man in his forties with graying black hair, beard and mustache wearing black and red robes with a red sash as well as a red and yellow ornate cape held by a golden medallion with a closed eye in the center.

"My word, that is impressive."

"Yep, guy has some serious magic mojo on him, and the same goes for your character Miss Calendar."

"Oh? I can't wait to hear this."

She asks with a bit of excitement in her voice.

"Well she is isn't human so to speak even if she looks like one, her name is Clea and she is the daughter of a prince and "woman" called…Umar, now while her daddy is ok her mommy is…well she is a grade A psycho. She and her brother came and took over her dimension with him becoming the ruler while she played second fiddle where she plotted and uh…" Xander pauses as he doesn't quite know how to phrase his next words due to Dawn's and Joyce's presence.

"…well she and the prince were intimate with one another, and Clea was born so naturally she left her to the prince to raise her, well eventually Dormammu, Umar's brother gets too big for his britches and tries to take over the Earth dimension except Doc Strange steps up to the plate serve a helping of butt whup and chases after him to make sure the lesson sticks. There he meets her after she tries to warn him and gets caught by the big bad, he saves her, beats him and after some more adventures becomes his disciple and becomes a power house of her own."

Xander then shows her the drawing of Clea.

Jenny had to admit she was beautiful, she had long white hair that reached her waist, blue eyes, and wore violet one piece suit with pronounced shoulder guards with a black under suit with many circles crisscrossing each other.

"Oh I forgot to mention something about why her last name is Strange."

"Oh are they related?"

Willow asks instead of the two who are now sporting curious looks. Instead of answering he takes their hands and places them into the others before speaking.

"I just know you two will make a lovely couple." He says as he tries to keep himself from laughing as their eyes widen at the implications he is making when it involved them.

"They're married?"

An excited blonde speaks out by one Buffy Summers as one she is sucker for adventure romances given her own experience and she knew full well how Giles got around the computer teacher.


He replies though he doesn't say that they are estranged.

*If they didn't get divorced they are still married in my view.*

He thinks with a hint of humor as he spots Giles and Jenny blushing up a storm, before he decides to break up the two for what is about to be his crowing achievement.

"And now we come to the moment we have all been waiting for…Queen C's costume of MY choice as per the rules of our little wager."

"Just give me the box and the cheat sheet and let's get this over with."

Cordelia replies with a tone heavily laced with exasperation in it. But that was added of course with worry on what was the costume the guy picked for her.

"Nuh-uh, first a little back story of the lovely lady you shall bring to life this night…"

He says in calm tone before beginning

"…her real name is Jennifer Walters, but her super hero name is She-Hulk why? Well early on in her life she was just a simple lawyer who happened to be the cousin of a big brain who knew a thing or two about gamma radiation. Now he worked for the government and built a unique bomb based on his work and well during testing some crazy stuff happened and he got hit with a massive dose of radiation that changed him into a raging behemoth with limitless power that was called the Hulk who the angrier he gets the stronger he becomes."

"Is this going somewhere?" Cordelia snapped.

"Shh, I want to hear this."

Buffy, Willow and Dawn all reproached earning a glare from the poplar teen.

"Thanks ladies, anyway as I was saying before being rudely interrupted well the Government and army decided to kill or capture the Hulk and the man, called Bruce Banner, and is now on the run from them and others who want the power he is cursed with. Now on such an occasion he meets up with his cousin and she just so happens to be working on a case to put a mobster away, well he naturally sends hitmen and they do manage to shoot her but not kill her."

"Oh no!" Dawn lets out.

"Easy there Dawnie, here is where things get interesting, her cousin gives her his blood to keep her alive long enough to get her to a hospital, but since the cops are there and he is wanted he leaves her. What he doesn't know is that the hitmen came to finish the job and when they find her she gets angry and changes into a seven foot tall Amazon that can bench press a tank she is a bit uncontrollable at first but later on can control the change at will unlike her cousin, from them on she is like half Ally McBeal and half Wonder Woman."

"Ok, what's the catch?"

Cordelia asks even though she feels the character is interesting enough she still remembers the bet she made. Xander simply slides the box with the sheets face down with a mysterious smile. THIS he could not afford to miss!

She took the items and turned the pages over to get a look at her character…she promptly cursed losing the bet.

"Oh you son of a b…"

"Cordelia Chase! I would appreciate if you keep the foul language to a minimum in my house and with children present."

Joyce chided while Dawn pouted.

*I am not a child!* obviously she was only emphasizing her mother's point.

Cordelia backed down slightly as she was in another person's home to act this way, though her anger surged once more.

"I am not wearing…!"

She denies as she shows the picture of an emerald haired and skinned woman wearing what is practically a purple and white one piece suit with track shoes and fingerless gloves. One could already see just where the half Wonder Woman part came from.

"Fine Cordy, don't honor the bet, but think about this for a moment…"

Xander spoke as he sat on the easy chair with rather serene look on him that made his friends question what he was up to.

"…could you really stand to have lost to me and not followed through? I like to think I know you well enough Cordelia to know that you have a lot of pride and despite everything you couldn't let it stand that I won fairly and you wuss out on your end knowing that you gave me the satisfaction of such a total victory over you."

Cordelia went over his words and much to her displeasure found him right, she wouldn't live it down.

*I'm a Chase damn it and we don't let anything keep us down!*

"Fine, you win this one Harris…"

She grumbles before seeing him relax back with his hands behind his head with a victorious look on his face "…yeah you enjoy this while it lasts because this is a onetime thing."

He only smiled a little wider.

"Have to admit that was cool he got her bad."

Buffy whispered to Willow who simply nodded.

"What about you Xander?" Joyce asks as they had yet to see his character.

"Oh don't worry Mrs. Summers, I got something that just felt worked for me, I'll show you once were all changed. Which we should do now since Cordy needs to get mean and green fast."

"I will kill you for this Xander, I will do so slowly and painfully."

"I love you too sweetie."


Each of the members of the Scoobies and Summers family when to separate areas of the house to change. Willow, Buffy in Buffy's room, Dawn and Cordelia in Dawn's, Joyce and Jenny and Jenny in Joyce's while Giles took a spare bedroom and Xander the bathroom.

They all soon came out and had to admit they did look very good in the costumes…except Cordelia who was still muttering death threats due to having to be cover in green body make up from head to toe as well as dying her hair early on.


The sound of a camera going off soon caught her off guard as she spotted Buffy taking a Polaroid of her with a smirk.

"You simply look ravishing darling." She says with a salacious smile. That only served to anger Codry, making her more into the character than she liked.

"That better not see the light of day Summers."

"Oh lighten up Cordelia, besides it was part of the bet and I know that if Xander would have lost you would have humiliated him and done the same."

"Yeah, like you did?" was the quick come back she received.

"I apologized thank you very much AND willingly made a contribution to earn back said forgiveness. It's not my problem my costume is much cooler and more…decently covering than yours."

*Damn it! She has me there.*

"Girls, let keep things civil…" Buffy's mother spoke up as she came in from the kitchen in the form fitting uniform of the Invisible Woman and showing she still looked good for her age.

"You look very daring in that Joyce." Jenny complimented.

"Thank you, I can say the same, that hair dye really brings out you're the color in your "new" eyes Miss Calendar."

"Please, call me Jenny and you look very heroic Rupert." The teacher/slash Romany says to her possible paramour.

"O-oh, w-well thank you Jenny, I also think you look simply wonderful in that." Giles replies as he adjusts his cape and "Eye".

"Hey you think Xander is done yet?" Dawn asks from under the mask of her costume.

*This is a very comfy costume, I think I will use it next year if still fits, yep I will definitely be giving Xander another hug…and not just because this is very form fitting either.*

She thinks as she stretches and moves in it.

"Where is Xander anyway?" Willow now asks with her face plate up in her bright red and gold "armor".

"Right her Will's." they all hear from the entryway, as one the turn and are in silent awe of his costume.

There stood one Xander Harris, decked out in patriotic colors of the American flag hefting a large shield in his right arm with the same motif. The scaled shirt, pants and hood were a sky blue with a white star in the chest and shoulders, those encircled by red, the mask showed off his eyes, ears and mouth with a big white "A" on his forehead. The pants were held by a large belt with several pouches, there were also some on his bright red gloves and to complete the ensemble he wore a pair of heavy duty boots that reached half way up his shins and were laced up the middle.

Giles was gob smacked as he looked at the young man and admitted that he did cut an imposing figure in that costume and wonder, not for the first time, if maybe there was more to this young man who fought alongside his Slayer against the dark.

The women were of differing opinions, Joyce and Jenny found that he looked rather dashing in that costume and wondered how many girls would give the boy more than a passing glance now that he wore America's premier soldier uniform.

The girls themselves were silent as they drank in his form, though not very muscular, nights of patrolling were having an effect on his body as the suit was rather form fitting.

*Xander turned hot!* Willow and Dawn think to themselves as they resist the urge to drool.

Buffy and Cordelia were calmer about it but even the Queen of Sunnydale had to admit he looked very good in that.

*Xander definitely fills that out well…no, no, no I am not drooling over Harris, it is not happening!*

"You look awesome Xander!" Buffy speaks out in all honesty.

Xander had to smile brightly at the compliment from his former crush.

"Honest? I mean I was worried it may seem to gaudy on me."

"You do look handsome in that Xander, I bet a lot of ladies will think the same." Jenny added.

"You must simply let me take a picture Xander." Joyce replies as she grabs the camera from Buffy's hands.

"Okay." He replies as he strikes a pose he saw on the cheat sheets.

"What's his story Xan?" Dawn is the one who voices the question on their mind once her mother is done.

"His name is Steve Rogers, during WWII he was a sickly guy who just wanted to do his part in the war, and he went to every single recruitment office until someone took notice of him and offered him a chance to be a part of America's attempt to create the first ever super soldier. He took it and was subjected to a series of experimental procedures that left him far above the average soldier, he was the only one since a Nazi spy found out about it and killed the scientist who knew how to create the formula that was used."

As he spoke he went over in his mind of what a character like him could have achieved and wonders what he could do in their world against the demons, vampires and villains that plagued it.

"This wasn't like our great war, his had Nazis, mad scientists and genocidal aliens who wanted to kill every human on the planet. Well during the last days the allies got wind of a plot to launch an experimental nuke at D.C and he led the charge to stop it, things went bad since they launched the missile but he grabbed on and messed the guidance system and landed in the Atlantic where he was frozen…years later he was found, thawed and he was still very much alive, he went on to lead a group of heroes against various threats."

"Wow, he sounds great Xander." Willow comments.

"You sure know how to pick'em." Buffy added.

"Well let's take some pictures before we head out kids." The Summers matriarch speaks with a smile at the fond filled memories they were making together.

They all agreed so, even Cordelia after much hassle, they even convinced Giles and Jenny to pose together like a married couple that had them red as tomatoes until they ended with a group photo.

"Well ladies, G-man, let's move out and entertain the troop for the night." Xander pseudo ordered in mock seriousness, earning some smiles and chuckles.

As they moved out with Xander at the rear, he was suddenly struck with the odd feeling that they were under watch.

*Huh? That's weird…must be my weirdar acting up.* he thinks before leaving with the others.

"Oh its more than that, my good chum…I just hope you are ready for what is too come and you can forgive us for what we are about to do." A sad yet determined voice spoke from seemingly nowhere.

To be continued…
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