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Avengers Assemble!

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Summary: YAHF - Someone sees where the Gang is headed in the future thanks to the plans of the PTB, they decide to mess with the program, what they get is something far more powerful. When all else fails heroes shall assemble to avenge us.

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Chapter one

Avengers Assemble!

Disclaimer: Don't own BTVS, Marvel or DC, simple as that.

So here we go again folks, new story to unleash upon the masses. It is YAHF based in the DCAU, more specifically YJ with the occasional dash of comic book verse.

The deal here is the following; I was inspired by the works of Shadowmaster, texaswookie and Rider Paladin to create this universe where the Scoobies, Jenny, Joyce and Dawn get dressed as characters from the Marvel / Ultimate Marvel lines.

Now the twist is that these characters don't exist in the DC verse but were chosen by entities who have seen where the gang is headed and don't like it one bit, so they throw them a mulligan and alter Halloween to give them a leg up…chaos ensues for some.

I am on the fence of making them part of the Team or keeping them separate but in contact. Couple of things I will do is not have them bow down to the will of the Bat, sorry folks nothing against him but too many fics out there have the characters allow him to push them around and I don't want that.

Another is dealing with the Superman/Superboy situation sooner than it took in the series; I felt it was wrong for it to take a whole season to fix that.

Don't know about pairings yet but I will say that there will be no Bat/Wonder Woman here; I have my reasons for that.

So on with the show.




*Sound effects*

Chapter 1: And so it came...

Sunnydale, your typical small community nestled between big cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles that embodies the American dream in so many of its aspects. It held a look and feel of peace and unity…of course, that's what the residents of this fair town are allowed to see and believe.

When Spaniard travelers first arrived at the location they met and saw things only found in the dark corners of the world and black recesses of the human mind…they called it "La boca del infierno." now it was simply called the Hellmouth, and it lived up to its garish namesake.

As it name implies it is a weak point in the fabric of reality that leads to realms of the demonic and hellish persuasion, its dark and malevolent energies attract beings with less than noble intentions and often corrupt the souls susceptible to its influence.

The people of this town remain unaware of the dangers that lurk in the shadows due to the influence of those who seek to keep the populace in obscurity and to allow the dark denizens used them to their dark heart's content.

The primary threat the townspeople face is vampires, demonically inhabited corpses with a thirst for blood and a penchant for murder and mayhem. Unlike the darker breeds of demons they prefer to maintain the status quo with the humans that inhabit the world…the others do not feel such inclination.

To humanity, or those of the faith, God created the earth in seven days and man in his image…the truth was far darker than they realized.

Long before the time of man demons roamed the land unchallenged save only themselves in clashes that have only seen by beings that have lived and seen things far beyond the scope of the mortals who dwell in the earth bound planes of existence.

But like anything in the world their time came to an end, their kingdoms fell and their followers dwindled to all but nothing. Some fled to other planes of existence, others were sealed away to be forgotten and some were slaying by a brave few willing to brave their fury. But sadly demons still remained upon the earth despite the rise of man and its other inhabitants, to combat these threats men well versed in the arts of magic created a hunter of demons. A young woman whose soul would be bound to a powerful demon and given an urge to hunt the dark creatures and the abilities to match them on even ground, if she were to fall another would take her place by random choice and take up the fight…she became the Slayer.

Time flowed ever onward and with each passing generation a Slayer was raised, some worthy of remembrance and others forgotten in obscurity. In this generation the one to carry the mantle is one Buffy Summers, formerly a typical Californian girl her hopes of a normal life were dashed when she was called.

After a vampire attack on her school and the divorce of her parent's she and her mother left to start a new in the town of Sunnydale, but sadly it was not meant to be for the young woman as once more fate would intervene and once more she would have to take up the fight…but not alone.

In the place where the Hellmouth lay, she found allies to help stave off the forces of darkness and loneliness. The first was a young man by the name of Alexander L. Harris, a boy whose lived a hard home life yet kept an upbeat and quirky disposition for the benefit of his best friends. His greatest reason to face these threats came at the corruption of his long time friend into a vampire, and in that moment, vowed to fight against the forces before him even though he carried no powers of his own.

Willow Rosenberg, a smart albeit shy girl who would be her confidant and supporter in many of the harrowing adventures; she contributed in the search for more information and moral support for the Slayer. This was something that was truly needed as the perils of difficulties of the life of a Slayer would be a fierce test to those who became part of it.

Rupert Giles, Buffy's Watcher and in some ways her father figure, who although on occasions found himself at odds with his charges youthful attitudes deep down he felt proud of their dedication in the fight to protect mankind from the threats hidden from the eyes of man.

Despite the many dangers they faced, they had managed come out on top and stay united through it all…though now they and others would soon face a challenge no one would see coming and which would life far reaching consequences the likes they could never have envisioned.

Sunnydale High, Library…

The undercover Watcher was currently unpacking and separating the latest shipment of books and materials the Council had sent to him in his office so as to not attract any prying eyes. Given that today was Halloween he could take the time to relax as this was one day of the year the denizens of the dark took a break from their usual schemes.

*I am sure the children will appreciate that bit of good news, they have been running themselves ragged these last few weeks.* He thought to himself, however his musing were stopped as he heard the doors open rather abruptly followed by two of his wards anger voices. That was enough to tell him that this was not going to be a very pleasant day.

"I can't believe that little troll!" The unmistakable voice of his charge all but shouted.

"I agree with Buffy, what was we did to ever get on his bad side?" her redheaded companion added in a fearful tone.

*Oh dear, that doesn't sound good at all.* he thought as he was already on the move, stepping out he spotted the two girls sitting with an air of clear annoyance and irritation. Buffy was pouting with her arms crossed while Willow was staring at her friend with sympathy. He knew that it was now time to dig in and find out the cause of this.

"Buffy, W-Willow, what…what seems to be the matter?"

"I'll tell what's the matter is Giles, that little Troll we call a principal just volunteered us…" she said as she pointed to herself and Willow "…to chaperone a bunch of kids for Halloween."

"He totally forced us when he saw us Giles, he's been doing it to everyone even some of the teachers."

"Oh my, that would explain the looks of the faculty members after the meeting I missed."

"You are so lucky he didn't catch you then Giles, God he is such a pain!" his Slayer griped as she continued to glare at no one in particular.

Giles could understand his charge's attitude towards the man; it seemed to him that the "good" principal seemed to have a knack for earning the scorn of both young and old alike.

"Well, what of Xander?"

Buffy winced while Willow looked a bit uncomfortable before she answered.

"Well he got caught up to but, well you see the thing is…"

"I may have, hurt his feelings Giles."

Buffy finally answers with a shameful face. That in itself surprised Giles as he knew full well that despite the dynamics between them, Buffy and Xander were good friends and the idea of her hurting him was not something one could easily see happening.

"I'm not quite sure I understand Buffy."

"Well you see, earlier we were outside and he went to get a soda, well Larry came into bully him so I decided to intervene and get him to back off…maybe using a bit of Slayer strength..."

She winced at the chiding look he gave her at that bit of information. To be expected since her strength could have easily killed the bully.

"…I know, I know, bad Buffy for using super strength to scare normal folk; but anyway Xander of course didn't see it that way and I haven't seen him since."


*I thought as much, despite his antics, Xander is still a young man and that incident can be a blow to his manly pride.*

"Well I can see why he would be upset girls, keep in mind that he is still a young man and he does have his male pride after all so obviously he felt that it had been damaged with this. Buffy, I am not trying to sound like you did the wrong thing, but you must understand that despite your insistence for him to leave the fighting to you because of your differences in abilities he still has a need to prove himself and show that he can fight alongside all of us, which he has done at great risk to himself if I might add."

"But Giles…" The blonde tried to rally her point before he raised his hand to forestall any argument.

"Buffy, despite there not being many hunters on par with a Slayer that doesn't mean there aren't any. Some of them have even proved to be more dangerous than a Slayer due to their levels of experience and their ingenuity. And despites Xander's attempt at levity during certain crisis notwithstanding, we do owe him for bringing you back after the fiasco with the Master as well as on other occasions which he did with great risk as he is still a regular young man."

Buffy winced at the reminder of that particular event, and especially after what she did to Xander at the Bronze to get Angel jealous…

*I don't know what the hell I was thinking that night, even Cordelia wouldn't look at me without feeling disgusted, and Mom and Dawn were pissed. Even more so since I know my kid 'sister' as a major crush on him.*

"Yeah, it's just I never wanted bring anyone into my hellish life as a Slayer Giles, I have enough danger in my life than the average as it is. I figured if I can get him out to live a full and normal life, a life that I stole from him than that would make us square. He deserves to have a life of his own than to be dragged into who knows what other royally screwed over mess we're going to be walking into."

Both Watcher and her best friend understood where she was coming from but Giles figured it was because of that she knew why she needed to face against the vampires and demons of the world.

*Lord knows we have no support from the costumed heroes out there, last thing we need is for them to get involved and draw the unwanted attention of their enemies no matter what advantages they would bring to the table. I shudder to think what would happen should this Joker fellow be turned or for Lex Luthor find a way to exploit the Hellmouth or heaven forbid Buffy in his devious ploys.*

He thought grimly as the Council kept watch over any all events that could affect them in this secret war they fought, the heroes with mystical ties they could tolerate due to them being more knowledgeable about the dangers…but anyone else was touch and go, and unfortunately the more conservative members of the Council had earned a bit of a reputation within certain factions of the mystical world privy to its existence. A reputation that always did more harm than good in his mind.

He didn't agree that all their actions benefitted them in the long run but he was but a small part of a minority of Watchers who wanted to move forward with new ideas than stagnate in the past. It was going to get them all killed in his point of view, but right now, he knew that he had to keep those thoughts to himself for now.

Just as he was about to offer some advice to his charge the cause of their discontent soon strode in, carrying with him the same air of disdain and annoyance usually seen on his face. Behind him strode Jenny Calendar, the computer teacher and partial romantic interest of the Watcher, she look a bit nervous around the man but did give Giles a small smile in greeting that sent a bit of warmness in his heart before he addressed the principal as much as he wished he was anywhere but here, along with reigning in the desire to knock out the man himself.

"Principal Snyder, Miss Calendar, what a pleasant surprise…"

Gilas said with as much propriety and good manners he could muster, although in reality he directed it more towards Jenny the irritable man

"…is there something I can help you with?"

"I'm here for some additional chaperones for the kids that are coming in case these miscreants get it into their heads to do something foolish with them."

The man replied with a clear and condescending tone and glare at the two girls.

Willow ducked here head while Buffy looked on neutrally though the blonde slayer's thoughts were ANYTHING but neutral.

*What an asshole!*

"I see, and I assume that…" Giles was not allowed to finish before he was cut off.

"You and Calendar are to make sure that nothing gets out of hand with these punks."

Snyder ended while looking at the man, and therefore unaware of the glares that both Buffy and Jenny leveled at him or the small frown Giles wore as he did not appreciate the slur against the teens in his care. Giles was now waging a war in him to bash the man's head in for the insults of course that did not mean he could not swear in private in his head.

*Insufferable little ponce!*

Unfortunately he could not afford to get on the man's bad side so he replied with as much calm and politeness he dared to give the man.

"Of course sir, I would be delight to help keep watch."

The smile he wore was so obviously faked that the girls and teacher could easily tell; Jenny directed a sympathetic look towards him as she also did not approve of the man's attitude towards the students. As for Willow and Buffy, they were sympathetic and thankful to Giles especially with the former for him having to deal with the snide rat bastard, and thankful that at least he was there to ward the idiot off.

It was at that moment that Xander Harris and Cordelia Chase came onto the scene, and as usual they were taking pot shots at each other while being oblivious of their surroundings.

"So how did it feel when the blonde wonder came to your rescue while stamping out what you call masculinity?"

The self proclaimed Queen of Sunnydale said with a sardonic smile.

"Oh I don't know Cordelia, how did it feel when Satan came and bought your soul for a pair of cheap payless?" he refuted.

*Damn him!* her inner voice cried at the young man's reply. She would have strangled him for that, but decided not to risk it and went back to the use of verbal ammunition.

"I will have you know mister that these are imported from New York's finest!"

"Yeah? I bet they still say made in Taiwan." Xander let out with smirk, one that soon fell when he spotted Snyder. He KNEW immediately that this had just come back to bite him in the ass.

*Ah crap! And just when you think it's safe to go back into the library.*

"If you two are quite done, I have something Miss Chase has to sign on for."

The ill tempered little man spoke as he held out the clip board.

"But Principal Snyder, I…"

"Save it and sign it…now."

And sign it she did with great reluctance and annoyance, along with nearly breaking the writing instrument in hand, torn between wishing it was either Xander's neck or Snyder's neck in her hand .

"Good, you can join these 3 when they come to pick their kids and go as a group."

That comment earned several groans from the teens. Xander naturally had try to salvage the situation as messed up as it was.

"But sir! How will we ever survive the night?"

Snyder got right front of the taller teen and practically sneered at him as he stuck his finger to the young man's chest.

"When I desire the opinion of a little nothing like you Harris I will ask for it…"

He spoke as he move to the side while ignoring the looks of outrage from the girls, minus Cordelia, and the heated glares of Giles and Jenny

"…or better yet your parents."

He ended just as he left.

Once he left they all turned towards him, taking notice of his clenched fist while he sent a dark glare at the door where the Principal once stood. Jenny took pity on the poor boy and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder while the others chose to avert their eyes.

"You all right Xander?"


He calmly let go of his anger and put on the face they all come to see from him whenever things got to tense.

"Sure Miss C, just a little under the weather thanks to Herr Snyder." He replied before addressing the rest of the group.

"So…" he said with a bit of mischief in his eyes.

"…who wants to egg and TP his house later on? We can even round up the Chemistry Lab gang on this, I know a few new odor formulae to add to the whole mix?"

They all allowed themselves to relax as while they all at some point figured that Xander's home life was less than stellar they respected their friend's privacy until such time they felt an intervention on his behalf would be needed.

Surprisingly Cordelia did not choose to voice any derogatory comments at this since it was something of an unspoken rule between her and Xander to not go too far in their verbal clashes…some things were simply not meant to be used against one another no matter how damaging they would be. And for that, both were actually thankful for the other.

"I'll drive you."

Jenny spoke up as she was not a fan of the man and much less approve of his actions against the children. Why he was not replaced was beyond her.

Giles wondered if she would do just that but chose not to say anything as he felt that if they indeed retaliate…well the man had only brought on himself.

Xander gave a smirk at her words before taking a seat next to Buffy and Willow while Cordelia sat as far away as possible from them.

"So, seeing as we have been oh so cordially asked by the good principal to participate in this..."

The computer teachers tone clearly stating how much of that truth was and earning some chuckles and smiles.

"…those anyone have any ideas how we can make the best of it?"

"Yeah right…" the high school's self proclaimed ruler spoke up with an eye roll for that plan

"…first Party Town loses my costume and now I'm stuck with you dweebs for the night."

"The world weeps for you Cordelia."

Buffy deadpanned with all mock seriousness, earning snicker from Willow and thumbs up from Xander.

From there they all thought about it as despite some reluctance she had made a valid point that they could at least try to find a silver lining in all of this, as they thought Willow looked discreetly to her BF/Crush and could still see he was still a bit rattled by Snyder's comments.

*Oh there has to be something I can do to cheer him up, think Willow think!*

Nothing came to mind until Jenny spoke with a rather intriguing idea.

"What if we all go as a part of a theme?"

"Huh, that sounds fun..." Buffy added "…but what kind of theme should do?"

"No Star truck or Star weird."

Cordelia said as she drew a line in certain ideas, dressing up as any of those was definitely among those ideas in question.

"That's Trek and Wars to you oh Miss I live under a rock."

Xander naturally corrected earning himself a scoff from the young woman. Here it was that Willow saw here chance to do something nice for her oldest friend.

"How about we all go as the Justice League?"

She felt a little nervous when they all turned towards her but relaxed when they looked like they were really giving it some thoughts.

"That's my Willow, always coming up with something on the spot, I say we do it." Xander said with approval.

*Oh please let them go for it, Buffy, Cordy and Miss C in spandex! No bad Xander! Must not fantasize…yet!*

"You're fantasying about us in those costumes aren't you perv." Cordelia snapped, she did not need a crystal ball to know what that idea entailed, she might not been a fan of the costumed heroes with the kind of life she had in Sunnydale, but she saw the costumes already, namely those of the female variety.

"Cordy, look around you, we have Buffy who can kick my ass and I friend zoned after a certain incident we shall not speak of…"

That earned a wince from the blonde Slayer as she knew perfectly well what he talked about.

"…Willow who is like a sister to me…" that earned a frown from Willow and Buffy.

"…and then we have the lovely Miss C who is too kind and beautiful to be seen in such a way."

He said with a wink at her. Jenny on the other hand merely snorted in a good natured way and smiled a bit.

"I'm not going to give you extra credit Xander no matter how flattering you may be."

"Blast! How did you see through my diabolical plan?"

He replied with a mock frustration in his voice and a quick snap of his fingers before he smiled again

"…but just as well that you did that, G-man was starting to give me the stink eye and I would like to have myself away from him on the off chance he has the keys to the locker."

He ended with a twinkle in his eye at the now spluttering and flushed man that earned some chuckles from Buffy and Willow as well as a small smirk from Cordelia.

"So what about me?"

She asked as she clearly was waiting for his excuse.

"Sorry but that's reserved for when we're in private company but don't worry I leave my fantasies of me choking the life out of you for those nights of peaceful slumber."

"Oh ha ha, I am so touched."

Sarcasm definitely present in the Chase heir's voice at that line of conversation.

"In the head at least." He rebuked with a smirk as he got a growl from her. "…but leaving aside the belligerent comments aside, and yes I am aware what that means, I still think it's great idea Will's so I vote we do it."

"I agree." Jenny added.

Willow followed suit and then Buffy did the same.

"Fine, we go as the League…dibs on Wonder Woman!"

Cordelia added quickly which did not sit well with a certain blonde someone.

"Damn! I wanted to go as her!"

"All right, though who dresses as what exactly since I am not entirely well versed in the group's members and such."

Giles admitted since the Watchers focused more on the supernatural members they could observe discreetly. They were not into watching the new Meta-humans and aliens who lived on this world when they had; proverbially speaking had bigger fish to fry.

As they thought it over, Buffy saw this as a chance to make it up to Xander for what happened earlier; she just hoped she wouldn't regret it.

"Say Xander, you follow up on this kind of stuff, think you can pick my costume?" She asks her male best friend. THAT made Xander takes notice.

"Really Buff? You'd let me pick out what to wear?" Xander asks with a hopeful look.


*I KNOW that somewhere along the line this might be a bad idea, but hey, if it mends fences with Xander, it's not all bad.*

"I get that I broke some kind of man code or something with what happened with Larry so to make it up to you I will do this…just keep it tasteful please?"

"Say no more Buffy, I can do tasteful." He replies confidently, though naturally Cordelia scoffs at the words.

"Yeah right, and I am the Queen of England."

Xander was about to respond with a rather appropriate quip when he smiled at her, that threw the rest of the people in seeing range of the teen for a loop because it wasn't a nice smile or an evil smile, Buffy could have sworn there was a little bit of the Hyena in that smile and that in her mind did not bode well for whatever he had in mind for Cordelia. Then again…this might turn out to be worth seeing to the end since Xander did have a flair for funny as well making it memorable when that smirk came on.

"Then how about a little wager then your majesty?" He asked in a sugary sweet tone and that same smile.

"What kind of wager?"

Cordelia was naturally on guard as the boy before her had a tendency to surprise her when she least expected it. That coupled with the sugary tone and the smile already began to raise alarm bells in her head.

"We flip a coin, not you or me mind you, and we call it and depending on which side it lands the loser has to wear the costume of the others choice…no matter what it is."


She replies as she did not think she heard that last part right, in fact neither do the other girls as they looked at Xander and briefly wondered if this was a side effect of the Hellmouth or one of the hits to the head he had received.

"You heard me, if you win I solemnly swear before these witnesses and God that I will wear whatever, and I mean WHATEVER, costume you choose for me. It doesn't matter if it's a cheap costume, a girl costume or even the most embarrassing thing ever to grace God's green earth and should be throw into a casket, covered in concrete and tossed into volcano. I will wear it and even let you take pictures to prove it…if you win of course."

Buffy and Willow were flabbergast at such am outrageous bet from their friend. The implications of that bet were NOT lost to them and they KNEW that if Cordelia won…well, what happened earlier with Larry was going to be a cakewalk to what Cordy would do to him.

*Oh goodness it finally happened, Cordelia made him snap!* the redhead thinks to herself.

*Oh Xander what have you gotten into now!?* The blonde says to herself.

*Oh Goddess above this will not end well.* Jenny can't help but nervously think.

*Boy must have some cast iron bollocks to go this far.* And oddly Ripper like thought came to the Watcher as he thinks on what may happen here.

Cordelia on the other hand, while relishing the idea knew that there was always a second side to this, and as much as she loathed to find out, she just had to.

"…and if I lose this little bet?"

"Same deal, you wear whatever I choose, no complaints and I will document it…deal?"

He says as he holds out his hands to seal it. Cordelia seriously thinks this over as he looks at him and the offer he makes.

*He is actually serious? Oh this is just too much, if he loses I can use this till the end of high school and make him my own private servant…then again so could he, and who knows where that lead…fuck it! I have to take this chance.*


And with that she took his hand and gave it a pump before releasing.

"Okay then, G-man since you are our resident gentleman would you do the honors?"

Xander looks to the elder gentleman with an expectant look despite the mild glare he gets for using his pet name for the man.

"Bloody hell, all right, I assume it will be a onetime occurrence then?"

He asks the two teens as he reaches for a quarter, both nodded without looking away from each other.

"…very well then."

He soon found a coin and flipped it, caught it in his hand before placing it on top of his opposite arms wrist.

"Call it."

"Heads." Cordelia says before the young man can, confident in her luck.

"Very well…"

Giles removed his hand to see the results and was surprised

"…oh bugger, it's…"

"Tell it to me straight and true man."

Xander's grimace spoke volumes about his nerves on this, he no doubt was already thinking on how stupid this idea was….

"…it's tails."

Result of said declaration?

"YES! / NO!" Both teens cried out in both victory and defeat as the results were known.

Xander was just seconds away from doing the Snoopy dance but chose to leave that for later when there weren't' any witness…except maybe Willow, he had no problem with that one.

Buffy and Willow chose not to comment, though inwardly they were laughing it up at the despondent look on the cheerleaders face. That was a stroke of genius and luck in their eyes for Xander and they were now dying to see what was going to be the results.

"Well now that we have that delightful bit of excitement…"

Giles began as he ignoring the duo while thinking about teenagers and their odd ways compared to how things were for him back then.

"…how should we proceed from here?"

"Well we will need cash and I have to go home to get it so how about we all meet up at my place after school and pool our cash there for Xander to pick out our costumes?" The Slayer replies as she could take the time to explain what the situation was to her Mother.

*And hope she doesn't saddle me with babysitting Dawn afterwards.*

The group agreed and as soon as classes ended they all their way towards the Summers home.

Summers residence…

Joyce and Dawn had just returned home and were in the process of making lunch before the arrival of the final member of their family.

"How was school dear?" the Summers matriarch asks her youngest, or at least that is what her memories say what she is…

"Fine, though there is a lot of talk about Halloween and trick or treating."

Dawn replied with a calm look despite not really feeling in the holiday mood since she was not too sure how to deal with it.

"It is the season, do you have any plans?"

"Nothing yet, and I can't really go out to nab some sweets since I don't have a costume to wear anyways."

"Well I'm sure we can get some since I get off work early today, I feel like we can use this chance for a family outing with Buffy before she goes out with Xander and Willow."

At the mention of her crush the young girl, although secretly the key given human form, quickly smiles at the chance to spend some time with him. Most people would have called her weird and who knows what other not so flattering names for having a crush on Xander, but she did not care.

"What great idea, um but where do we get costumes at this time?"

"Well a friend at work recommended a place with a lot of variety, it's called…"


*Huh? I wonder who that could be. Buffy usually walks home so it couldn't be her since it's rather early.*

Joyce says to herself as she moves towards the entrance and opens the door to reveal her eldest daughter and her friends, plus two adults and the Chase girl.

"Hi Mom."

"Hello Buffy, I don't mean to be rude but… "

"I can explain mom." The Slayer replies as she steps in and leads her mother to the den while the others silently follow.

Dawn joins them and both listen in to why they are thanks to the Principal and their idea for a group theme for their costumes. Joyce understands and is a bit annoyed at the man's presumptuous demands.

*I'm not surprised though; the last PTA meeting was a nightmare with his constant complaints and stubbornness. Why did he even become the Principle with that attitude is beyond me.*

"Oh can I be a part of the group? Please?" Dawn enthusiastically asks as she would love to get dressed as a superhero. That and being with Xander was an obvious bonus for her.

"It does sound kind of fun, I think I would like to see the results of this as well." Joyce adds.

"You sure mom? Snyder may throw a hissy fit if that happened."

"You let me deal with him dear." Her mother replies with confidence she can handle to troll like man.

"Well my money is on you Misses S for the win on this one." Xander kindly speaks to the woman who is often more a mother to him than his own.


"Well now I will have to try extra hard, but enough of that for now, here is our share for the costumes."

She replies to the young man as he hands him the money with the others following suit.

"You can take my car Xander since I know it would be bothersome to carry so much on foot, you do have a permit for that though right?"

Jenny says to him as she brought her own car to carpool the others since Giles choice of vehicles was severely lacking in the speed department. Giles did not mind but obviously the others did.

*Not that I would tell him that since he does love that car…though why that is I will never understand.*

"Yeah Miss C, wasn't easy after a…incident that almost made classes stop."

Xander replies while him and Willow give Buffy a discreet look and Cordelia a more accusing one. Naturally that did not sit well with the target of the eye glaring.

"It wasn't my fault! How was I supposed to know how to work a clutch!?" The now red faced teen rebuked before glaring at her little sister who was giggling.

"Moving on, anyone know any good costume shops?"

"Oh I heard about one called Ethan's from some of my coworkers; they say it is very good quality work and has great prices, here is the address."

"Ethan's gotcha, well ladies and gent I am off, hopefully they still got some stuff we can work with…" he said to the group before looking at Cordelia with a smirk "…and remember Cordy, a deal's a deal." He ends before leaving behind a fuming cheerleader.

He KNEW that he was adding proverbial gasoline into the fire, but hey, he's done worse than that already so why bother?

*Life is good, well time to get in touch with my inner hero.*

The young thinks not aware that they were about to become part of a change of events that would alter the course of many lives both of their own and of others they would meet along the way.

To be continued…

A/N1: Next up the heroes I chose and their backstories, trust me I had a reason for choosing them over several other candidates.

A/N2: for those wondering Belmont story is not dead but on hold due to continued Writers Block.

A/N3: I'm close to obtaining last needed material for Superman cross, will also deal with the Kr situation and the public reaction to it and other things once third chapter goes up.
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