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Last Place you Check.

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Summary: You know how everything lost, you always find in the last place you check? Well this is true for Angel as he looks for his son, who was taken from him ten years ago. I don't follow any timeline just write what comes.

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Smallville > Connor-CenteredMarsFR1326140349023 Jan 146 Apr 14No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR7

Fast Forward

I Don't Own either fandom.

I don't follow any storyline so if things are wrong then oh well.

It is based about two years or so before Smallville starts.


10 year-old Connor and 13 year-old Clark and Pete were playing in the barn when Wesley and Jonathan entered.

"Hey guys. Pete's father called and asked me to drop him off at home. Wesley here is going to take you two in to wash up for dinner." Jonathan told them before leading Pete to the truck to drive him home.

Wesley smiled at the boys.

"Are we staying the night Uncle Wesley?" Connor asked as the two boys followed him into the house.

Mrs. Kent was in the kitchen and she smiled at the boy.

"The guest room is set up and the mattress is ready to be pulled out from under Clark's bed." She told them before Wesley could answer.

Wesley smiled as the two boy's cheered.

Wesley and Connor live in Motropolis, a good three and a half hour drive, if you speed.

The two families had stayed in contact since the meteor shower and Wesley and Connor would visit on a regular bases.

But you would think that, seeing as both boys, Clark and Connor have exibited inhuman abilities.

Both boys are super strong and have great reflexes. Clark is super fast and Connor has enhanced senses, can see better especially in the dark, can hear better and can sense things, like if someone is about to prank them.

Wesley had helped the Kent's hide the ship that Clark had come in. He also told them of Connor's heritage, minus the fact that Wesley had kidnapped the boy.

Mr. Luthor, the man that the Kent's had helped the day they met, had gotten both boy's birth certificates, at the cost of the Ross' cream corn factory, but at least both boy's fit in a little better now.

Wesley knew that it wouldn't last, Angel was sure to find them, Wesley just didn't know how soon it would happen.


So? How is it?

I want to continue but I have this little problem, it is called Life, it tends to get in the way of my writting. Oh well.



The End?

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You have reached the end of "Last Place you Check." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Apr 14.

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