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Last Place you Check.

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Summary: You know how everything lost, you always find in the last place you check? Well this is true for Angel as he looks for his son, who was taken from him ten years ago. I don't follow any timeline just write what comes.

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Chapter One



Wesley started down the road, he held the child in his arms and made a mental comment about the broken down car a mile back.

He was in Kansas, a place full of fields.

'Ugg' He thought to himself as he continued to walk.

'At least Connor is still asleep.' He thought.

Before he could continue, a blue pickup truck with five people went speeding past him, waking Connor up. The baby started to cry loudly.

The pickup stopped and backtracked a bit till it was right next to them.

"Need a lift?" The driver asked.

Wesley noticed that there were two families in the truck. A man holding his son and the driver and his wife holding their son.

"Is there room?" Wesley asked with a raised eyebrow.

The man driving smiled and they made room, the father and son being squished in the middle.

"Is he alright?" Wesley asked as he looked at the near bald head of the child in his fathers arms.

"He will be alright once we get to the hospital." He told him.

They drove on in silence. The little boy in the woman's arms looked at the near bald child and smiled at him, then looked at Connor with a small frown before smiling at him too and leaning into the woman's embrace.


Should I continue?

I will be working on my other story soon so no worries.

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