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A heart's deepest desire

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Summary: Willows deepest desire comes true.

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Chapter One A Special Gift

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the following TV shows or Books ideas. They belong to their respective creators who are a lot more inventive then I am. I am just borrowing the characters and the challenge from Whimsicality. The challenge is listed below and this is my version of it.

A/N: Not betaed read at your own risk
A/N: AU Willow centered

Heart’s deepest desire

Part One A Special Gift

Willow walked along the lake thinking deeply about life and love. It had been ten years since Sunnydale fell and she made a point of always visiting their former home at least once a year. Generally speaking she did so on the day of the fall or on some other significant day in her life.

This year she had a tight schedule so she did the visit early just on case.’ She picked up a rather pretty stone and rubbed in her fingers. She had lived most of her life in Sunnydale with a few visits to other places. Sadly the Hell Mouth for all the evil still felt like home. ‘Well that and the fact that it held her heart. She sighed wistfully as he mind drifted back to her beloved Tara. Oh how she still loved the gentle Wiccan and how she cursed her own stupidity in ruining the best thing that had ever happened to her because she had been foolish enough to play with the darkness. She now knew Tara had paid the price for her playing in dark places and altering the threads of life. There always was a price and she began to weep for her sins and for her beloved who paid for them. She was not worthy of Tara nor was she worthy of her other two loves. Kennedy who had come to her in her darkest hour and helped her live again nor Oz who shown up just a year ago today when she been almost mad with rage and grief. Kennedy had been badly wounded in a fight and was barely alive when Oz had shown up.’ He and Xander had calmed her down. She knew full well that she had almost lost it. However the New Council had the best trauma surgeons in the world and they had pulled her love through. She still hated that some evil bastards had sent her Kennedy torn up as some sort of a twisted valentine’s day gift.

The demons had almost ripped out Kennedy’s heart. However slayers were strong and Kennedy was stubborn as any and she had survived. The rage Willow had felt had shaken the whole castle. Only Oz arrival by chance had stopped her form killing every demon of that species in her rage. Fortunately Oz and Xander had caught her in their embraces and talked her down. Then Oz had sat with her while they waited to learn if Kennedy would live or die. Her beloved slayer had survived and was now on the mend. She was sadly still on rest and recovers hence her not being with her today. Oz had stayed on and they had as Kennedy recovered drifted into a three way relationship. She had fallen back in love with Oz for his support during that dark time. Oddly enough Kennedy had been ok with the situation. She had shy said she liked the idea because Oz would make cute babies. So she was here alone and her two mates were back home hopefully making her a mother. Willow grinned at that happy thought.

Willow picked up another pebble and tossed it across the lake wishing….I wish I could have all my loves. I would gladly serve the good forever if only this was granted me. I miss my Tara my family is not whole without her and our children in it. I would never leave any of them willingly and I would love them all forever.”

She turned away unable to look at the lake anymore and began to walk away when a gentle voice called to her.
“Willow please don’t leave me.”

She spun around and saw Tara rising like a mermaid from the lake. She almost dropped the pebble she had been holding. However some instinct had her shoving it into her jeans pocket as she ran to Tara not knowing if it was a vision or a dream or real not really caring in any case.

She was suddenly engulfed in her lovers strong and very real arms.

“Did you mean it Willow?”

“Huh Tara you are here.”S he cut off her lover with a kiss that curled her toes. Whatever caused this no matter the price she pay she did not care. Tara was here and in her arms. They clung to each other and kissed for what seemed like an eternity until Willow finally needed to catch a breath. She was breathing hard.

“Tara, Tara you are here oh goddess don’t ever leave me…” She hugged her hard almost crushing the Wicca’s ribs in the process. However the Wiccan pulled back and caught Willow’s face in her hands gently. “Did you mean it?”

“What…yes I never would leave you. I would never hurt the others, they are my loves too. Oh you mean serving good. Yes, I am trying to make up for the bad I did. I was so blind and stupid. I played with bad things never getting there a price and you paid it. I cannot bear that.”

Tara sighed. “I know you are sorry I knew there be a price for bring Buffy back and I gladly paid it instead of you. I love you so much Willow and you had so much to give the world.”

This time it was Willow who silenced her with a kiss. Breaking it only to say.“You are far more important and good. I was a willful child thinking magic gave me the right to interfere with fate and so many paid because of my mistake. If keeping you and balancing the scales means I serve until the end of time for the good of all I will gladly do so.”

Tara smiled and said. “So be it.” She looked up to the heavens and said. “Willow agrees.”

There was a flash and suddenly four beings clothed in white appeared. “We are pleased with your choice young Willow.”

Willow looked scared and moved to protect Tara.

Tara merely chuckled at this. “Willow there is no need to be afraid. Come there is someone I want you to meet. “She dragged her love over to the woman in the pair. “Willow this is my Mom.”

Willow fainted dead away at that.

“She faced a hell god and did not flinch but meeting mom made her pass out?” The other male said.

“Ha ha Mel it is not her fault she knows mom is dead or was back then.” Tara said leaning down to help revive Willow.

“Yeah but really Tara you are here. So maybe she should get death’s not always the end. I mean she brought back Buffy Summers right.”

“Yes but it was one time thing as far as she knew. She doesn’t know about us.”

“Yeah I suppose her education was lacking. You would think the watcher or gypsy would have filled her in better. You know if he been paying attention so much could have been avoided.” Mel said.

“It was not his Job Melanie.” Their mother said. “However the point was well made. I suppose it never occurred to the others she need guidance.”

“You know sending her a guide would have been a disaster.” The other elder named Josiah said.
“It almost was anyway.” Tara said. “I should have and could have explained as well only I thought she knew because she was touched and marked.”

“A mistake I admit however it was not my fault,”Josiah paused. “Her first guide was turned and killed.” He looked over at the other young man standing in the back.

“Hey you are the one who said I should hide as a human.” Jessie said. “So not my fault; I was following your orders.”

“It matters little on whose fault it was. You thought Jessie being human would keep him safe. It did from the dark lighters but not the normal Hell Mouth demons and vampires. In the end she was left without a guide though Harris did do well enough in some ways.”

“Yeah Xander always been good with her too bad they did not hook up. Well past third grade anyway, I know Tara she your love but it was complicated and a little too late to stop her dive into the dark magics.” Jess explained. “However you both have a second chance.” He sounded wistful.

“So do you Jessie.” Joshuah explained. “The elders think that this new council will need help. Who better than two of us to guide them, Buffy to is wary and could use another friend one who was there at the beginning without the baggage.”

“So I am going back? Human again that could end badly again.” Jessie said a little worried.

“No as a white lighter. As will Tara. You both will still have your charges but with assistance.” Mel said softly. “Believe me it took some work. Plus I’ll be there to. You are so not getting rid of me that easily.”

Jessie sighed with relief. “Good had me worried a bit. Just hope Xander doesn’t stake me again by accident.”

The others laughed.

Willow woke thinking she was dreaming. She almost fainted again when she saw a concerned Jessie sitting next to Tara and Mel.

“Whats the what?” Was all she could get out.

The white lighters all looked confused except for Tara and Jessie who simply smiled.

“Well Willow it’s like this. See I’m a White lighter and so is Tara. Heres the deal you agree to become one too and Tara and I get to come back. You will still be human sort of but more. The energies of a white lighter will filter out the dark stuff and you will be kind of an Angel like. Then you can help other new witches and others fighting the good fight. So what you say you in.”

Willow was stunned at this offer. She froze then in a firm clear voice. “Oh yeah I’m in.

With that Josiah smiled and touched her her clothing turned pure white and a dark filmy smoke raced out of her and was sucked into the lake where the hell mouth would be. Willow shuttered it was sickening to see.
“Help me up.” She said.

As she rose she shook feeling light headed and clean for the first time in years. It was like she bathed in goodness and light. “So you do know about Kennedy and Oz and I …”

Willow babble was cut off as Tara kissed her she heard her love in her mind. ‘That is ok Willow I was gone and frankly I don’t mind. I can see why you love them both and I am sure I will love them just as much.’

“Thank you.” Willow said. “Somehow I think this is the best Valentine’s day ever. Come on we need to get home. I should make a portal.”

Tara chuckled at that and said. “I’ve a better way. Hang on.” With that she turned into a swirl of light and magic and they suddenly appeared in the middle of the Castle’s great Hall.

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