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Hero? No I'm a Heroine!

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Summary: Willow decides to go as a different costume for Halloween

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Games > Fantasy > FablerothosFR731,8090133,67018 Feb 148 Mar 14No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Meetings and Preparations

Disclaimer: Mutant Enemy owns BTVS and Lionhead owns Fable.

Willow arrived at the library just as Xander entered carrying a box of donuts. Buffy was late as usual, so she sat down next to Giles and calmly waited.
"Willow, I think we'll need to use the infernal machine to get a detailed report of casualties from last night. Ethan didn't pay enough for what he did,
but we need to know the full measure. If it is really bad then we might have to involve the Council." Giles said.

Willow almost wilted, she wouldn't get to try out her theories about what had stuck if she had to stay too long, but then Buffy arrived.

"Watcher-mine, I thought Halloween was dead for the undead?" Buffy asked.

"Sorry to summon you all here on a weekend, but we need to figure out what Halloween left for each of you." Giles said.

Buffy just started to speak fluent unaccented Parisian French.

"Yes well your mother might like that, and Xander?" Giles gestured to the young man.

"Well I have several interesting bits of U.S. Army related knowledge-even though they might be from the Vietnam era." Xander says grumbling about VC
and Charlie.

"And last, but certainly not least Willow." Giles said as he looked at the hacker.

"Last night I went as a newly minted Hero from Fable after the Guild was burned down by Jack of Blades. I still have a lot of the memories and I'm
still sifting through them. I think that I'll become more confident as a result of this possession. Maybe I'll be able to develop passable bow and
swordswomanship skills." Willow finished doubting that she should tell her friends about the potions.

"Well, this is certainly interesting; I think we'll expand our training to you as well Willow, after all the more you can defend yourself, the more
Buffy can focus on her duties." Giles said.

Willow smiled but inwardly she was miffed. She was seen as a liability!

"Well, since this meeting found nothing that can't be worked on without further investigation; I believe it would be wise to move on. If anything changes
do tell me right away." Giles said dismissing the group for the rest of their Saturday.

Willow rushed to her bike and pedaled home, now might be the time to start preparing; and that meant one thing:shopping.

A/N: What should I have Willow get during her preparations? Any suggestions as to What her first Will ability should be?

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Hero? No I'm a Heroine!" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Mar 14.

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