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Hero? No I'm a Heroine!

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Summary: Willow decides to go as a different costume for Halloween

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t own BTVS or Fable.
A/N: This grew out of an exercise in video game story design. I figured I’d post it and get feedback. Obviously I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the excellent story Hero note the capital H.

“Will, come on we’re going to be late for Snyder’s escort duty!” Buffy screamed up the stairs.

She looked at the ghost costume and resolutely grabbed the rock-turned to a reasonable copy of a Guild Seal. Fable had been a game Willow had played with Jesse and Xander for a while since it came out. She wished that you could play as a female Hero, so had created this version. She had a katana from beating Whisper and an Oak Crossbow from beating her high score in archery. Willow rushed downstairs. She could have gone as Scarlet Robe, but that just seemed wrong somehow.

“About time! That jerry Snyder will have our heads if we’re late!” Buffy said to the incredulous looks of Xander and Willow.

“What? I pay attention in History class. Let’s go before he gives us detention ‘til we’re grey!” Buffy exclaims as she gathers her dress and runs towards the school.

“Great costume Wills; I should have done something like that. “ Xander said as he hurried after Buffy. Willow sighed Xander was still oblivious to her feminine charms. Then she ran after him.

Later that Evening

Skorm! Jane felt like she had just gone drinking in Bowerstone again. She must remember not to do that again even if you got good gold from it. Now, where in Avo’s name was she? This clearly wasn’t the Picnic Area. Maybe this was some area off of Darkwood like in the stories?

Just then a feminine scream pierced the fog in her mind. Time to do the Hero thing-maybe the girl would have an idea where she was.

She drew her shiny new katana and started to run towards the source of the scream, only pausing to Battle Charge a Hobbe-sized creature away from her.

She rounded the corner and saw the woman cowering away from some kind of metal carriage. She sighed and walked to the other woman; who was a useless noble like the ones who toured the Guild from time to time. She was regretting learning Battle Charge instead of Turncoat now as this woman was going to be a burden. She sheathed her sword and knelt down to the other woman.

“Sssshhhh….I’ll protect you, you have my word as a Hero.” Jane said, feeling the feeling of an accepted Quest manifest.

“Lady Knight, you must help me. This foul sorcery took me from my father’s castle and deposited me here, amongst strange demons and other creatures of the night.” Lady Elizabeth said.

Jane and Lady Elizabeth began walking across the park and saw a man using what was obviously a weapon to fend off a Hobbe-creature. Jane charged into it and sent it flying.

“Thank you ma’am, I was just about to make a push to secure the LZ with my squad when I was separated from them. I think it might be a VC trick.” Xander said.

Jane didn’t know what a VC was, but this person seemed like he could be an ally.

“My name’s Jane and we’re looking for a place to hole up for this evening. By the way do you have any idea of where we might be?” Jane said.

“Nice to meet you Jane, and this place looks like the town I shipped out from: Sunnydale, California. I think the High School is over that way and we can take shelter there for a while until we figure things out.” Xander says.

The group moves until another feminine scream is heard, Jane sees this one is being chased by a White Balverine which she charges into. Six cuts later it runs away from the area.

“Are you alright?” Jane asks the girl.

“Of course not! There is no way Partytown will give me my deposit back now!” Cordellia says.

“Wait, you’re in a costume? Why in Eggtor’s name would you do that?” Jane asked.

Cordellia rolled her eyes. “Snyder. Volunteer duty. Halloween. Ring any bells or have you finally lost it Rosenberg?” the girl said while crossing her arms.

“Who’s this Rosenberg person?” Jane was curious although she wanted to slap this person good.

“Let’s just go to the library and find Giles, the sage here who can explain this better.” Cordellia said in a huff as she headed for the doors.

“Irritating as she is milady Knight, she has a point, a sage may be able to fix this.” Lady Elizabeth said.

Grudgingly, Jane let the cat-costumed woman lead the trio into the Library.

The sage looked up and said.

“What was the name of the other store besides PartyTown that rented out costumes?” the sage asked.

“Ethan’s.” Cordellia said which irritated the sage.

“So much like him it harms the innocent.” The sage grumbled, as he seemed to take on a darker persona, similar to that of people under the effect of a mild Berserk spell.

“Stay here and whatever you do don’t leave. The sage strides out the door, anger in his eyes and Jane turns to her coterie of followers.

“Well I guess we’ll just have to stay here and fortify this place. Truth be told; she hated being unheroic and preparing fortifications. She’d much rather be out there slaying the Will user that created this mess.

“Milady, I know it is a woman’s place to take orders from a man; but why would one such as yourself take them from a sage?” Lady Elizabeth asks.

Jane sighed. “Because he knows what is going on and I don’t, besides it seems like he was one of the unafflicted.”

Jane bars the doors and tries to remember the incantation for Lightning, wondering why that would be important.
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