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Heritage by Sibling - Fanart

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Fan Art

Summary: Screen Capture Manipulation ***Final Elements Posted***

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Television > Avengers, The(Recent Donor)kvkFR1351,244175,1234 Feb 0412 Feb 04Yes

Final Changes


Screen Capture Manipulation


Final installment
At the end of the 3rd draft we had Faith, Catherine Peel and Xander interacting nicely, and Giles doing his research while chewing his glasses thing. Unfortunately, Buffy is off in the corner looking like she is sitting on Mr. Pointy.
I put Buffy at the table researching and talking to Oz and Willow. This also puts her in the visual center of the picture. What? You didn't see Willow? It's research folks. What's research and the library without Willow?



First Draft


Second Draft


Third Draft


New Buffy Picture


Oz and Willow

Link to Chapter One Final Artwork

The BtVS screen captures are from
Avengers pictures of Diana Rigg from
All work done in Adobe Photoshop for pleasure not profit.
Component words and pictures remain the property of their original creators and assigns.
Hope you have enjoyed viewing the process. All feed back is read and truely enjoyed. Now go read Heritage by Sibling.
This is not a Photoshop how-to. I am a terrible teacher and if it isn't strictly show and tell, I have an infinite ability to confuse.

The End

You have reached the end of "Heritage by Sibling - Fanart". This story is complete.

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