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The Killer in Me

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Summary: Feeling the power of the Boca Del Inferno Klaus comes to Sunnydale unaware that it is home to the most powerful slayer. Will he be able to resist his attraction to her or kill her before it begins? Buffy/Klaus pairing

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Chapter One

The Killer in You

Summary: Feeling the power of the Boca Del Inferno Klaus comes to Sunnydale unaware that it is home to the most powerful slayer. Will he be able to resist his attraction to her or kill her before it begins?

Author Notes: Based off of LaLunaRossa90 video on YouTube called Stronger. She deserves all the credit for creating such a magnificent idea. Vampire Diaries and Buffy the Vampire Slayers content, ideas, and characters all belong to their respective owners. I own nothing!

Author Notes 2: This story begins in Season Five of the BTVS universe and then goes AU from there and the storyline for Klaus’s character will be completely AU. Klaus has broken the Sun and Moon curse in this story by killing Katerina 500 years ago. He will still be the original hybrid.

Chapter One- The Killer in You

Blood. The smell of it was intoxicating. It coated his clothing, stained his mouth and hands red, and drained from the hearts that slowly stopped beating while they lay outside of their owner’s chest. Bodies of countless dead were surrounding him as he tried to regain his bearing.

He slowly stood up and found himself at what had been a campsite. Bodies of all shapes and sizes littered the ground. He stumbled back as a wave of memories crashed into his fragile state of mind. He remembered falling to the ground as gut wrenching pain filled his mind and he was consumed with the blood lust that he hasn’t felt in a thousand years. He remembered the euphoric sensation of the blood going down the back of his throat as he ripped into the fragile skin of every terror filled victim.

As he turned to make his way from the chaos that surrounded him he found himself face to face with the last person that he wanted to witness the destruction that lay before them. Buffy Summers stood before him with her blonde hair in loose waves dressed in a tight fitting button up white shirt, tight jeans, and boots with her suitcase in hand.

Her emerald green eyes met his blue eyes with an inhuman look of grief that tore his very soul to shreds. The emptiness that filled her face caused him such an outburst of guilt that he spun to smash the closest thing that lay before him. The empty beer bottle shred his already bloody palm to ribbons.

“Klaus… What did you do?” Buffy whispered.

He tried to remember what had caused him to create such chaos, but his mind was still foggy and buzzing with energy. He remembered waking up next to his feisty blonde slayer after watching her sleep as he counted his lucky stars for bringing this miracle into his life. He remembered kissing her goodbye after she promised to meet him at their intended rendezvous point. He made their traveling preparations so she could spend time with her family. And then nothing, but a voice that had spoken about his deepest fears, a voice that had whispered of his darkest desires, and a strong burning need to tear into the flesh of every living thing that had been in his path.

“I did everything I was told” He shouted at her as he grabbed for his head. He tore at his face to get at the buzzing noise that still lingered in the back of his mind.

“No, no, no. Please don’t be dead” Buffy ran to the nearest corpse to check for a pulse and stumbled to the next reaching for their torn necks trying in vain to cover their gaping wounds. “I have to help them…“

“Sweetheart… They’re all dead.” He whispered brokenly as he slowly stepped toward her.

Before he could make any movement to comfort her she immediately withdrew her stake. “Leave. Now! They warned me not to trust you and I refused to listen,” she struggled to contain her emotions and wiped a tear hastily off her face. “I refused to accept what you really are, but you think I would’ve learned by now.” Her stance suggested war, but her eyes were full of agony. “Don’t come back or else I will find a way to end your existence”

He nodded and slowly faded into the shadows leaving her to clean a mess that he made without any idea to what caused it. He swore to whatever gods were above that he would find whomever or whatever did this to him and make them pay.



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