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In My Dreams

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Summary: Dawn gets help in her dreams Xover w/Pocahontas

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Movies > PocahontasLynZFR716530299116 May 0416 May 04Yes
In My Dreams

Summary: Dawn gets help in her dreams Xover w/Pocahontas Dawn’s POV

Rating: G

Spoilers: Major for the movie and for Buffy

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. Even the rocks.

A/N: Just a short fic. Thanks Ragdoll. Set during Buffy's death.

Feedback: Of course! Write whatever you want.

In my dreams I talk to her. She’s like a mother to me, now that my real one is dead. The only reason I am remotely happy is when I talk to her.

They all pity me. ‘Poor Dawnie, her mother is dead.’ ‘ Poor Dawnie, her sister died so she could live.’ I am forever in her debt. The thing that makes me upset is that they are together and I’m alone here. There is the Buffybot but she’s not human. I sleep with her at night but there is no heartbeat. Just a light buzz because she is in rest mode.

In my dreams I rest in her shade. She sings me songs and I play in the pond. It’s all, oddly, comfortable. It’s odd because she is a tree. Her name is Grandmother Willow.

Tonight I was skipping rocks. Foursies!

“What are you thinking about?” The tree asked me.

“What I always think about. Them,” I let the rock fall out of my hand. One-sies.

She extended her branch to hug me. “Oh dear. Let me tell you a story.”

Grandmother Willow wove a story about a woman, named Pocahontas. Who dealt with many losses in her life. She too, lost her mother. Pocahontas also lost the love of her life, John Smith. To be with her people.

“How is this suppose to help me?”

“Weren’t you listening to me?” She exclaimed, in mock-anger. “You lost two very important people in your life. But you are still alive.”

“I’m only alive because I don’t want Buffy’s death to become meaningless. She died for me.”

“There is a bigger picture, you need to-”

“Dawnie, wake up.” I felt someone shaking me awake. “C’mon, breakfast is ready.” It was Tara.

What do I need to do? I need to talk to her again. “Five more minutes,” I grumbled and rolled over. Buffybot wasn’t there. She’s probably with Willow.

Tara bit her lip. “Umm.... okay, I’ll be back in a while. Rest well.”

I was sleeping before she closed the door. Then woke up a half hour later. Disappointed about not seeing Grandmother Willow, I walked to the kitchen. Giles was sitting at the table, alone.

“Where did everybody go?” I grabbed the leftover pancakes, which were freezing and sat next to him.

“Shopping,” he sighed. “There’s absolutely nothing in that fridge.”

“Hey, we have more here than you do at your house. It’s like a nun lives there!”

His eyes drooped.

Did I say something wrong? “What’s wrong?”

“You sounded just like your sister.”

“Do you still miss her?” I whispered.

“Of course I do, I always will. She was like, a daughter to me.” He took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. “It must be torture for you though. She’s your sister.”

I nodded, blinking back the tears. He noticed I was about to cry.

“Dawn, you better eat those pancakes. They are getting cold,” I took a bite. It was really gross.

“Who made these? They are disgusting,” I tried to change the subject.

“Well, that’s what I bloody well get for trying.” His eyes widened.

“Let’s go out and eat next time.”

“Good idea.”

“We could talk about school next year. I wasn’t doing too good in some of my classes,” I said.

“And you can tell me what that school is like. Hope it’s better than the older one,” the ex-librarian thought to himself.

“Are you thinking about when you were there? Overdue books and shelving?”

He laughed a little, lightly.

I guess I am like Pocahontas. Giles needs me. It may be because we make each other forget about Buffy for periods of time or maybe he really likes me around. Maybe I am like a daughter to him. Like Buffy was. And I bet everyone else does to in some way. I finally have a good reason to stay.


The End

You have reached the end of "In My Dreams". This story is complete.

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