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Trick Or Treat

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Summary: COMPLETE: An escaped Goa'uld, and rather sadistic Powers to Be, bring Xander out of the dubious security of his quaint little demon filled world, and into a not so quaint alien filled star system.

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: FriendshipKeiFR1547116,45636410491,202,72819 Jun 0431 Oct 06Yes

The End!

AN: I'm open, if there is interest, in doing a ONE-SHOT (NOT a sequel)
"where are they now" piece on the girls. If there is interest. So, if you'd
be interested in reading that, well, indicate that interest and I'll see what
I can do.

**************************** Epilogue: One Year Later ************************

“Trick or treat!”

Xander laughed as he opened the door to the Booty House a few hours before sunset
and found the motley assortment that was SG-1 on his doorstep, all dressed as
hippies. “Hey guys, pleasant surprise. This is going to be pleasant, right,
because if it’s some alien distress thing we have to wait until after the girls
get their candy fix or there will be hormones, theirs, and much blood spilled,

Teal’c inclined his head respectfully in Xander’s direction, though Xander could
see a smile peeking through his inscrutable face. “No Xander Harris, we have
merely come to retrieve the weaponry we lent you last month to battle the
Relink demons.”

Jack elbowed Teal’c. “Speak for yourself, I’m here to tag along and try to get in
on some of the candy loot. A bunch of ridiculously cute preteen and teen kids
are bound to have a lot more luck than I would by myself.”

“Its funny,” Daniel drawled, “I don’t ever remember you being this excited
about Halloween before, Jack.”

The Colonel glared balefully at the archaeologist before responding in an
exaggerated drawl, “That’s because on most Halloweens we’ve been too busy trying
to save the world. But thanks to Xander and the whole Vampire thing you
haven’t gotten killed in almost a year, and I haven’t had to kill you for
getting killed in nearly a year. Excuse me for enjoying the break in the
everyday violence we usually have to deal with.”

Xander blinked a couple of times before deciding the best way to deal with the
current line of conversation was to change it. As grateful as he was to the
Vampire inclined who were making the aliens freak out up on Cheyenne mountain,
he didn’t particularly want to talk about them. Nothing like feeling grateful
to Captain Forehead to ruin a perfectly good Halloween.

“So, what’s with the hippie thing?”

Major Carter grinned. She still wasn’t completely hunky dorey about the whole
magic and demons shtick, but for being a super smart scientist, she was pretty
cool about taking the time to try to figure it out before turning them all over
to the nice men in white suit jackets. Even if it was taking her awhile.

“We had a bit of a time travel incident awhile back. It resulted in real hippies,
and well… the Colonel made us.”


Xander laughed and waved them in, and let out a little huff of relief when they
all entered without a spoken invitation no problem. Now that he knew that there
were Vampires in space he even had to be twitchy about space travelers. “Morgan,”
he called, “can you get out the bazookas?! The nice military people are here to
take their toys back.” He shot them an apologetic look. “The girls are all
getting ready. I’m trying to stay out if it. It seems safest.”

One Halloween Paula had stolen Janey’s eye-patch and things had gotten ugly.
Catfights between Slayers were not pretty things.

There was a thundering of feet as several of his girls ran downstairs, arms full
of costume bits. Xander shielded his eyes from the copious amounts of pastel
fabric, toile, and tiaras. Most of the girls waved a distracted hello to the
bemused military team, and Morgan even took the time to toss the two bazookas in
their general direction before following the rest of the girls into the living

“It’ll take them another hour or two,” he offered with an apologetic shrug, “can I
get you guys something to drink?” Jack shuddered and Xander laughed. “I PROMISE
I’ll check the bottle this time. How was I supposed to know the girls had put
their blood bait bottles in the kitchen fridge because the basement one was on
the fritz?”

The older man scowled magnificently. “I STILL can’t drink tomato juice, thank


“So, where are your bites at?”

Jack shrugged as he leaned against the doorway, a soft smile twitching his
lips despite himself as he watched some of Xander’s girls fighting over who got
the fairy princess costume instead of the plan old boring princess costume.
“I’m going to wait for a bit, see if there are any long-term side-effects.”
Jack politely ignored Xander’s subtle cough/laugh. “Hey, things have a propensity
to not turn out well for the human guinea pigs, all right?”

This time Xander laughed outright. “Propensity?”

Jack hated that he could feel himself turning red. “Shaddup. Carter got me a word
of the day calendar for my birthday.” Which really, alone, would not have
guaranteed that he’d expand his vocabulary, but it was amazing how much better
reading the calendar was than writing up his reports. Stupid reports, and
the bureaucracy and the having to answer to people. Jack’s eyes wandered back to
the girls, who had finished squabbling over the princess costumes and were
busily getting made up.

“They seem happy,” he said, finally, softly, and he felt back but he couldn’t
quite keep the wonder out of his voice. It was strange to him still, despite the
time he’d spent with Xander and the Booty House during their little hospital
stint that first crazy time and the random apocalypses that had brought them
clandestinely together over the past year. Strange that all those girls needed to
be happy was Xander’s love, a really sharp stake, and some well-timed puns.

And lots of candy on Halloween.

Xander leaned against the wall next to him and nodded, a fond smile curling his
lips. “I’d like to think so.”

Jack studied the younger man’s profile, noted that despite the permanent
shadows beneath his eyes, the ragged eye patch, and the hair that was too long
and curled at the collar, Xander looked happy too. And Jack was glad suddenly
that they hadn’t talked him into joining Stargate Command. That he and his had
left well enough alone for once.

Yeah, Angel and Riley and Graham were a pain in the ass, and Willow still scared
him so badly he ALMOST behaved around her, but quite honestly, Colonel Jack
O’Neill felt a lot better about walking through the wormhole and leaving Earth
behind as long as Xander and his girls were there to protect it.

He frowned suddenly as said girls finally finished accessorizing and began to
collect their trick-or-treating bags. “Uhh, Xander, why are they all wearing


It was just after sunset and the Booty Gang was out in full force as fourteen
PRINCESS pirates, four hippies, and one regular ol’ pirate roamed the streets
of Cleveland, all clutching an assortment of pillow cases and, in one case, a
special plastic pumpkin head Dillan had bugged Willow into magicking into some
sort of space/time continuum that basically ensured that it would never, ever
get full.

Xander was trying very hard not to think about the ramifications of that, both
in terms of the fabric of the universe, and how much sugar that meant Dillan
was planning on consuming. And he REALLY wasn’t planning on mentioning that to
Major Carter. Nothing would make her twitchier faster.

He slowed and fell behind the group a bit as they rounded a corner. The girls,
and Jack, forged ahead and made a beeline straight for the first house on the
corner. Daniel, noticing his pace, fell back with him and shot Xander a curious
look. “This is where it all started, last year I mean…”

Daniel frowned as he stopped also and looked around the street before rocking back
on his heels. “I’ll be damned, you’re right. Katar wiggled down your throat
right… there.”

Xander nodded mutely. “Right after the girls went to that house, right there.”
He pointed to the town home, second from the corner, which the girls and Jack
were heading determinedly towards. “I remember, because this old dragon lady
answered the door and they managed to chime together in unison… scared the crap
out of her.”

And sure enough, as soon as Rebekkah reached out and pressed the doorbell
the formidable grandmotherly woman opened the door, giant bowl of candy in hand.
She looked at the girls with a glint of mistrust in her too sharp eyes and
obviously remembered enough that she braced herself right before fourteen
Slayer princess pirates, a hippie Colonel, and a partridge in a pear tree
yelled out in perfect unison, “Trick or treat!”

The End

You have reached the end of "Trick Or Treat". This story is complete.

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