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What's in a Name?

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Summary: Who is the Lightbringer, and why are the demons at Wolfram and Hart so afraid of him? Buffy/comic crossover

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DC Universe > LucifernorgcoFR1511,070055,19913 Jul 0413 Jul 04Yes
Fic: What’s in a name?

Author: norgco

Spoilers: post season 7 and the angel episode where it mentions Xander went to Africa.

Crossover: Will be given after the story, to avoid spoiling the effect.

Rating: 15

Pairings: Xander/Faith friendship

Summary: A man (?) named arrives at Wolfram and Heart, who is he and why are the demons afraid?

Disclaimer: I am not making any money off this, Joss owns all.

Feedback: My muse needs it badly.

Authors Note: Placed after the story.

He walked into the offices of Wolfram and Heart with calm assurance, ‘like He owned the place’ as the saying goes. No-one attempted to stop Him, or ask what He was doing there, and when the elevator opened on the floor where the executive offices were His measured stride took Him past Harmony at the reception desk who simply stared open-mouthed at Him. Lorne was talking a mile a minute into a mobile phone about some movie deal when he saw the tall blonde man in the suit.

“Lightbringer.” Was all he said as he stood totally still and stared, conversation forgotten. The look on his face was similar to that on anyone demonic or simply sensitive to mystical energy that was present. The individual in the immaculate suit simply walked on after a slight turn of the head and smile to acknowledge the demon that had recognized Him.

Xander Harris and Faith Wilkins were sitting in Angel’s office negotiating access to the evil law firm’s extensive library and database when He walked in. Or rather Xander was doing the talking due to his previous experience first in construction and then in Kenya and Mozambique. Faith was present as guide and security mainly; his years in Africa had left the Zeppo surprisingly out of touch with American life.

“…I’m just saying Xander that the Scrolls of Mencotur are too dangerous to let a basically amateur organization like the New Watchers Coun…Morningstar?” The sudden change of topic was only one of the things that happened as He entered the office. Faith leapt into a fighting stance as the slayer senses that had been registering something HUGE had a specific individual to focus on. The dark haired souled vampire sat rigidly upright in his chair, and the human male was wondering who He was and why the name was setting off alarm bells in his head.

“Good morning Angel, so good to see you again.” He said. “Rather an improvement on your accommodations when last we met …for reasons to do with my business.”

It was cool in the office but there was sweat pouring off the vampire. The former Scourge of Europe had a major ambition to NEVER take lodgings with The Lightbringer again. For good reason, all things considered. His failure to answer immediately was not rudeness or anything of the sort but because of the state of blind gibbering panic being caused by this encounter.

“And what business would that be, Mr Morningstar?” Xander asked. Dealing with government officials over the years had taught the White Knight some diplomatic skills, such as how to ask what right they have to interrupt without creating an incident.

“Oh, well you might say I provide motivation and long term accommodation.” The slight smile was there again. “And good morning to you Mr Harris, I was curious about you.”

“Why?” Angel squeaked out before pushing himself further back into his well-padded chair, terror on his face.

“Oh, my brother Michael is apparently looking forward to meeting him.” Was His reply, then He added. “And Father, of course.”

“A family business, have I heard of it, ‘cause W & H don’t seem to get many motivational speakers and resort owners in the clientele, ya know?” Was the slayer’s response.

“Actually I have opposing interests to the rest of the family, due to a little quarrel a long time ago. But you have heard of us, everyone has.”

Alexander Lavelle Harris was trying to connect the dots, who was this guy? Instead of wondering why not just ask?

“What is your name?”

“People call me different things, Samael used to be common, I prefer Lightbringer or Morningstar.”

“Not Sat…” Angel started and was cut off immediately.

“I HATE THAT NAME!” The words were spoken in a tone as cold and hard as metallic Hydrogen. There was silence for a several minutes as the Irish vampire went to the executive washroom and changed his underwear and pants.

Eventually they got down to business, to discover it was basically just a courtesy call. Samael was in the area to ‘discipline the middle management’, a phrase that nearly caused the broody vampire to need to change his underwear again. ‘… let your attention wander for a few decades and the drones start thinking for themselves, never mind MY long term plans…’ was how He explained himself.

“You have, as individuals and collectively, repeatedly prevented the end of the world and therefore saved my overall plan from those imbeciles, so I thought a personal visit was not excessive.” The blonde man was getting up out of His chair as he spoke. Wesley was just entering the office with his ‘apocalyptic prophecy’ look on. “Oh, and as a token of my favour, I have cancelled all your bookings with my organization. Goodbye.”

Ill Traviata Italian restaurant, later that night.

“So Xman who was that majorly strange guy this morning anyway?” Faith had noticed that the one eyed man had become very quiet after the morning meeting, and surprisingly the weird dude seemed to be at the heart of it. Never mind that ‘The Senior Partners’, superbeings to a one, had been found tortured to death and splashed across the top floor.

No, as Wesley was delivering that bit of news she went to the ladies room, and when she returned the three men had been sitting in stunned silence. And that silence seemed to be centred around blondie’s identity.

“He doesn’t like Latin.” Xander mumbled. “I never thought I’d have His personal favour.”


“He’s known mostly by the Latin version of his name but He doesn’t like it so demons don’t ever use it.”

“Boytoy your getting spookier by the second, just tell me who He is.”

“Lightbringer and Morningstar have the same translation in Latin.”

“Which is?” The dark slayer was controlling her temper with difficulty.


Authors afterward: Lucifer was, according to tradition, the first and most perfect of the Angels. The Archangel Michael, who cast him out, is therefore his brother, in a sense. Please don’t flame me over this, I have enough trouble getting my muse to co-operate as it is.

Crossover: Lucifer, I think a Darkhorse comic -It is more a friends fandom than mine - but she says I have the basic character down

The End

You have reached the end of "What's in a Name?". This story is complete.

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