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Summary: Alternate season 7 Buffy, Faith returns, and the world changes radically

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Smallville > Multiple Pairings
Television > X-Files, The
norgcoFR15854,9355811,16113 Jul 0413 Jul 04Yes

The battle of Armageddon

Smallville Kansas, Armageddon day, a little after noon

Lex was in charge of the security element when the demons attacked
the evacuation site. He had some werewolves for close in security,
Smallville was an urban area in tactical terms and hand-to-hand was
always a possibility. But he himself was using one of the 30 round
shotguns, which he had practiced conscientiously with after training
from a former Marine on his security staff.

So when the attack came he raised the weapon to his shoulder and
started double tapping the howling mass. Always raise the weapon and
aim properly, even at touching distance, was the thing he needed to
remember at this point, his instructor drilled that into him.

"Never do that movie star shit with the gun at the waist. You can
miss an elephant at 10 feet when it's real, even if you can hit a
mouse on the moon in practice." The man had leaned directly over him,
face inches away, glaring. "AIMED FIRE PEOPLE, ONE ROUND ON TARGET IS

Green blood sprayed over him from whatever it was he just
decapitated. The fight was claw to claw, teeth and jaws for the most
part, but the billionaire kept cool, aimed fire going out despite it.
Lex had turned a loss making plant in a nowhere town into a personal
fiefdom partly by paying competent people for advice and then
LISTENING to it, this was no different.

"Yes Gunnery Sergeant, aimed fire Gunnery Sergeant, no movie star
shit Gunnery Sergeant."

It was over during his third magazine, which was good because that
was the limit of his ready ammunition. The time lost changing
magazines had been exciting enough, three had charged him during the
slack in fire and the lower arm of one was still dangling by a claw
from his jacket. Actually from the chain mail sewed into the jacket,
he would have to thank the tailor properly for suggesting it. The
muzzle of the shotgun had been pressed against the creature's chest
for that one, resulting in another coating of demon guts soaked into
his clothes.

"My god Lex, are you all right?" Carol asked, clutching the terrified
Samantha to her chest. It had been necessary to make the party look
right, like it was a group of unsuspecting demon hunters having a few
days off. He kept telling himself that, had been for the months
leading up to it. It was true, which did not make seeing his new wife
and child threatened like this any easier.

"Fine Carol, not a scratch on me. Now please get into the bus, I need
you to set an example, people will be nervous." The purple clad one
said, while handing his empty magazines over for refill and getting
another. There were more people willing to take risks than able to
fight for this, so he had a small logistics staff to keep ammo
coming, reload mags, see to the wounded, etc, he was a businessman,
organising was what he did. His wife of one day reached over to his
cheek and touched him, then showed him her hand.

"What's this then." There was blood, a lot of it, and a medic began
putting a bandage on his face. He touched the area; the slice went
from upper left ear to near his mouth. Not too deep, certainly not
through the cheek entirely, but it would leave an impressive scar.
After some more futile tugging at the arm he took off the jacket, cut
off the individual claws with a knife, and replaced the jacket
without the annoying extra weight.

"A scratch, didn't notice." And he hadn't, in fact Lex had no memory
of how it happened. Presumably he was so focused on killing the demon
in question it slipped below his level of `important enough to
notice'. He had been warned this sort of thing happened in combat,
well, now it had. "And I still need you to take my daughter and
leave, because this is not a disciplined evacuation, it will only
work if everyone sees it working. If you go the others are more
likely to believe I have it all organised and go too, if you don't
they will stay and worry everyone and it falls apart."

And then he turned away and went back to the work of the day, relying
on her to do what they both knew was needed. The medics were treating
injured werewolves, wounded demons were being finished off – after
Faith lost a leg to a `surrendered' Feyoral demon taking prisoners
had stopped – panicked citizens were being rounded up for the convoy.
Busses were being used partly because, with windows removed via gun
but, they gave high visibility and a clear field of fire against

The dark slayer, with the stump of her left leg wrapped and on a
light morphine dose, was in the lead guard jeep, shotgun in hand,
visibly still in the fight. She had insisted, the main fight needed
legs but guarding the convoy only required the demon detecting
ability and amazing aim she still had. And it was good for morale to
have a slayer with the non-combatants.

The string of vehicles left, and would be back in an hour, the safe
house was `over the horizon'; therefore hopefully out of the blast
radius if it went badly wrong. Out, unload, return, minus any time
for fighting, the battle might be over before they were back. The
next one was loading up, he had insisted the town mayor organise just
such an evacuation `in case demons attack the town, it is happening
all over the world madam mayor', so the police, bus drivers, school
teachers etc had practiced this people in their cars first, escorted
to avoid traffic problems and show where to go.

California women's prison, 12.37 Smallville time, same day.

"They got Faith stoned and THEN handed her a loaded automatic weapon,
are they insane?" The guard commented, for once something guards and
prisoners could agree on. The young, dark haired woman was well-
remembered figure here, particularly by anyone who had pissed her off
and lived to tell the tale. Officially that was everyone, of course,
since nothing bad ever happens in a nice, well run jail like this
one, and all the people who are found dead in the showers are
suicides. Stabbing yourself 15 times in the back and then hiding the
weapon seemed to be a favourite method here.

Some prisoners had TV in their rooms, others preferred the recreation
room, but everyone was glued to a set watching the war. Coverage had
started suddenly, with a crew from a celebrity gossip show that had
covered the Luthor wedding the day before, then moved to Armageddon,
which is actually a place in Israel, when a huge shimmering disk had
appeared and demons started pouring out.

"No, they're desperate, well, wouldn't you be?" The demons in the
Middle East were making heavy going of it, with an Alien invasion
fleet attacking them in low, slow, passes. The regions armies, which
had been quietly briefed to expect this, were mobilising while
letting the bad guys kill each other.

So far the aliens were losing badly, after all a B-29 bomber had shot
down the UFO at Roswell in 1947, and human technology had improved
hugely since then, while the aliens were static. And of course, Clark
Kent had finally acquired his flying ability, and was very active in
the mid-eastern skies this day. "Whatever the bastards in Smallville
are up to its good the slayers were there to fight them."

With Faith crippled, Buffy partially digested when whatever had eaten
her was cut in half by Xander, who himself was minus his left arm;
things were indeed desperate in Kansas. The only consolation was, as
everyone here seemed to agree, there had to be a limited number of
demons in the town, because their presence had been kept secret.
Keeping the authorities in the dark about planned illegal activities
being something individuals here could knowledgeably discuss, and the
consensus was that while reinforcements might have come in before the
state troopers cut the highway, the bad guys had to be nearly all gone.
Of course, that did not mean they would not last longer than the good
guys, or finish whatever they were doing before dying.

The Talon Coffee Shop, Smallville, 12.45, Internet café area.

Chloe Sullivan felt strange to be here, on line, while the rest
fought it out for the fate of the world. But this was her part of it,
to co-ordinate with the Karnak Chroniclers and, through them, the
governments fighting the final conflict. She had cameras all over
town, a telephone line to Lex and Giles, and was passing on and
interpreting what happened for the demonic accountants, who's
contacts were still crucial to all this.

"Miss Sullivan, we have no reports on one of the Scoobies, Anya, she
seems to be missing."

The virtual reality was absolutely realistic, if she didn't know
better she would really have thought she was here. Thinking about
that was better than remembering the bitter reality she had to convey.

"She changed, when the gate at Armageddon opened she reverted, she
was still an evil demon after all, a vengeance demon and Xander had
to, had to…"

"Kill his mate." Jane Smith, her Karnak demon supervisor, quietly
added. Jane had been ordered not to be in Smallville for the battle,
once Chloe proved there actually would be one here. She had
apologised for therefore missing the blonde's birthday, and now
seemed saddened beyond words at what the youngest male scoob had had
to do. "He had to take the life of a woman he loved, a possible
mother of his children, to protect the rest of us. And, of course,
being the man he is, he did it."

"Yes." Cloe said.

The demon visibly forced herself to change focus, to move past this

"And how goes the battle?"

"Fighting started when the total conversion field was turned on at
11.15 am, which is also when the Evil One arrived and opened the gate
to hell. The power plant set off Willow, she could feel it and warned
the rest." And then the killing happened. She was reviewing known
data, which both had found useful as preparation to explaining the
present and predicting future actions. "Clark had already gone to
fight the UFO's, so Buffy walked over with Willow to check out the
problem and something ate her when she walked in the door. The witch
fireballed the room, then went for help, chased by a mixed group of

Willow had been unable to give a coherent explanation, `we walked in
and it ate Buffy' was the clearest they had. It was, of course, the
highest probability way for the blonde slayer to die. Anything that
just walked up to her was dead meat, she WAS the older slayer to ever
live and experience tells, the blonde student thought.

She could see the power plant, or rather the energy conversion
field, through an open door. They had only used enough force to
destroy the doorway area, damaging the plant was unthinkable.


"Why what?"

"Why is damaging the plant unthinkable?" Jane seemed genuinely
confused, despite the briefings she had had and the additional study
entered into.

"Because it converts matter into its equivalent energy, at 20
megatons per kilogram of mass, because any damage to the apparatus,
or just not shutting down properly, caused the field to not collapse
right, and swallow an unpredictable amount of surrounding matter
before hand, and where the energy then generated will be released is
any ones guess."

The blonde was puzzled, Jane knew this, Chloe had personally been
briefed on it BY the demon, not the other way around.

"Because the field generates its power by converting air blown through
it with a fan, but will convert anything touching it, possibly
overloading the safeties and destroying the device while sending a
humungous amount of power to wherever it is being used. In this case
Israel, and the energy release would be equal to more than the worlds
nuclear weapons stockpile, plus the energy equivalent of whatever
went into the field."

"Miss Sullivan, I believe an error of interpretation has occurred…"

The power plant building, Smallville, 12:51 Armageddon day

The demon fighters were finally in the room with the power plant, and
what to do now was the crucial question. Willow was here, trying to
remember the shut down procedure, after all she was not part of the
design team, she had been on the basic theory end. When the dangers
of improper shutdown had been suggested by one of the physics team,
it had been investigated, but purely as a theoretical problem.
The device had only been run twice, she had not been present either
time, so, with the demons gathering for a counter attack, more
arriving from somewhere after the highway patrol roadblock had been
overrun, none of those present knew how to turn it off without
creating an explosion at least ten times larger than the largest
thermonuclear device ever tested. The blue disk of the conversion
field shimmered prettily, evilly. Chloe ran in from the street,
looking around desperately.

"Miss Sullivan, could you find out how to shut it off safely?" Giles
asked, with the sound of demons chanting their war cry rising in the

"No, Yes, well kinda…" The high school girl stammered. The wall
started tearing apart, the demons had decided that going in through
the door channelled them into the guns too much and were making a
bigger hole. The demon fighters, almost out of ammunition, looked
nervously at the crumbling wall. "There is no safe way to shut it
down, but one of the unsafe ways is not unsafe for us."

"WELL WHAT IS IT?" The normally polite Englishman had watched his
children killed and maimed today, and now the fate of his species was
at stake. Xander was standing with the stump of his arm wrapped in
bloody bandages, sword in his remaining hand, Willow was too
exhausted from her magic use to think properly, Dawn was staring
straight ahead into infinity, `the thousand yard stare' common to
combat fatigue cases, and an injured werewolf had accidentally bitten
him. He wanted it over.

"If we overload the safeties by running something big into it, at
least 70 kilograms is the latest calculation, it self destructs and
the energy won't go to Israel, because that is not where it's being

"Then were is it being used?" Willow asked in a tired voice. She was
physically and emotionally exhausted, from magic use this day.

"Hell." The newspaper editor said, as the demons broke the rear wall
and shooting started. They had little time.

"What's 70 kilograms in American?" Xander asked quietly. He was
looking at the field; it started several feet above the ground, too
high for a heavy object to be rolled into before the bad guys overran
their position here.

"154 pounds." Lex answered from the street entrance, he did
international business and needed to be comfortable with metrics.
With the evacuation over he had come to join the fight here, he had a
satchel of full magazines, which he passed around, giving everyone a
full mag to insert and a spare with whatever was left from the
previous fighting. "And that's the last of the ammo until the convoy
comes back from the safe house. Call it half an hour."

"Well, we're screwed." Dawn commented, not really pessimistic in
tone, not anything in tone, exhaustion and seeing Buffy's
regurgitated remains had taken away her emotions.

"No we're not." Xander was smiling now; clearly he had figured it
out, how to save the day. The demons were nearly through the wall,
time was short.

"Why not?" Willow asked.

"Because I weigh 220 pounds." The construction manager said, as he
ran at the field. He could see the demons break through the wall and
run to the machine, he could barely make it. A brief sprint and a
flying leap, the blue disk was beautiful as he entered it headfirst.

Hell, the gateway to Earth, the same time

All the demons of Hell were massed here, waiting in their uncounted
millions to pour through. The rest was deserted, since the Evil One
had made clear what would be done to any who failed him in his
ultimate moment. So when Alexander Lavelle Harris's 220 Pounds, plus
the 180 of the power device, were converted into over 7,000 megatons,
and fed directly to the demonic sorcerers who had opened the gate
from this end, there were no survivors. It was an explosion
equivalent to 360,00 Hiroshima size atomic bombs, after all.

Armageddon, Israel, same time

The gateway vanished like it had never been there. His Evilness was
receiving direct hits from some of the few remaining Alien ships,
which had been ordered to make sure he died before beginning
colonisation. Given that the aliens had not changed ship design in
long enough for some vessels to have been found embedded in rock
formations a lack of imagination and creativity in tactical situation
should not have been surprising. They had worked their way through
the priority list, beginning with Barney, the purple dinosaur, now it
was Satan's turn.

Smallville, a few minutes later.

The demons had just stopped. After Xander went into the field, and
the machine vanished into its own total energy conversion pipeline,
they fought on for a while, and then just stopped. No one yet knew it
was the Evil One's submission that had ended it.

Giles had watched the man he thought of as a son hit the blue disk,
and then everything went dark as he was coated in a fine, wet, mist.
He took off his glasses to clean them, and realised it was a red
coating covering the whole room and everyone in it. Enough to account
for 40 pounds of Xander, as he was later to see it calculated.
Not all of Xander had been converted to energy, the safeties had
failed and the device had consumed itself with enough left to be
converted into a purée. The world, this entire plane of reality, had
been saved. Willow had realised what she was covered in too, and was
sitting sobbing on the ground when Faith's jeep came up to her. The
dark slayer listened to her beloved's explanation is silence, patting
and hugging her wife.


"Yes Faith?" She had finally stopped sobbing hysterically, she was
crying but had some level of control back.

"Can we name our next child Xander?"

The place formerly known as Hell, Six months later

With the evil one gone no-one was coming here for punishment, so the
place had been just going to waste. The damned had been moved on, or
stayed on to help rebuild. The Foreman looked around at his most
demanding but rewarding project, from the garden of wildflowers where
the gateway to Earth had been. The sulphur smell was finally gone,
and a blue sky was slowly appearing. It would all be ready when the
survivors of the Scooby Gang left the mortal plane.

Xander Harris was dead, but he was still in the construction business.

The End

You have reached the end of "CPA". This story is complete.

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