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Freaks and Geeks and Vampires

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Summary: As if high school wasn’t bad enough already, Lindsay Weir becomes the Chosen and has to deal with the gravest threat a pre-Buffy Slayer can face. A Buffy and Freaks and Geeks crossover with guest appearances from Spike and Dru and other Sunnydalians

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Epilogue and Story Notes

Epilogue–October 9th, 2000

Slayer’s Comments

I feel both sad and proud reading this diary.  Sad because another girl was killed, but proud because a Slayer did her duty.  In fact Lindsay saved my life.  Of all the previous Slayers, she was the one I dreamed about the most before I was Chosen.  Even though she was ambushed at the end, she hurt Lothos worse than any other Slayer I ever dreamed about.  I knew Lindsay was right to use fire against him.  It was she who ultimately gave me the idea to defeat him with the flame from an aerosol spray can.

I also owe a debt of gratitude to her friends and Watchers.  Without seeing their devotion in my dreams, I might have rejected the friendship and assistance of Willow,  Xander, and Giles.  If my accomplishments mean anything, its because of those who have come before and those who stand beside me.    As I re-dedicate myself to my Slayer training, it becomes more important than ever to realize this.  Lindsay Weir I salute you, wherever you may rest.

–Buffy Summers.


Author’s Notes to explain references to things not included in the original “Buffy” and “Freaks and Geeks” episode airings:

–Brian Todhunter also appears in my “Alien Apocalypse” story.  The Todhunter in this story has the same background and personality as the one in the other story, but this Todhunter has a divergent history after his first Slayer is killed several months before this story begins.

–Apparently a turned Slayer appears in one of the Buffy comics from Dark Horse and there are some scenes from the tv show that hint it may be possible, but for this story I chose for it not to be possible. 

–Eugene the Disco Magician as a pornstar: I did an imdb search for the actor who played Eugene and several porn movie appearances were credited to him.  It could be a case of two different people with the same name, but I thought Eugene the Porno Disco Magician would be funny.

–The Weir family portraits done by a “Star Trek” artist:  Linda Cardellini on the “Freaks and Geeks” DVD commentary said she didn’t like her picture because it looked like something from “Star Trek.”

–Bill’s story about the dirt bike rider who gets beheaded by a length of wire strung across someone’s land comes from a deleted scene in one of the “F&G” episodes.  This is an urban legend because I heard essentially the same thing on the other side of the country in the late 70s. 

–Rosso living with his mother: An early episode showed him driving his mother’s car.  Add in the fact that he only gets paid twelve grand year and its not a great stretch of the imagination to conclude that he lives with his mother.

–Kim breaks up with Daniel right before going on the Dead tour.  This was suggested by Paul Feig and/or Judd Appatow on the DVD commentary for “Discos and Dragons” along with the idea that some hippies would get lucky in the van.

–Rosso’s brother-in-law Rick is a cop: This was taken from the “Mr. Rosso’s Handbook” page on the freaksandgeeks dot com official website.  Rosso’s sister is named Jessica.

–Ken Miller talks about his dream of having an underground hydroponic pot farm in the audition tape for Seth Rogan included on the “F&G” standard DVD set.

–Kim taking care of her diabetic mother and talking about becoming a nurse comes from the “F&G” bible on the official site.

–Tina Shields is a character that appears in the “Freaks and Geeks” bible that’s on the official “F&G” website.  She roamed the Detroit area rock clubs and slept with all the musicians she could.

–Teacher Frank Kowchevski is gay: This was established in a deleted scene in the episode where Ken finds out Amy is a hermaphrodite. 

–So far the main connections I’ve discovered between “BtVS” and “Freaks and Geeks” are actress Sarah Hagan who played Potential Amanda on “Buffy” and Millie Kenter on “F&G” and Rebecca Kirshner who wrote for both shows.  Also Jack Conley plaed Kim Kelly’s stepfather on “F&G” and Sahjhan on “Angel.”  And Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy) and Linda Cardellini (Lindsay) worked together in the “Scooby Doo” movies.  Ms. Cardellini played Velma.

–Sam gets nervous looking at the funeral director because he got creeped out talking with the man when he was trying to sell yearbook ads with Cindy Sanders.  This was a deleted scene included on the “F&G” DVD.

–Lindsay talking with Daniel for the first time outside the 7-Eleven is taken from the “F&G” bible.

–All the details about Lothos are taken from the Dark Horse Buffy comic books: “The Origin 1-3" and NOT from the original Buffy movie.


The End

You have reached the end of "Freaks and Geeks and Vampires". This story is complete.

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