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Unexpected Arrival

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Unexpected Arrival". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander arrives 'unexpectedly' at SGC, some secrets are revealed.

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Xander's Real FamilynorgcoFR1311,08602522,88530 Jul 0430 Jul 04Yes
Fic: Unexpected arrival

Author: norgco

Rating: 15, or maybe even g

Crossover: Stargate/BtVS/Angel

Pairings: Samantha/unknown. And not to be mentioned again.

Summary: Xander arrives ‘unexpectedly’, his file says ‘be nice’, and about that DNA test we never told anyone the result of…

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, ideas, or settings of either Buffy or Stargate. I am not making any money out of this.

Feedback: Please?

SGC Gateroom, 0752hrs, Tuesday

The maintenance crew immediately called security when the green and yellow swirling disk formed in the air above the ramp. Therefore when the dark haired man fell out of it onto the ramp there was a squad of SF’s to observe and begin wakening the ponderous beast of national security.

With the ‘gate down due to long overdue maintenance on the giant transformers that supplied the right voltages to run it there had seemed no reason not to give nearly everyone a month’s holiday. Some, with easily predictable recreation activities, were easier to find than others. They were sent to locate the missing.

Sam’s home, 0934hrs Tuesday.

Colonel Jack O’Neil entered his teammates home using the emergency key she had given him. He had knocked, and for that matter called ahead, and gotten no response to either. The base hadn’t received any response either, which was why he was here looking for her.

As he walked through what was normally the impeccably neat living room he slowed down at the sight of overturned chairs and items scattered on the floor. More cautiously now, he moved forward. Expecting trouble he turned the corner to see Major Samantha Carter PhD, dressed in a Catholic school girls uniform, or rather most of one, with a dog collar around her neck the lead of which was clearly being held by someone out of sight.

“I don’t want to know, do I?” Was his only comment.

SGC Briefing room, 1200hrs the same day.

“Perhaps we can start the briefing now?” General Hammond asked loudly. With the attention of the team gained he began. “Earlier this morning a man arrived in the SGC gateroom. This is the security camera recording.”

As the rather short piece was shown the commander of the most important posting on the planet, as he felt justified to call it, studied the team in front of him. SG1 was here for their talents after all, as one of the diplomatic specialist teams would be if it were a negotiation. The entertaining but not particularly enlightening bit of footage ended just as an airman entered the room with a message. Or to be exact, a file, labelled :


Eyes Only,

No Foreign Dissemination,

Harris, Alexander (Xander) Lavelle

Ultra is a security classification, the level above Top Secret, to be exact, not something seen everyday even by him. On opening the first page was the ‘Get out of jail free card’, as it was called when issued to CIA agents operating in Vietnam in his youth. It read ‘Do not detain, hinder or interrogate this individual. Expedite ANY requested support and facilities. Contact USSOCOM and one of the individuals listed IMMEDIATELY if found unconscious or dead.’

Attached was the specific individual at United States Special Operations Command to contact, and a list of names, phone numbers and email addresses. SOCOM had sent him the file, and of course SGC was a part of it so his next move was to make a phone call while reading through the rest. He began with the name at the top of the alphabetically ordered list.

“Angel Investigations, we help the hopeless.” Came the cheery female voice, sounding a little like his younger daughter.

“This is General George Hammond, may I speak with Mr Angel.” Anyone involved in special operations gets used to the weird cover identities intelligence agencies use. And learned not to ask questions of odd cover stories of this kind. ‘We help the hopeless?’ indeed.

“What about?” The voice was suspicious.

“Mr Angel was given as an emergency contact for an Alexander Harris…”

“Xander’s listed Angel as an emergency contact? Yeah right.” There was a sound of questions being asked and then a new voice on the phone.

“I’m Angel, what happened to Xander and why am I hearing about it from the military?”

“And how badly injured is the dweeb boy anyway, not that I care or anyth…” The original voice cut in.

“Cordelia get off the phone and let me handle this!” Back to the male. “Could you please tell me what happened?”

“Mr Harris, ah, arrived suddenly at our facility with various injuries and is being treated in our base hospital. He is currently unconscious, and has a number of injuries but nothing life threatening, “ All of which was true and safe to explain over an unsecured line, unlike the exact details. “His file lists you as an emergency contact which is what I am now doing.”

Colonel Jack O’Neil was flicking through the file his CO had handed him, trying to get a feal for the situation. The document was shy on detail, lots of ‘further information will be supplied on a Need to Know basis’ concerning the kids activities. Not that that was what interested him about it.

No, what got the former cold war black ops mans attention was the tone. It read exactly like the files on Afghan warlords he had had to deal with during the Soviet Occupation. They were tricky people, who rarely trusted Americans or anyone outside of their tribe, - and not many inside if they wanted to live long - and the need to win them over paramount. Exactly why a United States citizen, a construction worker, was being treated like Muhammad Shah Masood was what raised his professional curiosity.

“It would seem that AlexanderHarris and his associates have had negative encounters with your countries military in the past, ColonelO’Neil.” Teal’c announced as he read over the other mans shoulder. “ColonelO’Neil, please go back a page.”

And back a page the Colonel went. The Jaffa did not speak much, and never for trivial reasons, so it had to be important, though Jack could not see why. There was a lot of trivia in here to match the crucial stuff left out, they had even secretly DNA tested the kid. It was just minor details he had not bothered reading, Date of Birth, Place of birth, Mothers name, Fathers name…”

All members of the United States Armed Forces have their DNA on file, in case their remain cannot be identified any other way. So when the Intitative had, through Agent Riley Finn’s contacts in Sunnydale hospital, obtained Xander’s DNA it was compared with the existing database and a match found. Of course bureaucratic compartmentation being what it is no one had bothered to inform the person matched.

“Ah Jack, why didn’t you ever tell us you had another son?” Daniel Jackson asked.

The End

You have reached the end of "Unexpected Arrival". This story is complete.

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