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The Key To His Heart

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Summary: Every since the first was destroyed, Dawn has wanted nothing but a normal life... but her dream comes to an end when she meets a certain red demon. Dawn/Hellboy

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The Key To His Heart

Disclaimer: I own nothing in this story except for the idea of crossing the two together. I do not own the “Hellboy” characters nor the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” characters.

Chapter 1

Dawn hugged her jacket tighter against her body as she crossed the damp empty street towards her apartment. It had been two years since the battle with the first had occurred and she had chosen to move to New York to pursue a career of some kind. At the time she wasn’t sure what she was chasing after and now she still had no clue. Her sister had tried talking her out of it, but her mind was made up. Giles had even told her that she was a highly eligible watcher but she wanted something out of the paranormal. She wanted normal. Even though she wasn’t normal, being a key and all, but she had figured she was pretty much useless in that department now.

She rounded the corner and was now only a block away from her apartment building. She dug through her little hand bag to try and find her keys. Every night she would pull her keys out before she reached the building in case of an attack by someone, or something and she could get inside quicker and easier. Paying more attention to her purse as she searched for her keys she wasn’t paying attention to where she was going and bumped right smack into somebody; knocking her to the ground. She shook her head to get her long brown hair out of her eyes and looked up to see what she had bumped into.

“Hey baby. What’s a girl like you doing out so late?” The scruffy man asked as he approached her. Dawn’s eyes grew wide as she scrambled to get to her feet. Without looking back at the man she ran the opposite direction she had been heading; just wanting to get away from the creep.

“Get her guys!” She heard the man yell and two men had exited the alley to her right and two more on her left. She tried running faster but they had caught her anyway.

“Help! Somebody help me!” She screamed at the top of her lungs before they covered her mouth. She bit the man’s hand hard enough for him to pull away in pain and for it to bleed. He looked at his hand for a moment before looking up at her with anger flashing in his eyes. He back handed her across the face and Dawn could feel warm liquid fall from her nose and bottom lip.

She closed her eyes tight expecting something more to happen to her but she heard some sort of swishing sound followed by a loud thump; causing the ground below her feet to shake slightly. She slowly opened her eyes and she saw the small group of men part in front of her like a curtain in a theater. In front of her she saw a large figure crouched over and, though she thought it to be the darkness, she could’ve sworn he looked red. The large figure slowly got to his feet and he was no longer a large figure but more of a looming figure.

Dawn’s eye’s once again grew wide at the sight of the thing standing before her and she felt the hands holding her start to shiver in fear. She wasn’t sure how she felt, whether it was fear, disbelief, or awe. But she knew the men around her were terrified.

“What… what are you?” The leader of the group asked the figure. In response the thing took two loud steps out of the shadows and into the street light above; revealing himself.

“It- it’s hellboy! Let’s get out of here!” One of the men screamed and ran off; the rest following including the leader.

Dawn wasn’t sure what action she should take. She heard stories of him being good and fighting evil which wasn’t unbelievable for her; seeing as how both Angel and Spike battle evil. Even hunt them down at times. Hellboy walked up to her and Dawn had to look up to stare at his face. She could see that his horns were filed and shadowed his eyes.

“Are you alright, kid?” Hellboy asked as he touched just below her bottom lip.

“I-uh… uh…” Dawn spoke just before she fainted; landing in Hellboy’s arms.

“Great.” Hellboy sighed and knew there was no other place he could take her except back to the bureau.
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