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Family trees

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Summary: still loading as conner/general... buffy/angel/and Hanna Barbara's Wacky Races crossover

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Family trees

(I woke up, with the thought that Drusilla looks like a psycho Cordelia)

I do not own Buffy, Angel, or Hanna Barbara's Wacky Races

"Giles, what's the problem?" asked Buffy, as she walked into the magic shop.

Giles, looking harried and stressed.. glared at Buffy. Then he handed her the pages he'd found. "This is some information from the watcher diaries. It's a family tree." He then walked to the medicine cabinet in his restroom, and grabbed 3 excedrine.

"Drusilla Chase. Born in the 19th century, records of official birth date have been lost. It is assumed that Drusilla the vampire destroyed those records, or one of her fellow vampires did it for her. The records that do remain, show her as having had a child before she was turned. Descendants are listed as followed." Buffy read the list, going down it, until a familiar name popped up. She burst out laughing.

"Always knew there was something wrong with her family." Buffy said, after calming down. "Can I copy this? I want to mail it to Cordelia."

"Hey Cordelia, you've got a package!" Gunn yelled, walking through the door.

"All right, I wonder what it is. Hmmm, it's from Buffy." Cordelia opened up the package, and pulled out a packet of papers. She started reading.

Gunn was in the kitchen when he heard a scream. As he ran out of the room, he grabbed an axe and a crossbow. When he reached the room Cordelia had retreated to with the package, he slammed open the door.

"Cordelia!" He looked at her lying on the floor in a faint, with a dumbfounded look on his face. Then he went over to her, and started tapping her on the forehead. She woke up, screamed again, and went back into her faint.
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