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Season of Giving

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Summary: Buffy/Kill Bill Crossover Answer to FFA challenge # 338 Xander/The Bride

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Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or either of the Kill Bill movies. Or the comic book series “The Bride” I believe it’s called. I could be wrong and there isn’t a comic book series of course.

(this is a one shot answer to FFA challenge #338, unlike the dark angel one that I’m still writing another chapter for. If someone wants to continue this storyline, by all means. (grin).

Xander sighed. His road trip had taken a little longer and gone a little further than he anticipated. He just couldn’t seem to return to Sunnydale. He hoped everyone was ok.

He had just pulled into a deli near the hospital, when he saw a strange woman with an eyepatch on one eye walking in. She was whistling a tune, and for some reason his Sunnydale sense was tingling. He groaned. So much for relaxation, and near Christmas too. Someone up there must be laughing.

As he walked into the hospital, he watched her get onto an elevator. The doors closed before he got near. He noticed that it went all the way to the top, without stopping. He went to the stairwell and started running. As he did, he made sure he had one the blessed knives he’d managed to pick up from a thankful monk. Why a monk was there of all places he didn’t know.

Elle Driver known by many in Bill’s organization as California Mountain Snake, walked down the hallway as she whistled. She opened the door to a utility closet, and went in. She started to change.

When she finished, she came out and closed the door. She walked down the hallway whistling. Elle looked around as she got to Black Mamba’s room, and watched a young man stop at a water fountain and take a drink. She shrugged and went in.

Xander came out of the door and looked around. As he did, he noticed the woman come out of a room in a nurse’s uniform. He paused, then shrugged. If he was wrong, the worst that could happen was he’d have to explain to security why he was sneaking around. He started walking down the hallway with his hands in his pocket. He stopped at a water fountain to get a drink when he noticed her slowing. He noticed what room she went in. When he heard it close, he walked forward.

One of the tricks he’d picked up along the way was to open a door without a sound. It helped of course that the hospital tended to keep the doors well oiled. When he opened it he saw the woman preparing a needle of some sort.

She spoke.

He heard the words, and acted.

Elle prepared her needle, and was about to inject it when her phone rang. As she reached for it, she heard something. When she turned around, someone slammed into her. It was the young man. Then she felt something prick her side where she had put her needle. Her eyes widened as she felt something enter her.

Xander watched her eyes widen, then blacked out when she hit him a few times.

Elle looked over at the man after she’d hit him, as she felt herself fading. She just couldn’t stand up. The phone continued to ring as it lay there on Black Mamba’s torso.

When a doctor came in, he saw a young man sprawled on the floor while looking around dazedly. Nearby, was a nurse… with a needle beside her. The plunger had been depressed. The doctor called security, while thinking the man had killed her. They took him away.

Two days later, it was determined that the needle had been in her pocket when she hit the bed. Furthermore, it had a fast acting poison inside. Xander was released.

He went back to the hospital and saw the doctor coming out of an elevator.

Doctor Evans looked up. “Ah, I hope you’ll forgive me.”

Xander shrugged. “It could’ve been worse, at least I saved a life.”

“Yes, but she’s in a coma. I don’t know if that’s life or not.”

“Is she allowed visitors?”


“I thought she deserved at least one before I head back home.”

The doctor walked down the hallway with Xander.

Xander stopped at the door. “Give me a few will you? I won’t be long.” He received a nod.

Xander looked down. “It was about the only Christmas gift I could give someone right now, so do me a favor and wake up. Someone has to enjoy it.” He smiled then touched her head. “Good luck.” As he started to walk out, he heard a phone ring. He paused, and went to the curtains.

The cell phone had somehow been missed.

He stood there, then picked it up. He flipped it on.

“Are you there?” a strange voice said.

Xander stared at the phone for a second then covered his mouth and spoke. “She failed.” He dropped the phone and walked out. As he did, he looked back. “Merry Christmas Miss, and I hope you’re having good dreams right now.”

He shut the door and walked away.

After exiting the remains of Sunnydale, they stopped off at a hotel in the next town to get their bearings and finish treating the wounded. As Xander stood near the bus, he stared blankly across the road. Or he did, until a car pulled into the lot. He blinked, then smiled slightly. The woman was no longer in a coma… and she had a daughter. His Christmas gift had better consequences than he thought it would. He walked over. As he did he noticed her tense slightly. Her hand started toward a sheathed sword. He stuck out his hand.

“I’m Xander Harris… you may not know me, but I visited you in the hospital once.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Season of Giving". This story is complete.

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