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Bringing back Terra

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Summary: Slade hires Ethan to bring back Terra; now Teen Titans and the new Watchers' Council has to do something about it.

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DC Universe > Teen TitansDmitriFR1383,593055,0711 Jan 051 Jan 05Yes


Disclaimer: Teen Titans belong to DC, Ethan and Co. - to Joss Whedon.

Epilogue – “The ‘bear’ and the ‘coyote’.”

The criminal mastermind known as Slade sat in one of his secret underground lairs and brooded.
Obviously, involving Ethan Rayne was a mistake. That man had managed not only to double-cross him and sell him, well, faulty merchandise, for the lack of a better term; he had also inadvertedly alerted the Watchers’ Council to his existence and that was a bad thing.
Well, at least he was dead, even though he apparently had put of some fight, as there was a hole in one of the corridors, and several units were dysfunctional, and would need to be re-built.
Oh well, the traditional expenses of being a criminal mastermind.
Slade sighed, and began his next plan of dealing with the Titans.

Ethan Rayne stood on the hill and grinned cheerfully. Of course, since this was him, anything cheerful in his book would be probably classified as disturbing and worrying by the others.
On the other hand, the tall, dark figure standing next to him didn’t seem disturbed all – but then again, it were a robot. Slade’s missing unit 31, to be exact, now somehow in Ethan’s employ, or at least service.
“You know what really bothers me?” Ethan said finally. “Is that these new-age warlords, self-apposed princes of this world, tend to think that they are so smart. But they’re not. And that’s why they fall, while I will survive and perfect the craft.”
He turned to the robot. “But still. Our welcome here is worn out. Follow me, we’re going to have a lot of fun some place else – like, say, Canada.”
With these words, he pulled-out a wand of his own, made a spell, and both he and his new robot faded from view.


The End

You have reached the end of "Bringing back Terra". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking