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Buffy Z - Hera Saga

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This story is No. 8 in the series "Buffy Z". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Continues from 'The Super Slayers Emerge Saga': Death, clarifications, and journeys.

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Episode 60: Vacation

Title: Buffy Z - Hera Saga - Part 1: Death - Episode 60: Birthdays and Vacations

Author: 3D Master



Rating: 15

Keywords: X-Over Dragonball/Z/GT, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angst, Drama, Action, Humor.

Summary: Death and clarifications.

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its characters do not belong to me, but Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Productions. Dragonball Z, its characters and the concept of the Saiyan race belong to Akira Toriyama.

Buffy Z - Hera Saga

Part 1: Death

Episode 60: Vacation

by 3D Master (


Previously, on Buffy Z:

“Buffy,” a raspy but familiar, and not very-well-liked voice called. Buffy looked over, a little shocked at the unkept man closing the door of his car. He walked around it, seemingly too far away to wonder why he hadn’t seen Buffy go /in/ her house first.

“Who’s that?” Anya asked.

“That’s my father if you can call him that, right, Hank?” Buffy asked unfriendly, almost hatefully. She folded her arms across her chest, and waited defensively for what he had to say.

“I know, Buffy, I’ve been horrible,” the man said, his arms and legs trembling as he took a few tentative steps closer. His grey eyes started to tear up, and he said, “I haven’t even been to your mother’s funeral, I can’t forgive myself.” He shook his head pitifully, and continued, “I don’t understand it, I don’t even understand why I didn’t come to help you out, why at least I didn’t send you money, why you had to sick a lawyer on me before I did. I’m so sorry, Buffy, I’m so sorry, I so hope you can forgive me.” Hank Summers display got to Xander and Anya, and Buffy was startled, but she wasn’t about to give up on the notion her father might just be playing this, just for him to leave her again. Hank’s arms trembled and he groaned as he took a step closer. “I . . . I love you, I love you so much,” Hank said and groaned again, this time grabbing his stomach. “I know this in my heart, and yet I stayed away from you, it even hurts trying to get you, it hurts all over. I pretty much forgotten you, how could I, if I love you so much? After the lawyer forced me to acknowledge you and send you monthly money you more than deserved, I . . . I-I was reminded of you and still I couldn’t come, I had to force myself to finally . . .” Hank Summers groaned again, making Xander look at Anya in shock, and then at Buffy who was completely torn between running at her father, hugging and helping him, and not falling for a big old play.

Dawn made the decision for her, apparently the teen had noticed Xander and Anya weren’t leaving, and recognized her father while finding out why. “DAD!” she yelled out in happiness as she sprinted past her sister and their friends. She jumped and wrapped herself around her father’s neck. Hank Summers held the girl barely, completely startled. “I knew it! I knew you wouldn’t stay away. I missed you so much, daddy!” Dawn exclaimed in happiness, pissing Buffy off that her little sister couldn’t hold a level head and remember what their father had put them through by being pretty much incommunicado for the past two years, if not more.

Then Hank asked, “Who-who are you?”


“Who-Who are you?”

Three different words, four distinct words, that was all. Dawn, still clinging to her father - or rather perceived father - just looked off into the distance, with eyes snapped wide open, and her mouth slack. She felt like the world crumbled beneath her, and a wound in her heart that she had thought mended tore open with such agony she felt like she wanted to die. Tears instantly welled up in her eyes, that no amount of self-control could hold back; and although she managed not to cry, tears freely streamed down her cheeks. Slowly she let herself disengage from the hug, and took a step back on trembling legs. She did not dare to looked at the man slightly taller than herself, with short light brown hair and some grey here and there.

“Those god-damned monks,” Xander said, making Hank look at him in more confusion. Like Buffy, his right arm was tensed in a deadly fist. He then said the same thing that was on Buffy’s mind, “If Glory hadn’t already killed them, I’d start hunting them down now.” Anya gripped his fist, forcing it open and held on.

Buffy took a step over and enveloped Dawn in a crushing hug. The younger Summers girl finally broke down, trying to worm herself out of Buffy’s embrace because she didn’t want everyone and especially her boyfriend to see her like this. But soon she stopped fighting and just let her sister hold her, crying. “Shh, it’s gonna be alright, Dawn; you’re strong, I know, you’ll get through this as well,” Buffy soothed feeling her own tears well up and flow out.

“He doesn’t know me,” Dawn sobbed into Buffy’s shoulder. Then much more softly in Buffy’s ear, “He doesn’t know me, Buffy, my father . . . your father . . . I have no father.” Dawn’s crying and sobs grew louder, her knees weakening. Buffy cried along; no girl should ever have to go through this pain.

“What’s going on?” Hank Summers asked.

“What’s going on?” Li-Huei asked the two witches next to him just outside the door. “Why doesn’t her father know her?”

Tara and Willow looked at him, and then Tara said gently, “You’ve had quite some surprises to work through since you met Dawn, right?” He nodded. “Well, get ready for another on,” Tara added gently.

“Really prepare, because it’s going to be a doozy,” Willow said with a sad smile.


They were in the Summers living room. Hank was sitting in the couch at the window. Buffy was sitting in the chair left to the table from Hank’s point of view. Dawn lay curled up in her sister’s embrace, sobbing softly. Willow and Tara sat across from Hank. Xander sat next to them with Anya in his lap, feeling weak, and deeply compassionate for Dawn. To their right on a stool sat a blank Li-Huei, taking it all in.

“Magically created?” Hank questioned dumbfounded, and seemingly trembling, as if forcefully keeping himself from standing up and running away. Willow and Tara had been explaining. They looked at each other, and Willow got up. She brought up her hands and a few minute later a few different color energy balls and a fire balls floated in air in the shape of a circle, and turned around. Hank looked at it in wide-eyed shock. Willow let the balls disappear, and sat back down. “And why did they think they had to hide this Key here?” Hank asked further, frowning as he tried to process it all.

Tara nodded her head which was a side bit a few times in preparation for her speech. Then she said, “Buffy is the Slayer, mystical chosen warrior endowed with greater strength, speed, agility, healing and warrior’s instincts to fight the forces of darkness.” She gave him a helpless smile. Hank looked over at his daughter taking her in with new eyes. She gave him a cool, short smile before she just looked at him.

“Did Joyce know?” Hank asked slowly.

Buffy nodded, and said, “She found out when I was in my Junior year. She also found out about Dawn, she loved her anyway.” Slink in a nice suggestion. Hank looked at the sobbing magically created sister to his daughter.

“But . . . why don’t I . . .?” Hank asked, clearly in pain. He didn’t know the sobbing girl, but he could see how much pain she was in, and that she was obviously loved by his daughter.

“We think, and we’re pretty certain,” Willow started, giving Tara a look, “that the monks didn’t have enough power. They gave us all, and everyone in Sunnydale, from classmates to more, from people in LA before the move, to people who moved to LA before Dawn got here fake memories, they magically forged documents, birth certificate, computer records, etc. That takes a lot of power, they managed to do this area, and perhaps large parts of the US, but then they ran out of power.”

“With you being in Europe at the time,” Tara elaborated, and everyone looked at her, starting to get the idea even without her explaining. “We took the liberty to make a few cursory magic scans of your brain, Mr. Summers, nothing invasive, just checking magical tampering. They didn’t have enough power left to even give you false memories individually, and yet they couldn’t have you show up in Sunnydale, be surprised at Dawn and give her identity away to Glory or her minions. They did have enough left for several magically enhanced hypnotic suggestions: your daughter is not important, forget her, you have fulfillment here, your ex-wife you don’t need to look up, stay put whatever happens, you will feel pain if you love your daughter - those sort of things.”

Xander looked darkly, so did Li-Huei, and Hank, who muttered, “Those bastards.”

“If you allow us,” Willow added with a depressed smile. “We can remove the magic, that way you can be here without trembling, without the pains.” Hank nodded, and Tara moved over to him, and placed her hands on either side of his head. As she let them glow, Willow continued, “I must add, Mr. Summers, it’s a pleasure meeting you. You loved your daughter so much, that once you were reminded of her you defeated several powerful magical manipulations of your mind. That is incredible . . . my mom and dad . . . well, I doubt they even know I have a girlfriend, they never cared much, Tara’s parents mentally abused her to the point of making her believe she was a sick, twisted demon, and Xander’s parents physically abused him . . . well, Buffy should consider herself lucky with two such awesome parents.”

Hank smiled at the compliment as Tara’s hands stopped glowing. She smiled at him and said, “There it should be all done, you still feel lingering pain and urges to leave?” Hank shook his head as he tested out his body, and then looked over to his daughter - or daughters. “Good, Willow is right, you must love Buffy very much for being able to break the suggestions.”

Anya looked at Hank looking at Buffy, and she whispered to Xander, “He’s taking this remarkably well, isn’t he?”

Xander nodded, and whispered in return, “Or he’s in shock, and the big meltdown comes later . . . or he’s holding himself strong for his daughters, and . . .”

“. . . and the big meltdown comes when he’s alone,” Anya added softly.

Hank looked around the room, and said, “You can all call me ‘Hank’, Mr. Summers is not necessary for friends of my daughter . . . sss.” He added the last ‘s’ sound with a little guilt, especially when he heart Dawn’s slightly elevated sound. He looked back at Dawn, just Dawn this time, and he came to a decision, seeing the tear-stained angelic face of the brunette. “Dawn,” Hank called gently, and the beautiful crying girl looked up from her sister. “As far as I am concerned, I came here looking for a daughter, and found two. I may not have any memories of you, but I’d like to make new ones.”

Dawn’s eyes widened with hope, and she asked, “You mean that?” Hank nodded, and held out his hands. Dawn smiled and got off of Buffy’s lap, and then was enveloped in her father’s hug. Buffy looked annoyed at the spectacle.

“You know,” Tara said with a thoughtful look, “using Dawn’s and Buffy’s memories - multiple viewpoints make it more complete - we could probably give you, Hank, memories of Dawn. You’d have two sets then, one without Dawn, one with Dawn, if you’d like that.”

Hank looked at her, and Dawn looked with hope. He then looked at his newfound daughter, smiled, and said, “I’d like that.”

“Will take us a few days to prepare,” Willow said with a smile. “Doing stuff with a mind like that is delicate work.” Tara nodded.

Li got up rather resolutely and walked over to the kitchen. Dawn looked at him go with trepidation in her eyes. Anya suddenly got up and followed the young man.

“So what crawled up your cute butt?” Anya asked Li-Huei when she entered the kitchen and watched him leaning against the counter. Li looked over startled, and then shook his head and looked away. “Well, I supposed it’s Dawn’s origin, I suppose,” Anya asked him.

“Part of it,” Li-Huei said, and then sighed. “I mean, who is she? Key, Dawn?”

Anya smiled, and answered him, “I’m an ex-vengeance demon, Xander is a Saiyan, you’re a Human. Does it matter? Does it matter if Dawn came on this world through the magic of magic, or through the magic of sex, impregnation, and birth? She’s real now: a real girl, with real feelings, with a real relationship, with a real guy, with real sex.”

Li-Huei looked at the smiling young woman in front of him. Dawn had pretty much told him Anya was someone who just blurted out everything that came to mind, and from what he had experienced with her that was true. Just because she blurted everything, didn’t mean she was stupid, obviously. “Yeah, I guess you’re right, but why didn’t she tell sooner?” he asked Anya with a hurt look. “It isn’t like she kept everything else from me.”

“Now that, is something you should ask her. I suggest bringing her to orgasm first, would make her more talkative, and she’d be more reassured,” Anya suggested genuinely. Li-Huei looked at the woman in disbelief, and then shook his head. He wondered why he had yet to get used to her directness.

When they returned, he found Dawn sitting on the stairs, not really crying anymore, but definitely very sad. He squatted down with her, nervous. “Why didn’t you say earlier?” Li asked painfully.

Dawn shrugged, and said softly, “I didn’t want everything to drop on you all at once, I wanted you to have the time to process the rest first; I was afraid you’d leave me.” Li looked at her, she returned his gaze, and she added, “And I guess I wanted a boyfriend who didn’t know, one who just saw the girl, not the mystical crap, not wondering if this is me, or some monks’ idea of how a girl should be.” They looked at each other, deeply, and Dawn asked, “Forgive me?” Li slowly smiled and nodded, then moved his right hand through her hair. He pulled her closer and gave her a deep passionate kiss.

“So,” Hank Summers stated looking at the two finishing their kiss, “has someone determined that boy’s intentions toward my daughter yet?”

Xander grinned and answered, “Yes, sir, that was me, and they are honorable. It’s his Japanese upbringing.”

“Yep,” Li-Huei piped up, grinning almost evilly. “My dad told me to knock her up good, marry her before she’s seventeen and give him and mom lots of grandchildren. Japanese honor.” Dawn gasped, and the others looked at him. “He was joking at the time, but still . . .” Dawn giggled, and then Anya joined in, and Xander chuckled.

“That’s not funny,” Buffy said, folding her arms across her chest.


Buffy was in the kitchen, and Hank entered. “Buffy,” he said slowly. Buffy turned around and saw the haunted look in his eyes. Perhaps all this had been a bigger blow to him than she had first suspected. “I know it’s far too late, but I want to stay here, take care of my girl - girls. I can probably get a job here, and . . .”

“You will not live in this house,” Buffy stated resolutely. Her father looked stricken at her, and surprised too at the force and adult tone behind it. “You’re right, you’re far too late. This household is functional, dad. We’ve had some rough times, but everything turned out fine. I know the social services inspector had a few doubts here and there, but the last time he was here he was all glowy again. Everything is settled, stabilized some; I can’t take in a few-year-absent father, even if it isn’t your fault. I still missed you the times /before/ there were any monks messing with your mind.” Hank looked at her with pain in his eyes, Buffy knew he wished to protest, but he wisely kept his mouth closed. Buffy continued, “I /know/ you were overseas, and at work, and you can’t be everywhere at the same time. As Willow and Tara pointed out, only thrice, or even twice was your fault alone, but you did send me cards and presents. Compare that with their parents . . .” Buffy indicated the living room, meaning about all of them. Her father looked down. “I have to think of Dawn, and I know having you suddenly come into this house is bad. She looks up to Willow and Tara as somewhat surrogate mothers, friends too, I’ve given them the authority to handle Dawn, punish them even, when I can’t be here; you suddenly barging in here can’t be good,” Buffy explained taking a deep breath. “You being as completely absent though as in the last few years isn’t good either, Dawn definitely wants her father, even if you don’t have memories of her yet, and that seems soon to be remedied, so . . .” Hank looked up again, and looked at his daughter, now very much his daughter now the motherly duties were out of the way. She walked over a bit, and said, “If you can get a house or an apartment in Sunnydale, preferably close by, dad.”

Daughter and father hugged each other close then, Buffy fighting to hold back the tears. She felt her father give her a kiss on the top of her head, and then he said, “I’m so very proud of you, Buffy.” Her father gave a sob, and tears came from his eyes. “You’ve done incredible, more then any one father could ever expect, I love you.”

“I’ve screwed up too, dad, very badly,” Buffy told him, after the last year not feeling like she deserved such praise. Without her friends . . . she didn’t even want to think what would have happened then.

“Doesn’t matter,” Hank told her with a smile.

Slowly Buffy disentangled herself and removed some tears from her eye sockets. “One hug, one ‘I’m proud’ and one ‘I love you’ doesn’t make everything just better,” Buffy said with mixed feelings.

“I know, I know,” her father said.

“Until you get an apartment though, you’re welcome to the guestroom, but you don’t have indefinitely,” Buffy told him and then steeled herself. As he nodded, she walked back to the living room. Before she went fully inside, she said, “I’m glad you’re here, don’t screw up with Dawn, most of those bridges are still standing. However much she likes to think she’s grown up, she’s still a kid, and her father is still her daddy.” Buffy then walked onward.


Days later

Just after noon

Summer vacation having started, Dawn watched Li-Huei go, smiling. She went back into the house, finding her friends and family and even her father in the living room. She was still blown away at having him here. He now had memories of her, found a part-time job in Sunnydale, but was still looking for an apartment or house. She had heard from Tara that her seeming-easily-handling-things father had melted down when she and Buffy had been out shopping, but that was alright. She smiled sneakily, this was going to be it.

“Buffy,” Dawn prompted, and he slayer made an acknowledging sound. Dawn grabbed a chair, stayed standing, and looked around the room. Xander - just finished with his training - was reading a newspaper, and her father had the other half. “I’m going to be sixteen tomorrow, and Li and I have been talking.”

“Oh,” her sister added, making everyone else present look up at her. Xander’s internship was over, but Anya still ran her magic shop, so she was absent. The two witches looked expectantly.

“Yes,” Dawn confirmed, nodding her head at the sister sitting across from where she was standing. “We both wanted to go on vacation together, and both of us sought backpacking across Europe would be awesome . . .”

“You’re /not/ going to Europe all alone,” Buffy told her with command. Their father obviously agreed.

“I won’t be alone, Li’s with me,” Dawn argued.

“You know what I mean,” Buffy returned.

Dawn sighed impetuously, and said, “But I can catch bullets with by bare hands, what could possibly happen?”

“Plenty of other things,” Buffy answered somewhat irritated.

“Ok, fine, no Europe,” Dawn agreed, “but can we go somewhere closer then? Like, oh, say, Las Vegas?” Tara’s eyes widened and looked over to Dawn with big eyes. “That way we’ll never be out of range, anything happening and you’ll be able to help us in no time!”

“Okay,” Xander answered, making everyone look startled at him, then Dawn looking hopeful.

“Ah, Xander, exactly since when is your name ‘Summers’?” Buffy asked him somewhat annoyed.

“Dawn, could you leave us, so I can have a talk with your sister?” Xander asked, and Dawn nodded quickly and flew up the stairs. Buffy folded her arms across her chest, and looked at Xander with an expectant look. Hank summers looked equally contrite. “Dawn, no listening in!” Xander called upstairs. There were some footsteps and the door closed. “Dawn, I have a sixth sense remember?” Everyone now looked upstairs where there was a wining sound and the door opening and closing. “Good, she can’t hear anymore. Do you know where Harmony is?”

They all looked confused, Hank more than all the others at Xander. “No, I was kind of preoccupied, but what has /that/ got to do with anything?” Buffy asked fed up. Xander handed her the paper and pointed at something.

Buffy read the text, and noticed the relevant part, ‘Las Vegas crime rate more than halved.’

“Harmony’s in Las Vegas, she runs the place. She made a deal with me, she gets to live there, but no human gets harmed, not by demons, not by organized crime; and she isn’t dusted. As you can see, she’s held her end of the bargain,” Xander said with a grin, and everyone looked surprised. Willow took the paper from Buffy, and read herself.

“You’ve got to be kidding me; Harmony? Stupid, useless Harmony runs Las Vegas?” Buffy questioned in disbelief.

Xander shrugged, “Don’t ask me how she managed it, all I know is, she /did/ somehow. But you do see the benefit don’t you? Dawn wants to go to Las Vegas, where she’s completely safe, because Harmony will keep an eye on her if she wishes to continue unliving. It’s like Dawn and Li will set up a tent in the backyard and consider that their vacation.”

“She’s only sixteen,” Hank summers commented.

“Dad,” Buffy admonished him, and then said, “She’s only sixteen.”

“She’s /already/ sixteen, you mean. At her age we were battling the Master and Angelus; in some countries kids are going to night clubs at fourteen, their first vacation with only friends at that age, or at fifteen. You were just seventeen when you lived in LA for the whole summer vacation. Dawn’s growing up, she can handle herself; better let her learn now, let her make mistakes now and learn from them, instead of by the time you can’t bail her out of trouble anymore,” Xander pointed out with a smile.

“X-Xander’s got a point, actually,” Tara said, a little nervous at Buffy’s obviously growing temper. The Slayer looked over at Tara and narrowed her eyes.

Buffy looked back at Xander, and said, “A group of friends is one thing, but her boyfriend, and /only/ her boyfriend.”

Xander answered her seriously, “Yes, she and Li might consummate their relationship, but would you rather she do it in a beautiful bed in a clean room in a hotel after a romantic diner, or in the backseat of a car, or perhaps in a dirty cockroach-filled motel room?”

Buffy sighed; Xander made a /real/ good point. Yes, Buffy wished Dawn would wait much longer with sex than she did, but like she had realized already a year before, there was no way she could control that - she gave a quick glance at the condom-filled bowl on the mantel of the fireplace. “Yeah, I think I can live with Dawn and Li going to Las Vegas,” Buffy answered half defeated.

“Are you serious?” her father questioned.

“Yes, I am,” Buffy answered and looked directly in his eyes. “Are you questioning my authority? Even my custody of Dawn?” Buffy’s eyes pierced her father’s directly; a tiny tug of wills ensuing. Buffy had made very clear, even without saying a thing, that she would battle her father through every court, and him being absent after Joyce’s death, and her having provided a good home for Dawn in that same time, he really didn’t stand much of a chance. Hank sagged, knowing himself how well Buffy had done till now.

“Dawn!” Buffy yelled loudly. A few moments later the teen came down the stairs. “You can go, on one condition; you will take with you a cell phone, and have it with you at /all/ times, so I can call and check up on you at /all/ times.” Hank seemed to approve.

Dawn nodded enthusiastically and said, “Absolutely, sure, no problem. Thank you, Xander. Can I go call Li and tell him?” Buffy nodded, and Dawn disappeared back up the stairs; now only Li’s parents were left to convince.

Buffy frowned, and realized she was going to have to buy Dawn a cell phone, and said, “That wasn’t a burden, that was a reward, wasn’t it?” Willow shrugged, and Buffy sighed.


Three days later Dawn was packed, and most of her luggage was already in Li’s car. While Li was outside waiting, Dawn went over to the bowl on the mantel and pulled out a good number of condoms and stuffed them in her purse. The cell phone in her purse rang. She got it out, and turned it on as she turned around. “Hello?” she said in the phone seeing Buffy standing there holding the phone with a questioning, and annoyed look.

“Just checking if it works,” Buffy said in the phone, then hung up. She looked at Dawn’s purse as the teen put her new phone in it.

Dawn noticed where Buffy was looking and smiled innocently. “Just in case, you know,” she said and walked to the door.

“Why do I feel like I’ve been had?” Buffy muttered before joining Dawn at the door to wave her goodbye.


“Woow!” Dawn yelled - throwing her hands in the air - as they left Sunnydale for the open road. “I can’t believe we get to go.”

“I can’t believe it either, your sister is so awesome!” Li said, casually driving.

“Well,” Dawn said sexily. “Seeing as I’m only just sixteen, and won’t get driver’s ed until next school year, I guess this means my boyfriend is the real man behind the wheel for this trip.”

“Yep, that’s me, man behind the wheel, two hundred and sixty miles to Las Vegas. Depending on how often and how long we stop, how often you have to use the bathroom, we’ll be there anywhere between four hours, and eight hours,” he said with a grin.

Dawn leaned back against the seat of the Ford, and grinned, “You and me, Li, boyfriend and girlfriend, on vacation together, and no one else.”

Li smirked, and said, “Dawn, that’s the tenth time you said that since we left your house, and about the three-thousandth time in the past week or so. I /know/ already.” Dawn grinned and leaned over to give him a kiss, the seat belt making things difficult. “Dawn, _no_! Not while I’m driving,” he ordered, Dawn pouted. “No,” he repeated.

Dawn leaned back in the seat again, and said, “I like it when you’re all man like that.”

He looked over and asked, “Is that the way to talk for a feminist?”

“Do I look like I care? Besides, whoever said I was a feminist?” Dawn asked Li with a provocative grin.

“You can lift this car over your head,” Li pointed out.

“That makes me strong, not a feminist,” Dawn pointed out with a smirk.

Li looked over, grinned and said, “Well, if you’re not a feminist, you won’t mind if I pull this car over and give you a good spanking, right?”

“Hey!” Dawn said, smiling as she pulled back as far as she could go from the dangerous look in his eyes. “I’m a feminist! I’m a feminist! Just don’t confuse me with the ball-busting, men-belong-in-cages kind, okay? Equality here. I’m the kind who actually likes men, not just as boyfriend material. I’d be one evil bitch if I wasn’t, with Xander as a role model and all.”

“Deal, now let me drive, no kissing while in the car,” Li told her, and she smiled with relief.


They entered the Tropicana lobby, their luggage rolling in behind them. After the preliminaries a bellboy lead them to their room. “Here it is, sir, ma’am,” the man said, holding the door open for them. They were on the fourth floor, and Dawn and Li gave each other look. They entered the room, and they gasped. The room was big, it was not only big, but in the middle was a four poster heart-shaped bed. They’d gotten the honeymoon suite.

“Uh, there must be some mistake, we’re still in highschool, we can’t afford this,” Li said in shock at the spacious place.

“Oh, no, sir, compliments of the house. The owner requested you two visit once you’ve settled in, just call room service and I’ll come pick you up to lead you to her,” the man said, nodded his head and then left before they could even think about giving him a tip.

“What the . . .?” Dawn muttered in shock.

“You don’t think they think we’re mob bosses undercover or something, do you? Mistaken identity?” Li asked his girlfriend nervously.

Dawn looked at him for a moment, and then shook her head. Then she said, “Whatever it is, we can handle it. Bulletproof girl here, right?”

“Right,” Li muttered in confusion.

“Uhm, why did you choose this hotel again?” Dawn asked a little perturbed.

Li looked at her, and said, “Xander recommended it to me.” Dawn frowned in confusion, and a hint of suspicion.


Three quarters of an hour later their bellboy led them to a double door, and gestured. “You may enter whenever you wish,” the man said, and then left. The two teens gave each other a look, looked around the green-carpeted hallway, then at each other. They shrugged and pushed open the doors, entering a spacious, luxury suite, which had everything; it was more an apartment then a suite. They walked onward until they reached halfway to the living room, allowing them to see the side walls and the doors leading to other rooms. A vamped out blonde entered from the right; dressed in a sexy neglige, and having a trickle of blood on one mouth corner which she scooped up with her right index finger and then sucked clean.

“Hi, guys, glad you could make it,” Harmony greeted them; both Dawn and Li looked with dropped jaws. “What is it?” she asked looking around.

“HARMONY!” Dawn screamed, and immediately brought her hands up and charged a ball of energy. She fired it, and Harmony jumped screeching with fright and panic. “I’m gonna dust you, you little bitch!” Dawn growled, as Li went into his own fight stance.

“What, why!?” Harmony yelled in fear from behind a couch, peaking over.

“You’re a vampire! And you’re supposed to be in Sunnydale or dust city!” Dawn said firing another energy blast, destroying the couch.

“WAIT!” Harmony screamed out, diving behind a bigger couch, and then started an impressive imitation of rapid Willow babble, “I’m here with Xander’s blessing! We have a deal! I keep every human safe from all demons and everyone else under me, and I’m not dust!”

“What do you mean: under you!?” Dawn said, getting an inkling on why Xander was so quick and easy on letting her get to Las Vegas.

Harmony nodded quickly, “I rule all of Las Vegas, I’m Queen H. I even pay him five million a year! Please don’t kill me!”

“FIVE MILLION!?” Li gasped out in shock, and then he looked at Dawn.

“I haven’t seen a dime,” she said and then slumped, saying, “Now I understand why he would let me go here so easily and convince Buffy. As long as we’re here, no demon or whatever is going to come after us. With stupid in charge here, we’re utterly and completely safe. Did he tell you to spy on us!?”

Harmony shook her head, carefully standing back up. “No, just make extra sure you’re safe, whatever you want to do, you can do as long as it doesn’t break the law. You won’t be followed or anything if that’s what you mean,” Harmony looked fearfully at the two. “You’re not going to kill me?”

“What was with the blood? You didn’t break the deal, did you?” Li asked, having a keen memory of the finger sucking event.

“My girlfriend’s! She gets off on that stuff! Maxine, you know? Spike’s former girl? I don’t /actually/ hurt her,” Harmony whimpered quickly. “She’s still chained in there, the way she likes it, if you want to go ch- . . . actually, you’re sixteen, better not go in there. Xander would dust me if he found out you got to see that scene.”

Li and Dawn looked at each other and made disgusted faces. “One last thing; five million dollars? Is Xander keeping it all to himself?”

Harmony relaxed a bit, and said, “I’m guessing the first few payments he did, paying the wedding, the honeymoon, and the house - is it a nice house?” Li and Dawn glared at her in boy/girlfriend sync. “But you know, Xander, Mister Boy Scout, he probably set up a trust fund or something for the rest of you. You probably won’t get access to it until you’re an adult or really, really need it, like college tuition - you know big surprise birthday gifts for you?”

“He /would/ do something like that,” Dawn sighed in annoyance. “All right, Harmony, you keep the hell out of our way and don’t annoy us, or I swear, deal or no deal, you’re dust.”

Harmony swallowed deeply and nodded, “You won’t even know I’m here . . .”

“We already do!” Li pointed out.

The vampiress shrank back, and said, “You know what I mean.”


Back in their room, Dawn decided to forget about the whole Harmony business, and get her and Li’s mind on more pleasant things; like sex. After putting on a tight shirt that left her midriff bare, a short skirt, and a pair of high heels she returned to the main part of the suite. Li was sitting on the bed, and was stunned as Dawn coyly entered the bedroom from the bathroom. She leaned against the doorframe for a moment and then swaying her hips she walked over to him, saying, “So, what do you think we should do tonight? Read a book?” Dawn stood in front of Li now, and slowly let herself slide down in his lap, her knees on the bed, and her body against his, eyes peering into her eyes. “Get our bathing suits and go to the pool? See if we can manage to get into gambling? Walk around LA and get some ice cream?” She then pushed herself against him and kissed him deeply and suggestively. “Have sex?”

Li’s hands wrapped around Dawn’s back, hugging her close he said, “I spent most of the day driving, I’m tired; so walking and gambling, not so much. Lying motionless in a pool sounds nice; and the last one, if you do the work - I could definitely do with a nice relaxing blowjob.”

Dawn let her hand caress his chest, and said huskily, “I was more thinking we take this to the next step - we’ve done enough with our hands and mouths if you ask me - and go all the way. This is Nevada, legal age sixteen, no one can get us on some perceived breaking of some weird law.”

“Uh, Dawn, I’m not really ready for that, I think,” Li-Huei answered her a little nervous.

Dawn smiled kissed him in his neck, let her tongue lick for a moment, and said, “You’re that tired, huh? You certain there’s no way to replenish your energy reserves.”

“Not like that, Dawn, I’m not ready ready,” Li clarified nervously.

Dawn jerked back and asked, “Are you serious?” Li just looked at her. “I thought you guys all wanted to jump the girls on the first date.”

“No, not all guys want that. And you don’t have to do anything in order- . . .” Li started concerned for his girlfriend, wondering if he made her think.

“No, no!” Dawn interrupted him, and looked him deep in the eyes. “This not some idea of obligation, Li, I love you, I want you, I’ve been fantasizing about having you completely for weeks . . . months? I /want/ to have sex with you, badly!”

“I’m flattered, Dawn, but . . . I don’t think I’m ready for that,” Li answered her sagely.

“Wow, well, I’m not going to pressure you into anything, you can have all the time you need to get ready . . . just be ready by midnight,” Dawn told him, and Li looked at her an odd look. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding, if you’re not ready, I’ll wait and make do with my fingers, your fingers and your mouth till you are.”

Li grinned, “I guess it’s to the pool tonight, huh?” Dawn nodded.


Dawn looked at herself in the mirror a short time later. Her yellow bikini top showed off her cleavage nicely. She turned around and took her naked ass cheeks in her hands and squeezed them for a moment: nice and firm and soft. The yellow g-string bikini bottom left nothing to the imagination. She turned around and examined it up front. She moved her hand over the crotch area, and grinned: very tight indeed, she wondered what it would look like soaked with water. Li would soon find out. She checked out her muscular, but smooth legs. Yep, perfect. Just because she wasn’t going to pressure Li into having sex with her, didn’t mean she couldn’t show off what he was missing in order to /get/ him ready. She grabbed a robe and put it on, then took a towel with her. In the room she found Li in nothing but boxer swimming trunks, just starting to put on his robe. She licked her lips at his muscular frame, and realized again how lucky she was; she did not only have the guy she was in love with, but he had a fantasy body to match, a rare combination indeed.

“Coming?” she asked with a smile. Li nodded.

A few minutes later they found the hotel pool, which was mostly empty, it being night. There was just one other older couple enjoying the water. Li took off his robe first and enthusiastically jumped into the water. “Come on, Dawn!” he urged his girlfriend.

Dawn grinned at him. She placed her towel on an empty relaxation seat, and then turned slightly away from Li. She untied her robe, and then slowly and teasingly let it glide down her arms. Once it was off, she bent slightly through her knees, pushing her ass out as she brought the robe to her front and placed it next to the towel on the cushioned seat. She then slowly turned around, and looked at the water with a pout, incidentally giving her the opportunity to take in Li-Huei’s stunned face. Oh, yes, that had definitely worked. “Is the water cold?” she asked.

“Uh, no, not at all,” Li managed taking in his girlfriend standing seemingly hesitantly at the pool.

Slowly and carefully Dawn put her right toes in the water, and then her entire foot, onto a first step of a few leading deeper into the pool. *Oh, yeah, women are /so/ scared of cold water,* Dawn thought evilly as she kept up her hesitant pout. She added the other foot gently, and then slowly turned right as she put her first foot a step lower. Thus she very seductively swayed her body bit by bit into the water. She hesitated a bit longer when she was about to let her crotch and bikini bottom sink into the pool’s wetness.

“Come on, Dawn!” Li encouraged and then splashed some water her way. “We don’t have all night.”

“Hey! Hey! Watch it, that’s cold!” Dawn exclaimed and grinned inwardly, *Thank you, look at all that water now glistening as it flows along my body.* She took another step and then let her pelvis and hips sink into the water, darkening the yellow. She shivered a bit for show, and then let the rest of her body sink down as she sped up the last part, making sure the water reached just halfway her breasts. Only then did she go horizontal and swim over to Li. whose pupils were dilated quite some. *Perfect,* Dawn thought with a grin. She slung her arms around his neck and pressed her body against his, then kissed him deeply. Once she broke the kiss she told him, “I love you, Li-Huei.”

“Ah, I love you too,” Li returned, and then felt Dawn’s pelvis press against his, and he blushed.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” Dawn commented upon feeling his very present bulge. “I’m very flattered,” Dawn added hotly, and then thought to herself, *Oh, yes, Li, don’t you worry one little bit. I’ll have you so ready soon you’ll jump and ravish /any/ woman to relieve yourself, and I’ll make certain I’ll be the only one around when that happens.*


Li gave a sigh as he finished orgasming, and lay back. He watched Dawn get a towel and clean his stomach and penis. “Damn, you’re good with your hands,” Li said with amazement.

Dawn grinned as she tossed the towel aside, and said, “So are you, baby.” She gave her pelvis a pat indicating his ministrations earlier, then she snuggled her naked body against his. She give him a kiss on his cheek, and asked, “Are we going to have fun this vacation?”

“Lots,” he told her with a grin. “Oh, that was quite a nice show you pulled off earlier; you should think about becoming an actress.”

“Huh!?” Dawn said confused.

He gave her a kiss on her forehead, and said, “If you were cold, you could simply have warmed yourself with you chi, and the water around you along with it.” He grinned.

Dawn groaned, and said, “Great, two guys in the world who have a brain other than the one in their penises, and I’m the one stuck with one. I should go to a feminist convention and tell them it’s way overrated.” Li grinned more and kissed her deeply. When he broke it, Dawn said, “Wait, if you knew, how come . . .?”

“Just because I know what you’re doing, doesn’t mean you don’t look hot doing it,” Li-Huei answered with a grin. Dawn slumped her head on his shoulder, groaned and shook her head.

“I love you,” she then murmured.

“Love you too,” he added.


Two days later Dawn was frustrated. They had had lots of fun, but not that /one/ fun that Dawn had set her mind on. They were in their room, and it was time to get some answers. “Li,” Dawn said gently, turning the volume on the tv down. The couch was comfortable, and Dawn hoped it wasn’t too comfortable. “You said you didn’t feel ready for sex, full on intercourse that is.”

“Yes,” Li answered, nervously and Dawn could say it plainly.

“I’m not pressuring you, or anything,” Dawn quickly said to reassure him, “if you don’t want to answer, you don’t have to, but I would like to know /why/ you feel you’re not ready. It isn’t me, right?”

“Oh, no, no! You’re perfect, Dawn, you’re great, you’re not it, well . . .” Li said, and wished he hadn’t let that last word slip out.

Dawn felt a panic come up in her, and prompted with a whimper, “Well?”

“It’s me, you, all of this,” Li answered quickly and saw the look in Dawn’s eyes grow more fearful. “Not like your thinking, not like that, it’s just that . . . you’re so powerful, and beautiful, and . . . well, look at me. I’m but a lowly mortal . . .”

“Don’t say that,” Dawn said, a mixture of fear and anger in her voice, as she put her fingers to his lips to gesture for him to stop. “You’re just like me. I’m no more stronger than you, than you are to Janice; untrained. If you wanted to, you could equal, and probably surpass me; it’s all a matter of more training.”

“But, Key,” Li added.

“No,” Dawn said resolutely, shaking her head, tears in her eyes. “I’m no longer the Key, and even if I was, using it would mean having to die. The Key’s power is drawn by cutting me open and letting the blood flow, got that?” Li-Huei looked perturbed, his blue-eyes twinkled with uncertainty and he nodded carefully. “Finally, Li, even if I /was/ still the key, and I had even more power, it wouldn’t matter. I want you, I love you, /all/ of you, how many cars you can crush with one punch doesn’t matter to me, okay?”

Li nodded, but said, “But, I feel like I hold you back or something, like you could do so much better without me; like you will resent me for it.”

Dawn snuggled against Li, and told him, “I will tell you this, and I will tell you this only once so pay attention, Li-Huei Kijimuta. You do not hold be back, in fact, you /can’t/ hold me back, even if you tried, because you know why? I won’t /let/ you hold me back. Plenty of couples out there where both parties equally, or one more then the other, have a career, or otherwise awesomely successful in life. Whether I’m physically stronger than you are, or the other way around, matters nothing. Got that?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

Dawn lifted her head, looking up at him, and asked, “Guess?”

“I’ll think about it, process it,” he answered her, giving her a kiss on her forehead.

Dawn nodded and put her head back on her shoulder. “You do that,” she said with a smile.


Dawn looked in the mirror. They had agreed to meet at the diner table. It had been a few days since the night of the confession. They had had even more massive amount of fun, true, but /still/ that /one/ fun she had set her mind on hadn’t yet occurred. All her seductive tricks had failed. So, this afternoon she found a reason to have some time alone so she could finish her one and final ultimate infallible seduction idea: tonight, she had vowed, /no/ man, not even a gay one, would be able to resist Dawn Summers.

For that purpose she had rented the dress; she didn’t have enough money to buy one after all. Two thin straps held the dress on her shoulder. It was cut low enough to show her cleavage, and given the straps, she was not wearing a bra. The dark green shiny material of the dress clung to /all/ curves; and without that bra, that made her breasts very obvious. The flare of her hips was beautifully framed, and her legs were shown off by the deep slit on either side. The dress reached to just below her knees. Underneath she wore black high heels, and black stockings. The slits were high enough, that under just the right circumstances the tops of her stocks could be seen, and that included the garters, which led up to a garter belt that was just around her waist. This was the first time Dawn wore something like that, and it made her feel . . . sexy - considering what she was planning, that was a good thing. Over the garters, she wore a small lacy, half see-through thong, that she knew - if Li got to see her without the dress on - would drive him wild. Her outfit was completed with dazzling earrings and necklace covered with jewels (too bad, Dawn thought, fake). She had let her hair be tied up and back at a hairdresser, then curling down widely, almost like a pony tail. It was just wide enough to frame her face and neck. Her makeup was impeccable: light green with pinkish eye shadow, her lashes extra black, just a little pink rouge on her cheeks, and she just finished putting deep red lipstick on her lips.

*If looks could . . . there better not be guy’s with weak hearts around,* Dawn thought, and gave herself a grin. She tried out a few poses to see which showed off the most of her body, and especially which poses showed off her tops and garters - those latter poses would have to be wielded with utmost care. Satisfied she was ready enough to seduce a whole carrier ship, she went out the door.


Li was there first, as planned. He just had his glass to his mouth, drinking something when Dawn made her entrance. Standing at the top of two steps that led to the dining floor, she surreptitiously called Li. He looked with his eyes, took in Dawn, and immediately coughed, trying to get the liquid now in his air pipe back. He sputtered some more, and slowly managed to get himself back under control. Dawn smiled as she gently went down the two steps, Li watching with a dropped jaw. *That’s right, Li, don’t fight it, just get rock hard, because you’ll be needing it soon, tonight we’re going to lose our virginities,* Dawn thought and reached the table with the quite some less-impressively-dressed Li. Dawn pulled her chair for the evening back, and sat down, bending at the waist, curving her ass. The dress fell away around her leg, the slit doing the work it was designed for: showing off her legs and the stockings and garter. She went to sit further, her chest lowered as she bent, allowing Li to just about look right at her breasts, except from above not from the front.

Once she sat down she smiled innocently at Li, which amazed him. How the little minx that thankfully was his girlfriend could smile so innocently while being guilty as sin was beyond him. The contrast turned him on immensely, feeling his pants constrict at his crotch.

Dawn saw the hot face of Li, saw how openly he was drinking her in, and it turn her on just as much. She shifted her position on the chair a bit, feeling herself grow moist. *I’m ready for this, so fucking ready,* Dawn thought, wanting her boyfriend of several months so badly, *perhaps a little /too/ ready, I hope the rentals don’t wonder too much about a possible stain there.*


The door to their hotel room slammed shut behind them. Li was heavily kissing Dawn, who let herself be pushed toward the heart-shaped bed as she desperately got Li out of his clothes. Dawn landed on the bed on her back, while Li grabbed the strap of her dress wanting to tug.

“Uh!” Dawn stopped him, much to both’s disappointment. “It’s a rental, have to be careful.”

Dawn got up and carefully slipped the dress off, while Li pulled off his own clothes. Once the dress was off, and Dawn put it carefully on a chair, he drank in her topless and gartered form. “God, I want you,” Li said, his straining erection a testament to that. They met on the bed, kissing and stroking and caressing wherever they could. When Dawn’s thong got a little caught in her garters, Li lost his patience and simply ripped it off.

Dawn squealed in shock, broke the kiss and looked at him again. Li looked at her with lust-filled eyes and she commented, “A real man’s need behind the wheel, needs to be serviced, eh?”

“Oh, yeah,” Li said and latched on her left breast, licking and kissing it, and slowly maneuvering to go between her legs.

“Mmh,” Dawn interrupted, a hand against his chest. “Condom,” she explained and hated that she had to get off the bed again. She grabbed her bag - damn, where had she put the condoms? Right. She ran over to a table and ripped open the drawer. A moment later she returned with several, dumping all but on a night stand. She tore open the packaging using her teeth as she went back onto the bed, and placed the condom on top of Li’s raging erection. Holding the tip, she couldn’t roll it down smoothly; too nervous and hasty, but she managed eventually. They kissed again, desperately, and Li rolled her on her back, and maneuvered in between her. He thought of something, and looked at her vagina, noticing it glistening with her juices; nope not necessary, Dawn was more then wet and ready enough already.

Before penetration, he looked deep in her eyes, and asked, “You’re really sure?”

“YES!” Dawn screamed out, “I’ve never been so sure in my life, I want you, damn it.”

“That settles that,” the sixteen-year-old returned and pushed inside. It was awkward, and it took some trying but eventually he slipped inside her wet confines, much to both their desires. He pushed in deeper, and hit her hymen. He looked deeply into her eyes, and saw the desire there, mixed in with a little fear. He decided to take the band-aid approach, and plunged in as deep as he could as fast as he could ripping her hymen. Dawn gave a painful squeal, and he halted once he was fully in side. He groaned and said, “God, that feels so good, all that soft, firm . . . damn, if it feels this good /with/ condom . . .”

Dawn had managed to calm her breathing, and come down from the quick but powerful burst of pain. “I’m good again, go for it,” she whispered hotly with Li on top of her. She didn’t exactly feel as wonderful as Li apparently felt, but she still felt good; not so much of the penetration but more the idea of having him inside her finally, and he enjoying it so much. Li nodded, and started thrusting, having a little difficulty, trying to find the right position. “Ouch!” Dawn called out, as he accidently put his weight on her right leg.

“Sorry,” he said, and maneuvered her leg wider, and repositioned himself then continued. He couldn’t believe he was doing this, he couldn’t believe how good he felt. He heard Dawn breathing harder, and gave something in between a whimper and a moan during his tenth thrust. That was it, that was all he needed. He didn’t know if it was a sound of pleasure; he was far too focused on their act to notice that, but it sounded incredibly erotic to him, and his young body reacting by climaxing. He groaned and moaned, managing to get out, “God . . . good, com- . . . ing! DAWN!”

Dawn was disappointed when he felt him lower on top of her. She hadn’t gotten anywhere close to her orgasm. She felt and heard him breathing hard, and asked, “Li?”

“Huh? . . . oh,” Li replied and pushed himself up, looking at the disappointed face of his girlfriend. “I’m so sorry . . . I . . .”

“No worries,” Dawn told him, and then broke into a smile, “apart from /that/ moment, I wasn’t in pain, and I certainly didn’t hate it.” Li looked sheepishly as he pulled off his filled condom, and looked around for the waist bin; it seriously need to be put closer the next time. “I know what you can do with your mouth and fingers,” Dawn thought out loud, and felt her smile grow involuntarily. Li looked at her. She continued, “I’ll bet by the time we finish with that, you’re ready to go a second time. We’ll take our time then, explore, you ok with that?” He grinned and nodded.


The mountain range outside of LA

The rock suddenly burst, shattered, sending remaining pebbles everywhere, and a hand shot up into the daylight. Almost immediately the hand started smoking and sizzling. Instantly the hand was pulled back down. Then, a much larger amount of rock exploded outward, the hand - in a fist now - once again resurfaced, this time enveloped by a white glow, and this time it did not smoke.

To Be Continued . . .

Find out who the hand belongs to, next time on Buffy Z: Episode 61: The Rising Tide of Death.

Author’s notes: Aah, the first episode of the new saga finished. A lovely slow one, with nothing much happening until the end to guide everyone into the explosive stuff. I hope you all like it, and stay tuned for the next episode. And oh, yeah! FEEEDBACK!!
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