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Summary: After Xander runs out on Anya he makes it further then expected

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Television > Wonderfalls
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TjinFR1321,0000124,67625 Mar 053 Apr 08Yes

Chapter 2

Xander smiled as he reached the Canadian border. ‘Bob’ had been… interesting, he was definitely related to Willy, but he was actually stranger than his Sunnydale sibling.

While his friends were more then a little strange in their own rights, Xander had happily spent a week hanging out in the diner listening to the stories the small group passed around.

It was actually Becker that had caught Xander’s attention, the Becka demon was one of the more ‘Human’ of the demon species, willing to interact and even live as one for most of their lives.

It was unfortunate they were so rare, they had once been one of the nastier species until a curse had stricken down the entire race with a genetic form of ‘Good Samaritan’ syndrome.

No matter how much they complained, they were always willing to help someone in need.

Smirking at the tough talking ‘Doctor,’ Xander took the exit declaring ‘Niagara Falls’

He hoped the gift shop had something that wasn’t too tacky so he could pick something up for Dawn and Willow.

Considering it a moment, Xander finally shrugged. “Actually I just hope I notice something that isn’t too tacky,” He declared before pulling up in front of a store declaring itself ‘Wonderfalls.’


“Be silent.”

Xander jerked before looking around franticly for whoever had spoken.

“I said stop talking, I’m not listening to you anymore. Don’t you understand, I’m happy now, I don’t want you ruining it.”

Following the hissing voice, Xander found a dark haired girl arguing with a toy armadillo.

Considering it for a moment, he moved up behind her. “Can I help you?” Xander said cautiously before noticing the uniform she was currently wearing.

“He won’t shut up,” She snarled before jerking around to stare at him in shock. “I-I-I mean…” she stuttered before squeezing the toy with all her might as she blushed in embarrassment.

Watching her for a second, Xander had to wonder if she was crazy and if so, whether he needed to report it to someone. “Sooo… what was it saying that got you that angry?” He finally asked.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t dealt with crazy before, thanks to Glorificus.

It seemed she would fight it for a second before sighing and giving the toy one final squeeze before walking over to the counter and picking up small action figure they had just started carrying the day before.

Pulling the money out of her pocket the store clerk stomped back to Xander and thrust the toy at him. “Here, he won’t shut up about it until I give you this.” She snarled before moving back to the register and the other customers that had started to line up.

Watching her in shock, Xander looked back down at the toy.

The small mounted action figure was dressed in armor and painted a bright white color, on the shield was a blooming willow tree before the rising sun.

Looking at the toy Xander glanced back at the cashier before sticking the object in his pocket and walking away with a curse.

Now he had to talk to Giles about talking toys, of all things.

The End

You have reached the end of "Say WHAT?". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking