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Summary: After Xander runs out on Anya he makes it further then expected

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Television > Wonderfalls
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TjinFR1321,0000124,67625 Mar 053 Apr 08Yes


(A/N)Had hoped for a whole long story to go on with this and it kinda died, if anyone wants to continue this please feel free to.


Okay I was writing away when this story popped up and decided to stick around.

I don't own Any of these Characters or there likeness, I am simply using them for the enjoyment of the reader (And so the Plot bunnies will leave me alone.)

After writing it I let it mellow for a few days before another MUCH larger plot bunny decided to join it.


It was the dead of night as Xander slowed the car on his approach of the City proper and stared in awe.

“Manhattan Island, I never thought I would make it this far.” He said quietly to himself before sinking back into depression “Wish Anya was here to see it.” He said and stared at the steering wheel.

The blaring of the cars behind him shocked him out of his internal musing of his failed marriage before he stomped on the gas to get through the green light.

“Let’s see, Willie said he had a brother around here somewhere.”

Over the yelled curses, honking cars and inane ramblings around him Xander heard the definite sound of a scream for help.

Cursing his internal ‘White Knight’ syndrome Xander shoved it in park and jumped from the car.

Following the sound of the struggle he walked between two buildings to see two men holding down a woman as the third sank down by her neck.

“Vampires” he cursed silently as he pulled the ever present stake from his back pocket and advanced on the trio.

Launching a kick like a field goal kicker at the First vampire Xander stabbed the stake at the back of the second.

Cursing as the stake was ripped away from his hand as the vampire twisted away from the source of pain.

Kicking out at the first Vampire again he tried to get close enough to the second to regain possession of the stake and finish the job.

Arms wrapping around him from behind warned that the odds of that would probably be slim.

An almost insane screech from behind him precipitated a heavy impact moments before the creatures arms let go of him to turn on the new threat.

Stepping into a spin kick to the second vampire jaw he tackled the down monster, ripping the stake out and replanting it in a far more effective position.

Spinning around he stabbed the third that was just rising from the downed woman before turning back to his savior and staring in shock at the object of his search.

“BOB WOULD REALLY LIKE IT IF YOU WOULD HELP BOB!” the man holding the thrashing Vampire screamed.



I Don't Own BtVS or Becker or Wonder Falls
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