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Titans Go!

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Teen Titans Sunnydale". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Buffy/Titans Comic : Buffy and Co dress up as superheroes for halloween.

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DC Universe > Teen TitansDarkElfFR1312,4401134,48911 May 0511 May 05Yes
Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or Teen Titans or anything much really.

Titans Together

Xander was pissed. Not only had Snyder “volunteered” him to lead a bunch of kids around for Halloween, but he had decided that all the volunteers had to dress as good role models, so he had chosen Superheroes. So now he was standing in a costume shop with Buffy and Willow trying to find a costume that wouldn’t break his budget for the rest of the month.

Buffy had found a costume for the current Wonder Girl who like her was a blonde valley girl and as Xander told her a current member of the Teen Titans. Buffy had also agreed that the skin tight pants and tank top like shirt would be a good way to get back at Snyder.

Willow on the other hand had to be convinced to wear one of the female heroe costumes since most of them consisted primarily of spandex. But the addition of a hooded cloak to the outfit convinced Willow to dress as the Half Demon Sorceress Raven. The hood also hid her hair well enough that she wouldn’t need a wig to pull it off.

But Xander was having some trouble. With his girls going as Titans, he figured he should go as one too. But the only ones he saw just weren’t for him. The Robin suit was too small. The Cyborg suit might fit him but he wasn’t black so he thought it might not work out too well. They also had a body suit designed for Beast Boy but he didn’t like painting his skin green. But then he saw it. He knew the character well for he had been reading the comics he was in for some time.

The costume was a red and gold body suit with a mask that was attached to the suit but left his lower face open and his hair open to wave free. The guys name was Bart Allen. But that wasn’t the name he was known as. He had been called Impulse. Now he was Kid Flash.

After staring at the costume for a few minutes and checking to see that the price was reasonable he bought it. Then he and the girls left the store.


Xander thought that things were going alright so far. He had picked up his kids from the high school and was just about ready to take them back now that they had circled a good portion of town. He turned them in the direction to take them back to the school and looked around to see if Willow or Buffy was near by, but he didn’t see them. He turned to tell his kids they were heading back when the power hit him. And it brought him to his knees.

You see speedsters like Kid Flash get their powers from a thing called the speed force. Now the speed force doesn’t connect to all dimensions. In fact it didn’t actually connect to that world. But a massive wave of chaos magic changed that.


Across town Buffy and Willow had met up and like Xander were taking their kids back to the high school when the power hit them. For Buffy it was the power bestowed by the might of Olympus. Combining with the power of the slayer she was now a force to be reckoned with.

Willow on the other hand felt only pain. For while Raven is a powerful magic user. Part of her power came from her father. Her father who was a lord of Hell, Trigon the Terrible. And now the her blood was changing to fit Raven’s. The gem on her forehead bonded with her now acting as her power focus. And the power of the soul self fused with the red headed girl. Needless to say, this all hurt.

When the power faded the two girls looked to each other and stared.



Kid Flash wasn’t sure where the hell he was, all he knew was that he was not in San Francisco anymore. He seemed to be in some small town. His first thought was to get back to the tower, so being the impulsive Kid Flash, he did. He first dashed to the coast, which was closer than he expected. Then he ran across the coastline till he found himself in San Fran. But it wasn’t the San Francisco he knew. For one it wasn’t nearly advanced enough. Another fact was that he saw the golden gate bridge, but there was no Titans Tower. Now he was worried. He looked to his belt, and was happy to see his communicator was there. (AN:The communicators came with the costumes. I figure if a pop gun can become a gun…)

“Calling any Titans, this is Kid Flash, can anyone here me?”

“Bart, this is Raven. What’s your situation?”

“Lost and confused. I just ran up to San Fran and there is no tower, and this is not our San Fran. For one the Pizza shop is gone.”

“I figured as much. Bart find something reflective and look at yourself.”

Kid Flash, turned to the window of a shop next to him and was surprised to see his normally red hair was a dark brown, and much shorter. He pulled his mask down and stared at the face that wasn’t his.

“Raven, what’s going on?”

“Not sure Bart, it seems like we have come to possess the body of several teenagers. Wonder Girl is still blonde but it is much shorter, and I seem to have red hair. Trace the communication line and get back here we will make a plan then.”

Before she had even finished the statement he was there.

“So what do we do?”

Raven was about to answer when someone else did.

“You Die.”

The three titans turned to see a huge horde of monsters being led by a guy who seemed to think he was Billy Idol. It was the Idol clone who shouted.

“I never thought I would get a chance like this, I mean when Dru told me someone was having fun tonight I was surprised but this was not what I was expecting.”

While he continued to rant the three titans were planning.

Raven looked to Kid Flash.

“All the little ones seem to be children under the effect of a spell. You get them somewhere safe.” She turned to Wonder Girl. “You take the leader, he seems to be focused on you. I’ll handle crowd control. Flash once you finish with the kids back me up. Ready.” Two nods followed. The looked to the group. The blonde seemed to have finished his rant.

“Titans GO!”


Spike set himself for the Slayers attack. He expected her to run at him or maybe try one of those flying kicks she did sometimes. The last thing he expected was for her to lift off the ground and fly straight at him. He was so surprised by this that he put up almost no resistance when she slammed into him, driving him back down the alley and finally into a brick wall. In fact he was so stunned that this attack knocked him out. Lucky for him Wonder Girl didn’t know she should have staked him or he would have been really beaten.


Kid Flash had the kids sequestered on a roof fast enough that he went down to help Raven before she really even got started. He took half the monsters and simply pummeled them faster than they could see. Raven was smashing hers with anything that came to mind, trash cans, dumpsters, mail boxes, each other. SO basically this whole thing lasted roughly two minutes.

When all was said and done, there were a lot of sore and sorry demons either lying unconscious or running away. The titans let them go.

“So with that over. Raven. What’s going on?”

“During the fight I detected to magical power centers. One is very large but seems to be mostly dormant at the moment. The other was smaller but was most definitely active. Bart, I want you to go through the town and keep the people out of trouble, Wonder Girl and I will go deal with the power center.”

“You got it boss lady.”

Raven and Wonder Girl flew off in the direction of Ethan’s store. And Kid Flash headed into the town in search of trouble.


The next day dawned like man y others in Xander’s opinion. Too bright and too early. It also started like most of his days. In the school library. Where they were telling Giles all about their night. When the story was finished Giles had damn near rubbed his lenses to nothing.

“So what did you retain from last night?”

Willow looked at him and waved a hand over her forehead where she had cast a minor spell to hide the charka that was still attached to her forehead. Then to emphasize her point even more she said several words, which caused her eyes to glow black and several objects around the room began to float into the air.

The glasses were about gone now.

Buffy floated into the air just to prove she could then she reached down and grabbed the edge of the table with one hand and lifted the whole thing into the air. She also tapped a finger against the bracelets on her wrists.

The lenses were history.

“And you Xander?” With an almost defeated tone now.

“Well some of my powers would be harder to demonstrate without either destroying my clothes but I can do this one.”

He grabbed a book of the shelf. Zipped thorugh it in less then a second. Then handed it to Giles.

“Pick a page.”

Giles randomly opened to a page and told Xander.

Xander then read word for word ever line on the page.

“Nice huh.”

Xander was about to continue when a cry came from the back entrance where Angel usually came from.

“You twerps have to help me.”

And from behind one of the racks, strode Starfire.

Xander looked up at this and then swore.

“Shit, Cordy. That you?”

“No its Kori’ander of Tamaran. Of course it me?”

Xander had moments before remembered he had seen Cordy in that outfit before leaving, complete with the orange body paint and wig. But now her eyes were also green and she seemed to be floating off the ground while she was screaming.

“Cordy, calm down. It isn’t a permanent fix, but I can make you a Holo Pin.”

“A what?” With the response made she returned to the floor.

“Something Cyborg showed to Kid Flash. I spent most of last night going through his memories, and with a photographic memory that is a lot of memories. And I remembered seeing Cyborg building one and I, I mean he, saw the plans, so I think I can build one. It wouldn’t be a permanent fix, but you could go to classes.”

“SO I would look normal?”


“When can you have it?”

“Probably tomorrow. So just have a seat. We were just trying to figure things out.”

With Cordy now seated at the table they returned to the question at hand. What to do? It was after another half hour of deliberation that Buffy got a wicked look in her eyes.

“I have a fun idea.”


The vamps were traveling in a pack. Not common, but also not uncommon in this town. They were wandering looking for a good meal, and that was when they spotted the group. To them it looked like a bunch of teens who thought Halloween was a day late. That was until one vanished. And in a puff of dust one of there own vanished.

And the group moved.

The one who had vanished returned to his spot on the ground, while the other three rose into the air. And one a girl wearing a dark cloak that covered some of her feminine form, shouted.

“Titans GO!”


Across town in a basement a young boy sat at a worktable assembling some metal parts and soldering them together. When he was done he set them on a stack where he had five more. He then stopped and looked across the desk. In just one night he had built five explosive disks, one expanding staff and five birdarangs. He had also built the belt to carry them. He turned and looked at the costume on the wall and knew that it wasn’t going to be enough. He already had a plan in mind for that. With the computer skills he had learned the night before, he had already hacked into several unlawful organizations and taken little bits of money away. He knew it was illegal but so were the people he was taking from and he was going to use that money to take them down. For he knew that last night the world had seen Robin. It would not be the last time.


In a bathroom in a small home a boy stared into a mirror at his now green skin. Something about the magic combining his DNA had left him stuck like this, much as Cordelia was stuck as Starfire though he didn’t know this. After a moment of staring he activated the power he was granted the night before and turned into a monkey. His costume which had somehow survived the change, he wasn’t asking how, changed with him and so a small green monkey sat on his bathroom counter.

“Well, at least this should make life interesting.”


And in his bedroom. A young black man sat at his computer staring at a design program he had found online. On that program was the schematics for a weapon. A weapon that fired visible sound energy. In a notebook next to him were the designs for other things as well. An electronic eye that worked as well or better than a human one, mechanical limbs that were exceptionally powerful, and a power cell that could run the whole thing by itself for over a year. For one night he had been a powerful man machine, now he was going to see what he could do with the knowledge he was left.


And in some kind of extra-dimensional space pocket, a dark figure looked at the chaos he had caused and laughed. Long and Loud. He was quite proud of himself. He had brought superheroes to a world that wasn’t supposed to have them. And with the addition of these, he knew others would come.

“Take that Powers, no one can underestimate chaos.”

And with those words, he returned to his laughing.

The End

You have reached the end of "Titans Go!". This story is complete.

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