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New Dark Knights

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Summary: A lot has changed in the years since the fall of Sunnydale, Xander Harris included. Bruce Wayne has left a legacy that cannot be ignored, and Xander, entirely willing or not, has stepped into Batman’s shoes.

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DC Universe > Batman > Xander-CenteredKeiFR1522,68911211,11821 Jun 0520 Oct 05No

New Dark Knights

AN: Just a little something wanted to start to get out
of my head. I haven't seen many Batman crossovers-
thought it seemed to fit. More to come of course,
especially once ToT is finished. My apologies for the
title if its been done.

Any comments would, as always, be greatly appreciated.

Timeline: This is pretty much based off of the *concept*
of Batman. The universal basics of all the versions apply
(Bruce Wayne is Batman, etc.) but let's ignore the
particulars. This isn't directly from the comics or the
movies, though I did watch the animated versions a lot.

*********** New Dark Knights: Prologue *************

Xander liked Gotham. It made him feel like a villain in
a film noir movie. The trench coat and violent street
crime helped. He jammed his hands into his pockets as he
strolled down a dark alleyway. People in Gotham tended to
ignore you if you looked like you could take care of
yourself, or others, and a scowling one eyed man dressed
in black was usually deemed pretty damned competent.

Xander liked that too.

He didn’t look around him as he walked, though the
rustling and whispering of fabric told him he was being
watched. They were just humans though- strays and thugs,
but everyone had a pulse and the same fragile claim on
life that he held. Xander wasn’t worried. Especially
because he usually wore a bulletproof vest on under his
charcoal gray sweater.

It was starting to drizzle when he walked out of the alley
and onto the main street drag. Growing cold like it never
did in Sunnydale. He ran a hand through curling hair and
after an impatient movement, tied his hair back. Even
in the streetlights he knew that the jagged scar on the
same cheek as his eye patch was an eyesore in and of
itself. A little memento from his last apocalypse with
the gang.

Cordelia’s inner sense of beauty would have been horrified.
After so many years of Buffy and Angel she’d gotten used
to the horror. It wouldn’t have been the scar she’d
minded, simply the fact that he’d been stupid enough to
get it on an already “accessorized” cheek. ‘Xander,
really, I mean I know you have no fashion sense, but
even you’re not brain dead enough to notice that you
already HAVE one deformity on that half of your face…’

He remembered Anya with a fiercely soft longing, but
only Cordelia still harped at him in his head. Xander
had always been a sucker for nagging.

He started to cross the mostly empty street but paused
to watch the black limo that pulled up to the curb. Xander
regarded it wearily for a moment before the window slowly
rolled down and a cultured British voice spoke. “Mr. Wayne.”

Alex Wayne sighed once and opened the door before Johnson
could take it in his head to do so before sliding into the
back of the car.

“Did you have a nice walk, Sir?”

Xander frowned towards the front, where he knew Johnson was
smirking slightly at him from the driver’s seat before
responding shortly. “I would have preferred longer.”

Yes, Johnson was definitely smirking. “Very good, Sir.”

“Smug bastard,” Xander whispered under his breath as the
limo shifted into drive and took off at a steady clip
towards Wayne Manor. The Bat Signal could be seen clearly
through the skylight of the limousine, white and demanding-
even against the gathering storm clouds. White, demanding,
and calling to him.
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