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The Beginning of Infinity aka An Infinate Headache

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Summary: A creative choice in costumes is about to make the Scoobies' lives a whole lot more complicated...

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The Beginning of Infinity aka An Infinate Headache

Title: The Beginning of Infinity aka An Infinate headache

by: Nu-Klear

Feedback: Oh Hell Yes! Please! Feedback is the coin of the realm and My muse is starving here people!

Disclaimer: all characters owned by their respective owners.

A/N: I have no idea where this plot bunny came from but once it popped up my muse refused to let it go until I wrote this... well, I hope at least some of you enjoy it at at least.


Xander frowned in concentration as he carefully placed the finishing touch on the last part of his costume. Once he was sure the glue was set, the young man leaned back to study his handy work, smiling at what he saw he began to gather the pieces of clothing and bits that he had cannibalized from the costumes of years past.

Xander picked up a jar of face paint he had picked up at the costume shop, while Buffy was drooling over a ball dress, undoubtedly plotting with Willow how she was going to seduce a certain walking corpse, moved into the bathroom and began smearing it over his entire face; a few minutes of using the mirror later and his face was a even gold color. Looking over the rest of his costume, a quick adjustment to his gold wig and Xander grinned as he saw how it well it had turned out. “Perfect! The two dollar costume king continues his rule...”


Janus smiled as he heard one of his few remaining worshippers petitioning him, ignoring the mortal accessing his power as insignificant given the amount of power the god had. Janus was not about to deny his priest the infinitesimal sliver of power he would need to cause the very chaos that sustained him.

An instant later Janus cried out in something like pain as for a split second all of his power was being forcibly ripped from his body. The drain cut off as quickly as it had begun; the weakened God fell to his knees even as his powers quickly returned to him, fighting to focus enough to find out what had just happened.

“You are the cause of my appearance in this place.”

Janus looked up, frowning in annoyance at the unknown being standing before him; he knew that whoever or whatever it was, it was no god. He had had the misfortune of meeting most of the gods and goddesses that remained in this plane of existence. Therefore this being had no business in his presence, let alone standing over him glaring down at him so insolently, without his express summons. “How dare you enter the realm of Janus! Be gone Mortal, or face my wrath!”

“You will tell me your reason for bring me to this dimension…” the gold skinned man glared at the god as if Janus was the mortal and he was the god, “and it had better be a good reason or I will not be pleased!”

Janus stared at the being, his rage building by the second as the golden skinned man glared back at him impassively, his red cape still draped around him as if to say he didn’t even feel the need to be prepared to try and defend himself from the god. Janus snarled and flung his hand out unleashing a wave of power at the insolent mortal.

The god stared disbelieving as the mortal slightly raised one arm revealing a gauntlet-encased hand and the energy dissipated before hitting its target, leaving the mortal standing there glaring at the god without so much as having one of his hairs knock out of place. “Who… What are you?!”

“I am called Adam Warlock…” Adam slowly raised his hand, clenching it into a fist as it came level with his face allowing the god to get a good look at each of the six gems mounted on it, one on each of knuckles with the final one set in the center of the back of the hand as power began to dance across the glove’s surface. “And I am not *pleased*!”


~ Well it’s nice to have my skin back to normal at least… ~ Xander stood on the roof of the school staring out over the town with a lost expression still wearing his costume, his gold skin once again just face paint, but that was the only thing looking up for the young man at the moment. Raising his right hand, Xander stared at the still very real Infinity Gauntlet and Gems with an expression that managed to be both horrified and fascinated at the same time.

Xander’s fascination came from the fact that he could see actually see the process that had created the Gems in his mind’s eye. How the spell using Janus’ power had provided the spark which had been all the forces that the Gems needed to act as the catalyst for the transformation of a gold painted plastic cuff into an ornate gauntlet of pure gold, and some plastic gems into artifacts capable of making someone more powerful than even the gods could imagine. And now, with the spell having ended, said forces empowering the gems were keeping the Infinity Gauntlet exactly as it was.

His horror came from what he could see and feel happening around him due to his recently acquired omnipotence; he was well aware of the balance shifting around him. His mastery of the aspects of the universe that the time, space, power, soul, mind and reality gems gave him allowed him to see what was coming and the infinite possible outcomes of each action he could take.

His first instinct had been to try and find the Living Tribunal and have the being render these gems incapable of working together, making the Infinity Gems far from harmless but no longer able to make a person all powerful like the being had in the comic books. However Xander could find no trace of this extremely powerful being; a fact that nearly made him lose control of his bowels as that meant there was nobody in this universe, at least that he knew of, capable of stopping him or anyone else using the Gauntlet.

His next thought was to destroy the gems but he faced the little problem of the gems being indestructible. And after a little thought on the matter, even if they weren’t indestructible they happened to be physical manifestations of aspects of the universe, so it might not be such a good idea to destroy them.

If he hid the gauntlet someone would eventually find it and, whether they meant to or not, use it; the futures springing from that possibility kept leading to really, really *bad* things. He briefly thought of giving it to Giles to have it locked away for the rest of time, but a quick look at that possible future had required him to un-destroy the Watchers Council’s headquarter, not to mention most of its members, and rewrite the memories of the ones he hadn’t blinked out of existence to cover the whole mess up. It may have only taken a single thought but it was still a pain in the ass.

He could leave, use the Gauntlet to go anywhere on this or any other world he wanted… heck, any world in any universe he wanted. But the pendulum effect had already begun; something big was coming due to this and while, with his new powers, he should be able to handle it he knew his friends would never let him handle it alone. Even with the Gauntlet they would feel they had to protect him as they never even tried to see past the masks he put on for them.

He really wished he could talk to his friends about this, but even without using the Gauntlet he knew how that would go. Buffy would demand he give the Gauntlet to her as she was the Slayer and he would just hurt himself, all powerful Buffy equals Badness to end all badness; Giles would claim that it was too powerful for any one person to have, a fact Xander happened to agree with, and want him to hand it over to the Watchers Council for safe keeping, again *bad* idea. Willow would want him to let her study the Gauntlet and its powers; a few hours ago he wouldn’t have even thought twice of letting the girl who had been his best friend since forever do so. Now, given some of what he had become aware of thanks to the Gauntlet, giving her an item that grants a person omnipotence was not something he was likely to do… ever!

Xander had no wish to spend the rest of his life married to someone he saw as a sister, or worshiping her as a goddess for that matter. It might break her heart but she would just have to accept that he would never see her the way she wanted him to. ~ I may have asked Willow to help me develop my romancing skills for when Buffy came back from summer vacation, but I was very clear to her *that* was all we were doing! And when this is over one way or another Wills and I are going to have a long discussion on the real reasons I haven’t been able to get so much as a date with any of the girls in this school. I’m a freaking person; you can’t just stake a claim on me like I’m the only chocolate sprinkle doughnut in the pack. I have a choice in the matter, and running off every other girl that shows interest in me so I don’t appear to have any choice but you only makes it worse! ~

Xander quickly cooled his anger, doing a quick mental check to insure he hadn’t accidentally done anything to harm his sister in all but blood, shook his head and moved himself from the roof to the library with a thought.

~ I’ll talk this over with Giles, he’s an expert on supernatural stuff. Although I don’t know if this qualifies as supernatural, but if worse comes to worse I can always erase his memory of it but I need to talk this over with someone and while most after school specials show guys going to their father for advice in big decisions, my pop would probably try and take me out so he could sell it for booze money. So Giles is the closest thing I have to someone like that… ~ Xander thought as he walked over and sat down at the table in the center of the room to wait for Giles to return from his fruitless search for Raines.

Reminded of the mage Xander smiled nastily, at what he imagined was happening to the mage about now.


Raines slowly lifted himself from the prone position Ripper’s beating had left him in, forcing himself into a position of supplication at the feet of the being that had snatched him to safety while his old friend had been busy with the statue. After all it never paid to anger someone that had just saved your ass, especially if they happen to be a God. “Janus, my all powerful master, your ever faithful degenerate son thanks you for interceding on his behalf... Bloody hell, what happened to you?!”

Janus stood before his servant in clothing that looked to be little more than burned and dirty rags, both faces bruised, lips split, three of his four eyes swollen shut and one of his noses was bent at a funny angle. In short it looked like Janus had been on the losing end of one hell of a barroom brawl, although he did look in better shape than any of the guys in the last one he had seen Ripper start.

The God’s one good eye, though blackened, still opened enough for the mage to see the rage burning within it as something unseen grabbed him and yanked him to his feet by the lapels of his shirt. “That, oh faithful degenerate son of mine, would be what I have summoned you here to discuss…”

Raines swallowed hard, wishing he was back under Ripper’s ‘tender mercies’ as he felt his bladder control start to waver and muttered what he hoped wouldn’t wind up being his last words. “Oh, bugger me!”
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