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We Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night

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Summary: Where is the Slayer when Earth is in over its head in trouble? BtVS/ Independence Day cross.

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July 3 - Soul Survivors

We Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night - T/PG13

Summary: Where is the Slayer when Earth is in over its head in trouble? BtVS / Independence Day cross.

Disclaimer: I do not own the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” series or “Independence Day” movie.

Author’s Note: Sorry for the year-long hiatus! Life happens and writing was required to take a back seat. Hopefully, I’ll be able post chapters more often now.

Kaien: Thank you for reviewing! I'm glad you like this crossover. There is a sequel in the works where there will be interaction with the Scooby Gang.


Chapter 3:
July 3 – Soul Survivors

A grunt from the Slayer woke her fellow survivors as she tried to open their only means of escape. Somehow their shelter had sustained the night. Kaylee heaved herself against the thick door. It opened an inch, but closed the second she paused to rest. She looked back at Jonathan and threw herself against the door again.

“I can get it open,” the businessman exclaimed as Kaylee stepped away from the entrance.

She stared at him in the darkness. “Fine. You give it a try,” she answered and went back to where her Watcher lay. “Johnny?” He opened an eye.

“Kay’?” Jonathan coughed. His face scrunched up in pain. She leaned down closer to him. “Sure did it this time.”

Kaylee smiled at him. “Yeah. You’re definitely worse than the usual concussion.”

“You could say that.”

She turned to watch the man try to pry open the door. He was weakening against the strain. Slowly the business man stood and went back to where he had been sitting before he had opened his mouth. Jonathan’s eyes started to glaze over. “I’m going to get that door open and get some help. Deal?”

The Watcher shuddered. “Deal.”

Kaylee climbed back to the door and threw her weight against it. The door obeyed as it allowed a small beam of sunlight in. She pushed harder, adding her Slayer strength. The man sat watching her. “Don’t just sit there. Get something to hold this with!”

He looked around the semi-lit room. Some chairs were piled a corner. The girl, who they had patched up earlier, was resting along another wall. “We have some chairs,” he reported.

“Argh!” Kaylee pushed harder to keep the door from closing. Her eyes searched every corner of the shelter. Next to Jonathan sat her crossbow. “My crossbow!”

“What? Where?”

“Next to Jonathan.”

The businessman picked up her red wood crossbow. “This antique? It’ll break and we’ll never get out of here.”

“Just bring it.” Kaylee leaned harder to open the door another two inches. He kneeled next to her. “Use the silver end to hold the darn door.”

He pried it into the opening and Kaylee loosened her grip on the door. “Where’d you get that from?”

“Long story.”

“You’re in one of those gangs that kills people! Aren’t you?” His eyes darted between her face and the sword still strapped to her back.

Kaylee rolled her eyes. “I’ve never killed a person. And you really want to know something.” She took a step away from the door and towards the man. He backed up. “Heck, LA’s in probably smithereens. Why don’t I tell you why it’s not safe to go out at night? How hard it is to fight every dusk to dawn just to stay alive? How many have died to keep weasels like you living and breathing?”

“Kaylee, don’t!” Jonathan shouted in his hoarse voice. “He’s not worth it.”

“Fine, but there better be a demon ready to be pummeled out there when this door’s open.” She turned back to the door and heaved against it. Slowly, the door gave and swung open. The Slayer held the door as the man acted as a crutch and helped the girl out. He caught her eyes and went back to get her Watcher. The man pulled out Jonathan. Once they were beyond the opening, Kaylee released the door. It slammed shut, breaking the crossbow in half. She rushed to her guardian’s side.

He was shaking uncontrollably. “I’m alright.” For the first time, Kaylee could see the extent of his burns. One of his arms and both legs were charred. “Really. Were you burned?” Jonathan lifted a hand to her right arm.

“It’ll be all healed by tonight. But we have to get you some help.”

“You’re an alien?” the man questioned behind her.

She rolled her eyes. “Are you? No, I was born on this planet thank you very much.” She walked over to the man. “Let’s start over.” She extended her hand to him. “I’m Kaylee.”

He looked at her hand for a moment and then, shook it. “Collin.” As they shook hands, both came to a truce, in which their pasts were nearly another lifetime and for now only survival mattered. “What now?”

“Use these as a splint for the girl’s leg.” Kaylee grabbed two crossbow arrows out of her pack and handed them to Collin.

He raised an eyebrow. “Here’s a dumb question. What do . . .” She undid her braid and tossed him two hair bands. “Thanks.” Kaylee nodded and went back to her Watcher’s side.

“Now, how are you feelin’?” The Slayer placed a hand on his uninjured shoulder.

“Like I’ve been beaten by a demon clan and burnt to a crisp by a phosphorus dragon.”

“At least you’re still making jokes.” She removed her hand. “Now, how bad?”

Jonathan winced as she took away her hand. “Second, possibly third degree burns on my legs and right arm.”

“Anything else?”

“No, Kaylee.” His voice was weak. She wanted to argue, but he was in no shape to answer her questions.

“Okay, then. We’re going to . . .” Kaylee noticed Collin had gone quiet longer than usual and looked over at the man. He stood still gazing in the opposite direction. “John?”

He squinted open an eye toward her. “You rang?” He was tiring quickly.

Kaylee smiled at his humor. “We’re going to move on soon. Get some rest, alright?” The Watcher nodded and closed his eyes. Sure Jonathan was sleeping comfortably; she trekked over to Collin’s sitting position. Kaylee followed his line of sight. Only moments before, she had been too concerned with her guardian to notice the destruction, which surrounded them.

Los Angeles stood in ruins. It looked like a hell mouth had exploded, but there was only one problem. Where were the vampires and demons? The Slayer scanned her surroundings. Some charred remains of a demon lay a foot away. Not even the dust of vampires remained. Kaylee’s unconscious realized the aliens had known about not only where to strike humanity the hardest, but the supernatural as well. ‘Zappers. Put them in densely populated areas. Turn the light on. Everything, near and drawn to it, goes boom. Just wonderful,’ Kaylee thought sarcastically to herself. ‘Wait. If they knew about demons, and all that fun stuff; do they know about the Slayer?’ She cleared her head and put the subject on her ‘Things To Brood About’ List.

Kaylee looked over her shoulder at Collin. He was in shock. Hence, she asked the first question that came to mind. “So what do you do?”

For a moment, the man gave no answer. Then, he rose out of his shell. “What?”

“What do, no did, you do?”



He rubbed his forehead. “I was walking home from work. A regular nine to five job, really. I was just putting in some over time. Man alive, I never thought something like this would happen. Don’t usually watch the news, you know. Just heard some special reports and thought it was a hoax until I looked outside.” Collin turned to Kaylee. “How can we go on? Our economic system will . . .”

“Collin.” He paid her no attention. “Collin!” Finally, he closed his mouth and listened. “We are the most adaptable species on the planet. We will survive because there is no alternative. We only need to find our feet.” She reached out her hand to him. “Ready?” The man’s nerves seemed to calm themselves. ‘Where did I pull that out of? Johnny’s speeches must really be rubbing off on me,’ she concluded as he took her hand.


“Now, Collin. I need you to . . .” A sound in the distance caught her attention.

“To do what?”

Something was moving and it was big.

“Girl? Kaylee?!”

“Watch them.” The Slayer ran in the direction of the sound as Collin stood in confusion. She dodged signed palm trees and rubble. Kaylee rushed up a hill until she saw a slight, which made her eyes water. Survivors. She ran down the incline waving her arms at the moving construction truck. “Wait!”

The truck slowed to a stop. “Need a lift?” an African American woman asked from the driver’s seat.

“Yes. Do you have room for two injured and one more?”

“The bed’s empty. Jump in and give me directions.”

Kaylee hurried to the passenger door of the cab and quickly climbed in before shutting the door. “Thank you.”

“Don’t worry about it. Where to?”

“Up that hill.” Kaylee leaned back into the seat as the lady followed her instructions. She turned her head to see a little boy and his dog.

“I’m Jasmine. This is my son, Dylan, and our dog, Boomer.”

“Past the palms. I’m Kaylee.” Dylan looked up at her and gave a small smile, which she returned. The truck rolled over some debris as Kaylee caught sight of Collin. “Stop!”

Jasmine stopped the truck and turned off the engine as she told her son, “Stay inside.”

“But Mom,” Dylan protested.

Kaylee leaped out. She ran past Collin as he punched his fists into the air in celebration. The Slayer heard John’s deep breathing before she reached him. “John,” she whispered as she placed her hand on his uninjured shoulder. His eyes slowly opened. “I found help. We’re going to be okay.”

“We are,” he whispered and coughed. The smallest smile crept onto his lips. “I’m very tired.”

“I know. Just wait until we’re on the truck.” Kaylee peered around for something to place her Watcher on. A black soot-covered surfboard came into view and she pulled it over. The brunette looked down at John to see he was already sleeping.

“Do you need some help?” Jasmine questioned as she kneeled on John’s other side.

“Yeah. I found a surfboard to use as a backboard.”

She nodded. “Good. We have the blonde on a backboard in the truck. Is he your father?”

“He adopted me.” She looked to Jasmine. “I don’t know what I’d do without him.”

“I’d say the same with Dylan. He’s my angel. Let’s get . . .”


“Let’s get John into the bed, then.”

With Jasmine’s help, they carefully lifted the Watcher onto the surfboard and into the bed of the truck. John was still asleep and falling unconscious. Kaylee bit her lip as she shut the tailgate. He was getting worse and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

“Kay’. We’re headed to the Marine Base in El-Toro. There’s a hospital on base and it’s not far away. He’ll be okay.”

The Slayer nodded. She’d never felt this helpless before except during the Crucimantium. She shuddered at the memory. Kaylee let Collin sit in the cab with the family and took vigil sitting in the bed. The girl and John slept through the rumbling of the truck’s engine. They seemed content to sleep as the truck plowed through the rubble that had once been Los Angeles.

An hour passed and more survivors gathered on the truck. Kaylee checked her two patients. The blonde was awake and in pain. She said her name was Bethany, but nothing else, while John remained unconscious. Kaylee tried to wake him without success. She held his head on her lap and ran her fingers through his hair. The new passengers said little as they gazed off into the distance. She wished John would just open his eyes and take charge like usual, but he remained silent. Her hair had come out of its braid and covered the hilt of her sword. Kaylee felt the truck stop. She carefully laid his head back down and jumped out of the bed.

“Can you give me a hand?” the mother asked a man as they got out of the cab. Kaylee joined them as they checked for survivors of a helicopter crash. Boomer, a large beige Labrador, leaped from the truck and started sniffing as Kaylee followed him. He seized his search in front of a woman and licked her face. She was alive. Kaylee lifted the helicopter debris off her as she petted the dog.

“She’s hurt pretty bad,” the man exclaimed as Jasmine looked back at the crowded truck.

She turned back to the man and Kaylee. “We’ll put her in the bed and move two more people into the cab.” Kaylee nodded as the man went to give orders at the truck.

“There’s room next to John,” Kaylee stated as she grabbed the long piece of debris, which had trapped the woman not so long ago, to serve as a back board. Jasmine nodded and together, they had the lady in the bed.

“Kaylee, how are they doing?”

“Bethany woke up. She’s doing better. John . . . I can’t get him to wake up. I think . . . I’ll walk for awhile.” Kaylee started to walk in the direction they had been traveling. She didn’t want to talk. She wanted something, anything, to take her aggressions out on. A vampire would be nice, but a demon would be just fine about now, except her Slayer-dar had been blank since the attack. At least on the ground her radar was blank, but if a map, she could pinpoint every one of the aliens. She wanted her Watcher to yell at her for worrying over him. Kaylee paused as the truck roared to life behind her and they continued their trek.

Daylight fell to darkness. No cities lit up the sky. Only stars and the truck’s headlights provided any light. Kaylee paced herself a few yards in front of the pickup. The rest of the survivors seemed to be content to ride.

Destiny. The word that had been drilled into her since before she could remember. ‘One girl to hold back the forces of darkness.’ Her destiny. Kaylee truly had never understood the entire spiel, but yet, it had always been there. There was no turning her back on it and she felt trapped. On her eighteenth birthday, her soul was released from its cage. Though she felt at peace with the ‘Slayer within,’ her loyalty to John and the Council had been torn.

Kaylee walked before the truck, contemplating for an hour until flames roared at the brink of her sight. She ran toward the fires, hoping someone was alive and not everything had been destroyed. Behind her, Jasmine’s truck picked up a gear and roared after the Slayer. Kaylee brushed past a charred sign for the El-Toro Marie Corps Air Station and twisted a section of the burnt chain link fence open.

“Kaylee, what are you doing girl?” Jasmine questioned as she stared at the flames with tears in her eyes.

“I have to see if someone, anyone, is alive in there,” the Slayer answered. She slipped the sheath off her shoulder and handed it to the woman. “I’ll be back for that.”

Without another word, Kaylee dove through the hole in the fence and jogged into the devastated base. She tried to sense if someone was still alive. Fighter jets, which seemed to have been in the process of being readied for flight when the attack commenced, were in flames. The bases’ buildings were in shambles. She crept into one and gazed around. It had once probably been a control center.

The Slayer stepped over the remains of a counsel to hear small movements in the rubble. In the layer of dust covering the debris a hand emerged. Kaylee pushed aside broken chairs. Removing piles of burnt papers and folders, she had the arm free. Kaylee pushed aside half of a laptop and recognized the stars of a general. “Campton, report,” he whispered. She relocated two beams that had fallen on the general and returned to his side.

“Sir,” she answered and evaluated his situation. Ceiling remains still trapped his legs. Blood was forming a stain on his once clean and pressed uniform. “Where do you feel pain?”

“My head. Concussion . . . most likely. Did we get them all?” His weary eyes looked up at the slayer.

Kaylee gazed around the room. There were no more survivors in this building. A fire smoldered outside one of the broken windows. Kaylee gulped and turned back to the fallen general. How do you comfort an injured soldier who is probably the only suriving member of this base? “Yes, sir. We got them all. Our flyboys will be landing soon. You did a good job, sir.”

The general relaxed. “Thank you. That’ll be all.” He coughed and fell into a deep asleep. Kaylee respectfully covered him with a slightly burned American flag, which still had its vibrant red, white, and blue coloring, which had somehow drifted into the ceiling-less command center. She slowly stood and departed the room.

As Kaylee searched for survivors, her slayer-dar picked up two vampires on base. She increased her pace, ready to take out some of her aggression. The Slayer ran out of the hallway behind the command center and into another barely intact building. A minion vampire was snacking. She extracted a stake from her right boot and stood behind the amateur undead. “Not much surprises me right now, but not being able to get your own first kill. Now that’s just sad.” The vampire turned and dropped his meal.

“Slayer,” the blonde vampire growled.

“Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to talk with your mouthful?” Kaylee’s anger drove her into attacking before the undead even moved. Right punch. Left back kick. The Slayer attempted reined herself in.

He spit out some blood. “I was never one for listening.”

Finally, Kaylee held control of herself before she would end up beating him into a pulp for just being a vampire. He wasn’t worth it. He wasn’t to blame for this. She tried to tell herself to save her anger for the aliens. “Well then, you would’ve known stakes are very unhealthy . . .” So instead, she staked him. “For you.”

Clapping echoed through the decimated cafeteria. “Anger, they crave it,” the new arrival proclaimed. “Know of the Slayer they do.”

To be continued . . .

The End?

You have reached the end of "We Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 16 Aug 06.

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