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We Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night

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Summary: Where is the Slayer when Earth is in over its head in trouble? BtVS/ Independence Day cross.

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July 2 - Loosing Daylight

We Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night - T/PG13

Summary: Where is the Slayer when Earth is in over its head in trouble? BtVS /
Independence Day cross.

Disclaimer: I do not own the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” series or “Independence Day”

Chapter 1:
July 2 – Loosing Daylight

Before dawn, the Californian beach coast could be described as a pleasant piece of
serenity. Only ruthless waves would pound these sand dunes, which blanketed the coast.
Wildlife could awake without human intrusion, allowing their day to start in a peaceful
silence. Yet, one intruder was running along the beach this foggy morning.

The sound of rapid foot falls echoed along the sandy haven. Crabs scuttled out of her
path as they hunted their morning meal. Sea gulls glided overhead through the thermals.
The sun rose and she slowed to a halt. Salt water lapped at her ankles. Hair blew in the
breeze. A sword remained strapped to her back. She breathed hard from her sprint and
stood at the water’s edge. Waves crashed as the tide drove in.

Kaylee’s eyes drifted to the clear blue ocean and yet, her mind was elsewhere. She
recapped the events of the prior hours. Her only friend had been slaughtered by a
vampire and she hadn’t saved him in time. Even though Brendan Williams hadn’t known
of the creatures that lurked in the dark, he had become a victim of her destiny.

“Brendan?” Kaylee knocked on his apartment door as she called his name. Minutes
passed and there was still no answer. “Brendan!” The door didn’t move. She pressed
against it and the lock gave way. Kaylee opened the door. No one was in the
apartment’s main door. Furniture was overturned. There had been a scuffle of some
kind. “Brendan?” She ventured father into the devastation. Kaylee overstepped a dark
maroon puddle on the floor and entered the kitchen. The pale body of Brendan Williams
lay at her feet. She gasped as she stepped back.

“Hey, baby doll. Something wrong with your little boyfriend?” a vampire crowed and
exited another room. Kaylee’s eyes flickered down at Brendan. “Don’t worry, my sweet.
He’ll be fine in a few hours.”

Anger rose inside her. “You monster!” the young vampire Slayer screamed and
unsheathed her sword. Kaylee bounded over the cadaver. Anger and pain flowed
through her veins as she slew the vampire. Slowly, the brunette Slayer recognized the
sluggish sounds of a fledgling awakening. A tear slid down her cheek. The demon,
bearing Brendan’s face, stepped closer. Kaylee closed her eyes and raised her blade
once more. With one swipe, she beheaded the demon. Her eyes opened and watched the
ashes fall. Brendan Williams, her one true friend and love, would never again be hurt by
the evil lurking in the world.

Kaylee fell to her knees. Saltwater soaked through her jeans. Tears wet her face as the
hot sun rays seeped through the last streams of fog to beat down on her skin. Kaylee’s
spirit mourned her loss and yet, relished in once again being alive to see the heat of day.
Then, her senses alerted her of a danger approaching. She rose off her knees to stand
erect. Something in her refuge was wrong. The sky darkened. Kaylee lifted her gaze
from the waves. She was met with a foreign sight. An immeasurable dark alien disk
floated inland, from the seascape, toward Los Angeles. Kaylee shivered in the thigh-high
salt water. Her Slayer senses were off the scale. She whipped her tear-stained face on
her sleeve and focused on her duty. There would be a time to mourn Brendan. Now, she
had a duty to uphold. The Slayer raced off the beach. As she ran down the streets,
people stood outside their dwellings and stared at the spaceship. Kaylee continued to trek
the twenty miles across town to the home, she shared with her Watcher.

By the time, Kaylee reached the front door of her house, she was too exhausted to ring
the doorbell. She rested her hands on her knees to recuperate from the long run.
Neighbors were stuffing belongings into their vehicles. A dog barked in the background.
She raised her hand to knock, but the door swung open. “Long night?” Jonathan
O’Ronoake questioned as he handed her a cup of black coffee.

“Has the panic started in LA yet?” Kaylee wondered, motioning to their neighbors. She
shut the door behind her. Soaked shoes squeaked on the hardwood floors.

John bypassed her mission-ready face and stared into her eyes. “Late arrival, soggy
sneaks, wet pants, blank face, red eyes, and you smell of the beach. Explain yourself.”

“It’ll be an ‘All-You-Can-Eat’ buffet for the vamps in town. Give me a few minutes to
clean up and I’ll be ready to head out.”

She dodged him and headed for the staircase. John placed a hand on her shoulder to pull
her back. She wiggled out of his grasp and aimed her sword at him. “Kay’, what
happened?” Her blade wavered. “Kaylee, it’s me, John.” Her eyes remained those of a
stoic, primeval Slayer. He remembered those wild and yet, stern eyes from a month ago
when he had betrayed her for the Council. John was still working to regain her trust
daily. Their relationship would probably never be as it had before. “Please, Kay’, it’s
me. You passed the Crucimantium. I . . . I can’t lose you now. Extraterrestrial
phenomenon can wait. Kaylee, you’re safe now.” She dropped the sword to the floor.
He stepped forward, but her look warned him against coming closer. “What happened?”

Her head lowered as she relaxed. Kaylee drained the cup of its contents. “Brendan was
murdered and turned.”

“Oh, Kaylee . . . I’m sorry.”

She set the cup on an end table and headed up the stairs. “He’s dust and we have work to
do.” Kaylee went into her room and slid off the soaking wet sneakers. Quickly, she
jumped into the shower. Once clean, the Slayer tossed on a navy blue tank and a pair of
black jeans. Kaylee’s brunette hair had come out of its plait in the shower. When
braided, it reached the middle of her back. Now, it hung even lower in damp stands. She
yanked on a pair of combat boots and pulled her hair into a ponytail. Kaylee kept her
mind on her duty as she prepared for battle once again. She strode to leave her room, but
paused. For a moment, she gazed in at her haven from the doorway. Somewhere deep in
her heart, Kaylee felt this would be the final time she would ever see her bedroom. Then
without hesitation the battle-ready girl headed downstairs to the ‘war’ room.

Jonathan was pouring over maps of the city as his slayer entered the room. She was no
longer the young Kaylee Thomas, who had been placed in his custody. The endless
nights of fighting had changed her. At first, he had attempted to keep their relationship
professional. But over the years, he had come to look at her as his own daughter. He felt
her heartbreak over Brendan’s death. Jonathan had known the young man for three years
before Kaylee was Chosen. Yes, his little girl was the Chosen One. Even though she had
grown into a young woman, she would always be his little girl.

“Johnny, are we really gonna fly in a big gray bird?” a ten-year-old Kaylee questioned
her guardian.

He laughed at her description of the commercial airplane they were about to board.
“Airplane, Kaylee. And yes, the airplane’s going to fly us all the way to California,” a
younger version of Jonathan answered.

Minutes passed and they were settled into their seats for the red-eye flight. “Johnny?”

“Yes, Kaylee?”

“Can I fly an airplane one day?”

He paused. One innocent question had stumped him. The Watcher’s Council had
prepared him for every possible evil they could encounter. And yet, this young girl had
stopped him in his tracks. Then, he complied, “Some day, Kaylee. Some day.”

Five years later, on the day of Kaylee’s second birthday after her calling, she was
copiloting, and then piloting, a fighter jet. He had called in some favors and she was in
the air. Though his friends in the United States Air Force would be questioning why a
girl, of fifteen years, could handle a million- dollar piece of weaponry, her smile was
worth all of the trouble. Except with every barrel roll, he saw the jet maneuver; his
stomach seemed to roll as well.

Three years had passed and she seemed to have matured more with each day since. He
watched her stride to the stake chest. She selected the sharpest and placed them in her

Kaylee felt her Watcher’s gaze, but ignored him. The Slayer inside was on autopilot,
selecting the weapons needed for the upcoming battle. She headed to the walk-in weapon
closet. Within, her single-handled saber hung, already cleaned and polished. Kaylee
regretted having tossed her favorite blade to the ground earlier, she knew better. Though
she had been in pain, which was still no reason to give the reliable sword such treatment.
Kaylee reached for the handle, but stopped. Propped in the corner was a tall thin box.
She sat on the hardwood flooring and pulled the box to her. An attached tag read: Happy
Belated Birthday, Kaylee! The corners of her mouth turned into a smile. She opened the
box. Within laid a matching sword and knife set. From the silver globe pommels to the
dark brown leather handgrips, they were perfect. Kaylee seized the dual handed sabre
and tested the blade. The sword was amazing. She turned to the sheath rack, but one was
hanging apart from the others. The pack was disguised as a backpack. Kaylee picked it
out and strapped the two brown leather lengths around her form to secure the weapons
carrier to her back. She slipped the sword into its sheath. Then, the Slayer placed her
dagger, crossbow bolts, and two more stakes into their compartments. Satisfied, Kaylee
selected her redwood crossbow before departing the closet.

Her Watcher stood ready to deploy in the War Room. In their years as Watcher and
Slayer, the War Room had accumulated more texts than the local library possessed.
These books consisted of mostly original prints, their copies only found in museum,
private, and Council collections. Kaylee peered around the room. Tables were still
covered with research on the various sighted demons. Then, there was Jonathan, the man
who had become a mentor and a father. He had armed himself with daggers, stakes, and
his own crossbow. John turned back to a map-covered table.

“Thanks,” she exclaimed and came to stand at his side.

John jumped. “Oh, well. Your previous blade was becoming a bit worn and had a stain
the handle,” he answered citing the stain which though thoroughly cleaned was eroding
the sword. He returned his attention to the Los Angeles downtown map. With that,
Kaylee forgoed their professional manner and hugged the middle-aged man.

She held onto him for dear life. In reality, he had become her life. The Watcher’s
Council had discouraged this relationship, but due to the shortage of located slayers they
allowed them to function as a team. At the age of ten years, Kaylee Thomas had been
placed into the custody of Jonathan O’Ronoake.

The brown-haired girl had been seized from her parents at birth and grew over the next
decade with three other girls inside the Council’s headquarters. Together, they studied
elementary courses and various languages, but were specialized in the fighting arts.
When she was placed in the young Watcher’s care, Kaylee was introduced to the world.
She clung to him in this new fast-paced universe. He was the one being, who understood
her culture shock and was there for her. Then, she met her first friend, Brendan
Williams. With the aid of her fatherly Watcher and best friend, Kaylee graduated from
high school through a home-study program. As John had explained, this was the first for
the Slayer line. Kaylee was proud of her accomplishment. Hence, her Certificate of
Graduation was displayed in the War Room’s display case. It lay beside her
predecessor’s ‘Mr. Pointy’ stake and a tooth from Lockey, or a delightful hermit demon
more commonly known as the Lockness Monster. She had come to love this crazy world
and exist among those she protected.

“Kaylee, darling,” John interrupted her trip down memory lane. “John needs to breath.”

She immediately released him from her Slayer grip. “Oh, sorry. Ready to kick some
demo, vampy, and alien butt?”

“Quite so. Frankly, last week’s attack on the Starbucks shop was uncalled for.”

“Yeah. You’d think vamps would learn to avoid those coffee beany havens.” The
Watcher shook his head as he turned from the map and they headed to battle.
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