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SEAL File - Alexander Harris aka Xander

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Summary: Teal'c's Wish Universe - SEAL File on Xander

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Soldier Xander(Past Donor)NycorsonFR181652103039,98818 Sep 0518 Sep 05Yes
Alexander Harris aka Xander – SEAL Requirement Scores – Unofficial Files



50 meter underwater swim PASS/FAIL - pass time 21 seconds (almost one bloody second LESS than the Olympic record!!!)

Underwater knot tying PASS/FAIL - pass

Drown proofing test PASS/FAIL - pass (shit how long can this man stay underwater??)

Basic Lifesaving test PASS/FAIL - pass

1200 meter pool swim with fins 45 min - 25 minutes

1 mile bay swim with fins 50 min - 25

1 mile ocean swim with fins 50 min - 27

1 l/2 mile ocean swim with fins 70 min - 55

2 mile ocean swim with fins 95 min - 60

Obstacle course 15 min - 14

4 mile timed run 32 min - 35

NOTES: Harris scares me, I have never seen a man swim like that who was not on a tv show called Man from Atlantis. His running is okay, but when he swims it is like he can breath under water. He seemed surprised at how well he can swim making some remark about his stay on the swim team taking a better hold that he expected.

We only ran him through the First phase, because he blew past all the swimming requirements, and there was no reason to push to get the running down to where third phase would have it.

Hand To Hand Combat:

Fast reflexes compared to most of the people here, unexpected power, he even seemed surprised and when questioned he nodded at Faith stating normally he fought her, so he thought he sucked. Well we all know she makes most fighters look like kindergarteners, so maybe he had valid reasons for thinking that. Not the best in the world but competent, training would be good for his skill set and self-confidence. Most masters were able to take him, but he was about even with our skilled fighters. Nothing remarkable except as part of the whole.

Weapons Combat:

Given the nature of the program we are filtering for, we had started a hand weapon training program. Primarily knives, staffs, and machetes. They (Faith and Harris) came in with swords, axes, made spears, and daggers. Have I mentioned they are fucking scary and I want them? (previous notes same in both files) Harris does not have the speed and power that Faith has, but he knows all the weapons, their weaknesses, where they are best used, and how to counter them. It is as if he has been doing this since he can walk. (he hasn’t has he?) Would love to have him here training my men in this.

Fire Arms Training:

Shit. That about covers it. The man has one eye and CAN’T FUCKING MISS. He is the best shot I have ever seen and I mean ever. I watched him do a special set up with a 1 mile target that was moving, and he nailed the quarter spot. I have 3 requests to recruit him into the national sharp shooting championships, and 4 requests from black ops squads to “lose” his files so they can get him. He literally passed the blindfold test on 3 makes of guns, and he was given the guns whole. He took them apart by feel, told us what they were, and then cleaned and reassembled them without once hesitating.


Follows orders even when he thinks the officer is an idiot. He has a level of perseverance I have only seen in MoH winners, I don’t think the man knows how to stop or give up. But what is scary is his planning abilities, he can see through feints, traps, and complicated problems, coming up with concise plans that will adapt to most situations. I would love to have had him with me on numerous missions I have run. This man is amazing and scary.

Overall Notes and Comments:

Harris does not look like much and other than his swimming is physically unremarkable, however when you take in the power and reaction time, mixed with his ability to fire any weapons, as well as his seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of weapons, and then add in his ability to create, see, and run strategic plans, he is a gold mine. While the loss of his eye might make most think he is less capable, I would have him at my back at any time.

One last note: There are standing offers for him when he decides to leave your program, please let him know.

The End

You have reached the end of "SEAL File - Alexander Harris aka Xander". This story is complete.

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