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The Contest

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Summary: This is in the Teal'c's Wish Universe, just slightly out of time, was written purely for fun.

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Stargate > Faith-Centered(Past Donor)NycorsonFR13164052511,83127 Sep 0527 Sep 05Yes
“So how are we scoring again?”

“5 points for a blush, 10 points for a dropped jaw, 25 points if they need to sit down, and 30 points if they actually grab their chest.”

“Okay I can do that, you about ready?”

“Of course, this will be easy, you have the cafeteria and I have the lounge.”

“Who is scoring?”

“Xander is scoring you, Carolyn is scoring me. Bonus 25 points if you can get your scorer to blush.”

“Got it… let’s go.”

Faith stood up, she had on high stiletto heels, a leather mini skirt so short you wanted to peek to see if she was wearing anything under it, a lace up leather vest that ended where her ribs did. Her hair was loose and cascading down her back, with her make up as sultry as she could make it. She slunk out of her quarters, and with her hip swaying walked into the cafeteria.

Vala on the other hand had knee high boots,, leather pants that looked painted on, which laced all the way up the sides, proving she had nothing underneath them. A corset that pushed her up and almost out the top, making her waist look even tinier than it was. Her hair was pulled up off her face, but loose down her back and Faith had done her make up. She headed out to the lounge, looking like sex on the prowl.

Xander sat at the very back of the cafeteria and had to work hard not to choke or have other reactions as Faith walked in. Other men in the cafeteria were not so lucky, he quickly started making marks as to the reactions as she walked through the room, hips swaying, licking her lips slowly as she focused all of her attention on him. ~it is just a game boy.. down boy~ fighting with himself, but watching all the men and a few of the women as jaws dropped and people collapsed into chairs.

Faith approached Xander, focusing all her intent on him, and slipped next to him, settling her legs across his lap, and in a clear voice that carried “So you ready for our threesome with Vala?”

One young private passed out as the blood drained out of his head, and three more abruptly sat down as the whole room’s mind went to a place that was not suitable for children.

Xander just rolled his eye. “75 points. We need to find out how much the passed out one was worth though.”

At the same time Vala was strolling into the lounge all her focus on Carolyn Lam, who was seated at the back, also scoring as she walked through the room. The noise level dropped as people turned to watch her walk through, a couple audible swallows were heard and one “oh my god” as she slid into place next to Carolyn, and settled her legs over Carolyns’ lap, leaning forward and kissing her check, then with the same tone of voice Faith had used “So you ready for our threesome with Faith?”

Carolyn turned bright red, they had talked her into this as a joke, but that was NOT what she was expecting, and she stammered, blushing as she looked at Vala. “I… but .. I ..”

Vala jumped up and grinned, “Cool I get an extra 25 points.” She leaned down kissed Carolyn’s cheek and whispered softly “though if you are ever interested yell.” And turned and sauntered back out of the room.

Later scores were added, with and extra 10 points for every phone number or room number they got on the way out.

Faith 105 (with and extra 30 for the guy who passed out)

Vala 100

Xander just rolled his eye and tried to not think of a threesome with those two, he was not really sure his heart could stand the fantasy, much less the reality.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Contest". This story is complete.

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