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Graduation Day

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Teen Titans Sunnydale". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Sunnydale Titans have gathered together, now are they ready for their greatest adversary yet?

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DC Universe > Teen TitansDarkElfFR712,748093,38521 Oct 0521 Oct 05Yes
I do not own titans, Buffy, or any of the other things that will most likely appear in this comic. They mostly belong to much smarter men then I.

This is Part Two in my Sunnydale Titans Series. The first one got such a good reaction I had to come up with more. This will probably be a continued series if people like it enough. To know all that’s happened read my Story Titans Go! If you have any questions about the Titans feel free to email me, my email is on my author page.

Graduation Day

It had been over a year and a half since the fateful events of Halloween. That fateful day had lasting changes on the town of Sunnydale. You see thanks to Principle Snyder, over 40 students dressed as superheroes of one type or another, others still dressed as many other characters that left permanent imprints on people. And as usual for Sunnydale no one noticed.

So when the blue skinned kid or the girl with the glowing eyes went to class. They were treated no different then they had been the days before Halloween. But also because of this day, the supernatural had new reasons to fear. This year had the all time lowest death rate of any other in the town. And that was because of them.

The Teen Titans.

At least that was what they called themselves. The paper continued to be oblivious. Though the obituary page no longer existed, it was now just a small corner of the paper, mixed in with all the adds.

They were a powerful group, and they had gotten larger.

It had started with just four. Xander as Kid Flash. Willow as the powerful half demon witch Raven. Buffy as the powerhouse Wonder Girl. And Cordelia as the highflying alien princess Starfire.

Within a week they had Jonathan who was now the shape changing Beast Boy.

Then Oz had come forward. They had caught him one night shortly after he had been bitten. And with Raven’s arcane knowledge Willow had helped him. He no longer feared the moon, and could now control his changes fully allowing him access to more powers. With time he had become a welcome member of the team. The lycanthropic Link.

The next addition wasn’t met until the summer. Willow had been out on her own hunting those few stray vamps that run around, when she had heard the fight. A giant polgara demon was battling with what seemed to be a large suit of armor. And the armor was winning. The armor seemed immune to the spikes and the heavy blows that the polgara rained on it. Its return blows however had greater effect.

Willow had watched in awe right up to the point where one arm of the armor converted to a strange glowing gun, and a blast of coalescent blue energy blew a gaping hole in the polgara. It was at this point she knew who it was.

“Cyborg!” she had yelled.

And the figure had responded.

She wore the Raven costume that she always had and thanks to it the large armored figure recognized her.


“Yes. It’s me, more or less.”

The armored figure walked towards her. She could now see that it wasn’t Cyborg exactly but more like the suit of armor she originally thought. No face was revealed jus a shiny faceplate. Beyond that though he looked very much like Cyborg. The two had talked for quite some time before he went back with her and met up with the others. Once out of public he had returned to armor to storage, which was a large backpack he wore. The others instantly recognized him as one of the basketball players named Marcus. They were glad to add the armored powerhouse to their team. He took up the name Cyber.

And the final addition had been added around the time of Halloween again. Through rumors at Willy’s they learned of someone who the police were looking for. He seemed to be a vigilante who hunted both supernatural and non. He stopped regular criminals and hunted vampires. And they wanted to find him. It took till late October to track him down. But when they did they were surprised who it was. It was a boy who looked like he probably couldn’t even be in High School yet. It was Robin. Armed with a staff and some other toys he was laying waste to a group of vampires.

They had waited till he was finished to approach him, and he had seemed somewhat weary at first. It took a week before he was willing to reveal anything to them, but they soon learned several things. For one, his name was Tyler and he had just come to Sunnydale High this year as a freshmen. And with Robin the team felt complete. And together they were able to protect sunnydale.

Unfortunately their luck may have run out. They now faced the greater challenge they as a team had ever known. For they had learned of the Ascension that was coming. And they weren’t sure how to stop it. They had chosen to go the way they always had. They would fight him. But they knew their powers alone may not be enough. But now they had a plan.

In the gymnasium they met. Having gathered all they could.

“Alright. Does everyone know their parts.”

There was a murmur of agreement from around the room.

“Good. Then see you at graduation.”


And so they sat and listened to the Mayor as he gave his speech.

Strangely Willow seemed to be absent but all the others were there. Tyler was even in attendance having hidden himself among the parents.

And just as expected the eclipse hit.

And a jolt seemed to go through the mayor. As if someone had physically struck him.

“Well, I had this whole part on civic virtue, but I guess I better just skip to the end.”

And it happened. His entire body seemed to expand as his skin turned to a greasy black. His arms shriveled and vanished as his body elongated and became snake like. His head expanded and his mouth widened. Rows of razor teeth sprouted in this mouth. And through it all the students sat in apparent fear.

It wasn’t until the giant snake reached down and ate principle Snyder that there was any reaction. Then one voice yelled something that many of the supernatural had come to fear.

“Titans GO!”


Robes flew off as powers came to life.

All those who could fly took to the air, some on wings other buy no apparent means other than will.

Others made drastic physical changes, sprouting fur or scales, or something similar.

And as a yellow blur went through the crowd all those who were unpowered vanished. Soon followed all the parents.

And with that the battle was joined.

A Wave of energy attacks fired at the now transformed mayor. Though few seemed to have any effect. And he retaliated lashing out with his long tail sending some of the closer flying backwards.

The more close quarters fighters had reatreated to the back to deal with the hoards of vamps and demons that had sprung out of the sewer tunnels. They were joined by Angel, and several other armed humans including Robin.

The battle waged on like that for several minutes. Unfortunatley neither side was gaining any ground. The mayor had taken a few people, and he had eaten the entire chamber of commerce who had been in attendance but it simply seemed like no attack could harm him. Many just bounced off causing damage to the school.

But just as it seemed the Mayor was about to take advantage of several fighters running out of energy a flash of power appeared in the center of the field. It was a image made of pure black energy in the shape of a bird. It was Raven.


The mayor looked down at the tiny figure who had appeared before him. Her arrival had seemed to cause a lull in the fighting.

“I know of you little one. What is it you think you can do to me?”

The strangely cultured voice seemed even more disconcerting coming form the giant snake.

“I wasn’t sure for quite some time if we could stop you. I nearly exhauster my list of spells trying to find one to kill you.”

“Ah but there is no spell that can kill me child. I know. That is why I chose this form. There is very little that can even harm me.”

“That was very true. But I realized I don’t need to kill you.”

“And why not?”

The face of the creature seemed to smile at this.

“Because I can bind you.”


And from the folds of her cloak appeared a book. A book she had spent the last two days enchanting and had only just finished. The book was pure white and it seemed to radiate power. And then she began to chant. And the aura around the book got brighter.

The mayor, now showing signs of fear unleashed something they hadn’t yet seen. Drawing off the nearby hellmouth he fired a burst of dark magic from his mouth and it lanced towards Raven. But the power met the white power of the book. And when they where they met a battle of power raged. The remaining fighters for the light retreated away from this powerful conflict.

The two powers raged against one another as Raven continued the spell. But now her power seemed to be weakening, for it had taken much to enchant that book. And the dark burning power of the Hellmouth seemed to force the books light back. Almost to the point of receding into the book.

But then the spell completed.

And bolt of pure white light shot from the book and struck the mayor. The pain of being struck caused his attack to fade, and then the white light of the book struck. It completely engulfed the mayor and as they watched him try to fight it he was dragged into the book. And when his body was completely gone. The book slammed shut.

A massive cheer went up from the collective heroes. Even as Raven herself collapsed from exhaustion. She didn’t fall far as she was caught by Kid Flash.

The cheering continued. As many started congratulating each other.

And all of a sudden a loud crack was heard. And all turned to stare at the school.

The damage was extensive. Misfired energy blasts, redirected missiles, and the whipping tail of the mayor had not done much for the schools stability. And with a second crack they watched in stunned silence as several of the support columns collapsed. And with those went the rest of the school.

And this time another cheer went up, but if possible this one was louder. An square in the center of it. Sat the Titans. Still alive and now victorious.

“So.” Every one turned to look at Xander. “The Bronze?”

And as if on cue, the entire team began to laugh.


The cops had finally shown up fifteen after the school had fallen. For them that was fast. The fire department along with the EMTs were checking out the injured, and the one or two dead were taken away. Very few questions were asked.

The eight Titans stared at the rubble. None spoke for quite some time.

And finally from down the line came one statement.

From Oz.

“Well, we survived.”

“The battle yeah I guess we did.” Was the response from Buffy.

“No, we survived High School.”

And Tyler not one to be left out.

“What do you mean survived, I still have three more damn years. Now what do I do, we trashed the school.”

This got a hearty laugh from all.

“Come on.” Said Xander, “I think the Bronze is calling to us.”


They sat around one large table, listening to the music and absorbing the fact that they had one.

“So, now what?”

All faces turned to Willow.

“What do you mean Wills?”

“Well some of us are going to college, Tyler is still stuck in High School, and I know Cordy is planning to head up state, right.”

Cordelia nodded at this.

“So whats this mean for the Titans. Are we gonna break up like they did in the comics so many times.”

Everyone looked thoughtful at this.

“I don’t think so Wills.”

Now everyone looked to Xander.

“I read the old titans comics and despite people leaving their always seemed to be those who would fill the void. I mean look.” He tossed several printed pages. “I was looking at something on line this morning and found these.”

The others picked up the articles, printed off of various news websites, they spoke of strange occurrences in many big cities. Some had pictures. A man wearing a yellow glowing helmet and flwoing robes battle monsters in DC. A man made of rock saved people from a falling building. More images like this over and over again.

“Something happened that day we got powers. We started something, and now its spreading. I think this world is going to need the Titans. I know that a bunch of us are going to Sunnydale University right.”

Several nods responded.

“Well I have a great idea then.”


In a dark room filled with machinery a masked figure stared at films of the students battling the mayor. He watched as the battle unfolded.

“I will know you Titans. I will show you that some things never change.”


In another dimension a being some called Janus stared through a mirror at the world he had so effected.

“I hope you are proud of yourself brother.”

The lord of Chaos turned to see a figure standing in what passed for a door in his realm.

“Ah, I was wondering if you would come by. I was actually expecting you hours ago.”

“Well I was busy admiring your handywork. I was also setting up some events to counter it.”

“Oh you old stick in the mud, I though you would enjoy it. The ultimate battle of law and chaos. Besides, It has left things in such a state that that old bitch the first evil won’t be able to run her little terror campaign for another century.”

“That is one of the reasons I have not stopped you. I was also late to come see you because I was educating myself on these people you have brought to this world.”

That was when chaos noticed the comics books in the hand of his brother.

“Oh, you enjoying those are you. Tell me did you read this one?”

A comic appeared in his hand with two figures featured on the cover, one in red, and one in blue.

“Actually I had. Why?”

“Well I have already chosen mine.”

A picture appeared of a brunette with curly hair. Chaos knew that she had originally been meant for great power, but thanks to his alteration she would not get it.

“Would you like to choose one to counter.”

“I too have chosen.”

Another image to counter was a figure of a man. Short haired and wearing glasses he was currently being yelled at by several men in suits.

“Like your choice he was destined for something greater but his future was curtailed by you.”

“Well then, let the games begin.”


And on the edge of Sunnydale a young woman with dirty blonde hair had just gotten off a bus. As she was leaving the station two figures appeared behind her. Both were vampires, already in game face. One grabbed her by the shoulder and spun her around. They both expected to see fear on her face they didn’t expect for her eyes to start glowing yellow. The two began to back away from the girl, fear showing on their inhuman faces.

And suddenly in a flash the two vanished in puffs of ash. And two small thin rocks landed in the waiting palms of the girl, whose eyes ceased glowing. She then smirked at the piles of ash, picked up her dropped bag, and continued walking


A/N: Yes part three is in the works. Not sure when you will see it though. Another chapter of Transformation will prolly be up soon though again, don’t hold your breath. Till Next Time.

The End

You have reached the end of "Graduation Day". This story is complete.

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