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Fic: Dual Employment - Foreign Posting

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Dual Employment". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander made Gunnery Sergeant fast due to various interesting early assignments. this is one

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Fic: Dual Employment - Foreign Posting

Fic: Dual Employment - Foreign posting

Summary: Xander made Gunnery Sergeant awefully fast. Some 'interesting' early assignments explain why, this is one of them. BtVs/Other/SG1 crossover.

Series: Dual Employment.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of them.

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Scotland, late season 4 BtVS, 3:17pm

Corporal Alexander Harris swept the green, wet and very cold Scottish countryside carefully with his binoculars. He was acting as spotter for the designated sniper, and why he was here was apparently a long story. Right now he was just waiting for the terrorist leader to get somewhere

SOCOM briefing of Cpl Harris and Mr P, one month ago.

"Meaning no disrespect sir, but the British Army has snipers, why am I going and why are we use a civilian who I have to teach to shoot from scratch in only 1 month?" P - He had been warned to NEVER refer to him by name - had never HELD a rifle before.

"Well there is a prophecy..." The Colonel was cut off by Xander's response.



"Sorry sir, bad history with prophecies."

They knew that, of course, it was why he had been taken aside and asked to be Special Operation Commands 'field agent for wierd ass shit' as it had been delicately phrased

"Anyway Mr P is specifically mentioned. You on the other hand are not even hinted at, our whole country isn't hinted at, which is why us instead of the brits." The briefing officer explained. "After several devastating attacks on the watchers council, the survivors went to their government connections. Those connections found out about your screwing with prophecies before and here you are."

Back to Scotland, 3:21pm

The terrorists finally appeared, approaching the old castle across some sort of sports field. They were firing energy weapons, as were the defenders of the school. The attacking force had numbers on their side and spread out to attempt to surround the defenders, who were all clumped together in front of the school main entrance.

"Ok, at the rear giving orders, 078 degrees about 821 yards."

"I don't, wait that's him." P was about the young by most peoples standards, but his determination to learn had clearly been driven by painful loss against these creeps.

"All sections report in." the RTO, or signaller as these guys called them, reported all units ready.

The battle was going badly for the defenders, some were down and the rest were retreating.

The shot was on target and the leader went down. Mr P emptied the five round magazine into him anyway as ordered, to be sure. Only the first shot had been heard clearly, it being the signal for the rest of the platoon to open fire from the battlements. The terrorists acted like they had never heard of firearms, some ran but most didn't live long enough to return fire.

After the fight

Mr P walked into what looked like the school sickbay and got the same looks he had recieved from the whole school. He was a final year student here, after all, and a well known one. The whole mission had been secret though, obviously, with even the presence of the troops - who had been brought the previous night by a type of teleportation - being a secret until they opened fire.

"Mr P, can I finally ask what the hell your name is?" One more thing he could never tell anyone at his new posting, something called Stargate command, about.

Students and staff alike were giving the boy double takes as he strode along, quietly thanking everyone but clearly headed for the beds of a red headed 'bloke' and a pretty brunette who had sustained serious but not fatal wounds in the fight. The quiet englishman turned to face the former Scooby and politely responded.

"Harry Potter."
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