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The Stepford Conjunction

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Summary: Slayers aren't the only strong female role models out there.

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DC Universe > Wonder Woman
Television > Bionic Woman, The/The Six Million Dollar Man
vitruvianFR132014,02812128,1665 Jan 069 Jan 06Yes

Chapter Twenty


The cleanup operation took all night, even once a division of spoils had been agreed to. All the computer equipment from the Men's Club was to go to the IADC, with a promise to share data files; all the new hardware, including the androids (gynoids, really, but who asks the techs for their opinion?) was to go to the OSI, since it was their mandate to investigate the implications of new technologies.

Which was a mess, really, because there were several dozen 'fembots' to retrieve from 'their' homes and replace with the real women on which they had been modeled, before any kids could wake up to be disturbed by these surreal events. The agency only had a couple of tech vans dressed up to look like ambulances available, and a similarly limited number of qualified medics to certify that all the women were healthy enough and not too traumatized to return home. Not to mention debriefing all the members of the Men's Club to determine if they should be investigated for further complicity, and setting up protective surveillance to prevent any domestic incidents. It would be understandable if some of the original Stepford wives got a little upset about being gassed and replaced by robot doubles, and they might not all accept their husbands' excuses about being brainwashed by a mad scientist...

The technician really had to admire the workmanship that had gone into the fembots, even as he tired of wheeling them out of home after home. Much more realistic than the old model LMDs, even close up you had to actually damage the skin to see through the illusion. That was a really good polymer... and the chip set, when he opened up the back of one metallic skull - this was really cutting edge stuff, wasn't it? This was such a rush job, security back at base wasn't likely to be as tight as usual. Maybe he could sneak a few souvenirs out to his little workshop at home...

"Agent Mears, if you're quite ready? We have another five houses to get to on this block alone, and we're burning moonlight."

The End

You have reached the end of "The Stepford Conjunction". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking