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Buffy and the British Secret Service

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Summary: Crossover with James Bond. For the purpose of this story, 006 never betrayed England and never got killed. Pairing with Buffy/006, Moneypenny/007

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Movies > James BondcleopatraFR181564041,81013 Jan 0613 Jan 06No
Willow and Tara both walked to the now open grave of the slayer. They had with them the scroll that was supposed to resurrect her for a final time. As they began chanting a portal opened up above Buffy's body, and sucked her into it.

Tara led a now crying Willow away from the grave towards her house

Buffy dropped out of the portal in a small room. Her mortal/immortal eyes scanned the room for anyone before she left, what she didn't realize was that she had just dropped into MI6 Headquarters. Buffy who had blonde hair quietly walked down the hall but stopped short when she heard a gun cock behind her.

She turned quickly to come face to face with Alec Trevelyan/006. 006 gestured towards M's office before he turned and led the way. Buffy followed him quietly. M looked up when she heard 006 enter.

"006, who would this be?" M asked quietly

006 shrugged his shoulder with no answer, and turned his gaze somewhat to Buffy. Buffy looked up and noticed this and closed her eyes almost instantly, before opening them again.

"My name is Buffy Anne Summers, the slayer, and partially immortal." Buffy introduced herself, before she could continue the door opened to emit 007.

M looked up at the introduction, the slayer had been said to be a legend, but if the woman in front of her was the slayer it may prove to be more helpful than ever.

Buffy already knew what M was thinking of, but she of course knew that they were only dealing with mortals.
Buffy turned her gaze quickly to M at the suggestion of being assigned, she nodded her head but then made a single exception "No guns, I actually don't use them, never had to."

M looked up but nodded her head in answer "006, you and Ms. Summers hear are assigned together, try to refrain from making her angry."

Both 006 and Buffy left and headed towards the armory. Buffy already knew martial arts, and her senses were more helpful than ever.

As 006 drives them to the destination, he turns his gaze to meet Buffy's before asking "What was your life like before this?"

Buffy looks up at hearing this and heavily sighs, she had not said anything of this sort for years. “I’m the slayer, 006. I have friends that helped me in my universe; however, my witch friends did a spell and pulled me out of heaven.” Buffy paused slightly.

006 looked up when he heard Buffy paused, before he could ask if she would continue she did.

“I was a slayer for 4 years before this incident; I’ve had three watchers, only one died though.” Buffy stopped there completely.

Buffy could tell that Alec seemed to accept what she said, and neither of them said anything else. Buffy quietly pulled her hair back, knowing she needed it out of her eyes before anything else.

When the car stopped Alec and Buffy both got out, neither of them looked at each other and both walked towards the US Embassy.

Day Later

Both of them were walking towards the meeting room when Whistler appeared in front of Buffy. Growling in her throat Buffy all but growled out "What the hell do the powers want this time?"

Whistler looked at her in slight surprise before disappearing. Buffy muttered darkly as she entered the room "Damn Fucking Powers That Be!"

The End?

You have reached the end of "Buffy and the British Secret Service" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Jan 06.

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