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Summary: Dawn and Andais have a chat by mirror. BtVS/MG FFA challenge # 1830

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Literature > Merry Gentry seriesPauletteFR1311,223162,45119 Feb 0619 Feb 06Yes
Title: Improvements
Author: Cooper_666 aka Paulette
Disclaimer: not mine
Summary: Dawn and Andais have a chat by mirror. BtVS/MG FFA challenge # 1830


Andais billowed into her bedroom in a fury. How dare Darkness prefer to reside with the mongrel rather than herself! He was the only one that truly understood her cravings, her needs. And now he was with her.

Unfortunately, her was proving to be a good thing for the sithen’s magic. It was not supposed to turn out this way. Cel was supposed to become king, and gain respect from the sidhe for defeating Merry. It was supposed to give him credibility. Now, more and more of the sidhe were wondering what the mortal could actually do. It was disgraceful!

Andais strode into the large side bathroom and stopped suddenly. She’d ordered her Ravens to stay put in the main ballroom. No one would disturb her. It dawned on her suddenly that she was pouting.

With a sudden ferocity, she grabbed hold of the mirrors edge and slammed it to the ground. The mirror flew down and shattered into tiny shards and taking a few tiny pieces of the wall with it.

The anger felt good. Power tingled across her skin and fingers. She could rip the entire sithen apart if she wanted to, she had the strength and no one would dare try to stop her without Darkness there. It would show him. She fell to her knees and took hold of the counter corner.

Suddenly, the mirror pieces glowed a light greenish colour. She stared at them, frowning. It was not her magic. The tiny shards lifted off the ground and the green power than entrapped them whirled across them until each piece of the remaining grains formed the original mirror in its proper shape and form.

Andais heard a light crumbling noise and jerked her head away from the mirror. Her hand had crushed through the countertop.

She glanced back at the mirror and frowned again. Her own magic tried to dance across it, to scout out the feel of the green power but it was rejected. The green haze was superior, it had blocked her out.

A picture suddenly became clear through the mirror. A young girl, perhaps even younger than Merry, stood in front of her. The brunette had a hairbrush close to her mouth and was lip-syncing along to music sung by a male. That or she had an unusually low voice for a woman. The girls’ eyes were closed as she danced back and forth in front of the mirror. This creature had formed a connection with her without Andais’ personal approval?


Dawn danced in front of the mirror, oblivious to everything but Michael Buble’s suave voice coming from her CD player.

I just wanna go home,” She whispered lightly into her microphone—er, hairbrush.

As the song ended she opened her eyes and sighed and glanced at the woman in the mirror.

“Ahh!” Dawn shrieked, jumping back and stumbling against the bath tub side. I do not look like that. That is not me, I am way prettier than that!, she thought desperately, feeling her face for confirmation.

The woman frowned dangerously, “Who are you? How dare you interrupt my privacy!”

“Huh?” Dawn asked eloquently. “Uh, I’m Dawn. And my mirror is speaking…”

“Your mirror is not speaking,” The woman snapped, “I am, you fool!”

Dawn nodded frantically, “Right, you’re speaking…in my mirror. Buffy!”

“Do not scream, girl,” The woman ordered. She drew out to her full imposing height and glared at her some more, “Since you obviously do not know who I am, I will tell you. I am the Queen of Air and Darkness and the Unseelie court!”

“Well, hiya,”

The Queen sighed and rested her head against the bathroom sink counter. “You’re a mortal, aren’t you?”

Dawn frowned, “Well, yeah, I’m not a vampire, if that’s what you mean.”

“A vampire? Those measly creatures? Vampires are idiots, it’s all about the blood for them and their own sugar spike, they forget the pleasure of the passion.”

“I know,” Dawn agreed nodding, “I made out with one once, I gotta say, no technique! Not that I have much to compare it to, but still!”

“It’s always about the neck with them too,”

Dawn’s eyes widened, “Exactly, it’s like, there are other pulses too!”

“Now, girl, who did you say you are?” The woman asked.

“I’m Dawn Summers,” she responded enthusiastically, “Sister of the Slayer.”

The Queen regarded her again, “The Slayer? One that always goes after the vampires? Hmm, I’ve heard of her. No ambition, those Slayers, could go after my sidhe, could try to rid the world of demons or half-mongrel princesses, but no, they go after vampires.”

Dawn grinned. Finally, someone not intimidated by Buffy and still all-knowing. “We got a lot of vampires here, living on a Hellmouth as it is, but I totally agree, they get so tiring!”

“I visited a Hellmouth once, vampires were everywhere! They could at least try to be original.”

“Dawn?” A voice called from outside the bathroom. “Is everything alright?”

Dawn glanced at the door than back at the Queen, “Uh, ya, Buffy, I’m fine.”

“Well if you’re going to take a shower, don’t use up all the hot water again!” Buffy ordered.

Dawn rolled her eyes and looked back at the mirror, “Sisters.”

“I had a brother once,” The woman mused, “Never did anything without considering a million possibilities and outcomes. Couldn’t eat a meal without him jabbering about calorie intake and carbohydrates, not because he gave a damn but he had to let everyone else know that he knew.”

“Don’t you hate people like that?”

Suddenly, there was a frantic knock on the door, “C’mon, Dawn, hurry up,” Willow cried from outside, “I gotta go peepee!”

“Uh, I’ve got to go,” Dawn said apologetically. “Do you know how to, well, make my mirror a mirror again?”

The Queen nodded, “You created the connection, so you’ll have to stop it. Take a deep breath and suck all power back into yourself. Something like that should do it.”

“Okay, well, it was nice talking to you…”

“You are welcome in my court, if you should decide to visit. Few mortals are, but I’ll make an exception. If you contact me by mirror again, ask for Queen Andais. Chances are I won’t be answering myself.”

“Dawn, c’mon, I really gotta go!” Willow cried through the door.

“Alright,” Dawn said smiling, “Here goes…” She closed her eyes and relaxed her muscles. Slowly she drew in a breath and imagined all her magic coming back to her. She felt a tingly feeling and opened her eyes.

The mirror showed only her face.

“Dawn, please, I’m dying out here!” Willow said frantically, knocking repeatedly on the door.

“Okay, okay,” Dawn answered, unlocking it. Willow brushed past her immediately and Dawn scooted out.

Well, Dawn thought to herself, at least I found someone that I can talk to, that’s an improvement.


Andais regarded the tiny shards that had fallen back onto the floor. Their conversation had been interesting, to say the least.

Somehow or another, she no longer had the urge to annihilate the bathroom. At least she had found someone that she could talk to that apparently knew nothing of sidhe politics. That, by far, was an improvement.


The End

You have reached the end of "Improvements". This story is complete.

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