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Summary: A drabble I did for twistedshorts. Buffy-centric

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Television > Xena-Hercules > Buffy-Centered(Past Donor)NycorsonFR151791262,27216 Mar 0616 Mar 06Yes
I own nothing, not a thing, all Joss and Sam Raimi

Buffy fell asleep watching a documentary on WWI about the point where the Germans attacked. She woke up and blearily looked at the TV, and again the Germans were attacking. “Huh? It is still showing?”

Willow who had been watching all of it with interest replied abstractly “No, this is WWII, remember what out history teacher was always quoting to us, ‘Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.’”

Buffy blinked and that comment sent her thinking down the path with her and Faith, judging not learning when she should of. Stretching she headed off to take a shower, her mind still wondering if she had known could it all have worked out differently.

Later that afternoon she found Giles in the new Council library, stacking books. “Hey Giles.”

“Ah Buffy, how was patrol last night, and the newer Slayers?”

Buffy waved her hand, cup of coffee in the other and slouched down in a chair. “Fine .. fine, quiet patrol, two fledglings and nothing else.”

“That is good.” Giles replied turning to finish filing some books.

“Hey Giles.. remember how the Slayer line split when Xander did his whole CPR thingy on me?”

Giles turned and looked at her with a rather arch glance “You mean when he saved your life and pulled you back from the dead, yes I remember.”

“Umm.. yeah that.” Blushing a bit. “Has the Slayer line ever split before?”

Giles took off his spectacles and polished them. “I believe so, once before a VERY long time ago.”

Buffy sat up straight eyes lighting up with interest. “Really? What happened?”

Giles turned and dug through shelves, finally coming up with a thick leather book. “Here is her story, though I warn you, as it was not written by a Watcher the embellishments are rather lavish and in some ways quite ridiculous.”

Buffy frowned holding the book. “What do you mean not written by a Watcher?”

“Well if I remember correctly, she never had one, working with her made you look like a model of patience and flexibility. She was called around 13 or so, but by the time the Watchers found her she had an army at her back. They sent ‘emissaries’ to try and convince her how she needed them, the first one she sent back only his head, the second only his genitals. They quit trying to talk to her after that. I believe they tried to assassinate her a few times, but she killed the assassins with ease, so they gave up and just watched her. She was quit the barbarian and was well on the way of making Genghis Khan look mild mannered.”

Buffy was enraptured “So what happened.”

Giles shrugged “If you believe what her ‘bard’ wrote, she met someone who changed her direction and she became a champion of good, though she was still tainted by all the deaths she had caused. Slayers don’t handle killing people well, and she had killed thousands, it took an incredible force of will to control that taint.”

Buffy frowned “You said that she split the Slayer line.”

Giles nodded “At least we believe she did, she died, but she seemed to have the same problem you do with staying dead, I think she died three times.” Giles smiled at her gently. “But another woman arose who was just as skilled and as strong as she was, however she was absolutely insane, and went after the other Slayer. They fought off and on for a few years, until she was killed by the first slayer, at that point another on was called who was far away in Africa, much to the Council’s delight.”

Buffy frowned “So what happened to her?”

“She was very long lived for a Slayer, but that was because she was quite the warrior, I think according to her bard, she sacrificed herself to make amends for something she had done long ago, but that was not until she was in her 30’s or 40’s.”

“Wow, she sounds cool, I think I might actually enjoy reading this.”

“Well it is full of great battles, and tall tales. Like I said the embellishments were lavish, according to her bard she even met gods.”

Buffy shuddered “I hope they were more pleasant that the one I met. Thanks Giles.” She turned and headed out, book in her hand. “By the way, what were their names?”

“Xena and Callisto I believe.”

Giles waited for it, it took her until she got into the living room and opened the book and there it was, a screech from Buffy, “BUT IT’S IN GREEK!!” Giles laughed to himself and went back to filing.

The End

You have reached the end of "History". This story is complete.

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