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SN Team

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This story is No. 1 in the series "SN Team". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The Scoobies are offered a job to form a very special team, and given the opportunity to grow and learn enough to face the battle that is coming. Crossover Tom Clancy/NCIS/Lara Croft/HP

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Disclaimer: All characters are owned by Other people, including but not limited to Tom Clancy, Joss Whedon, CBS, and many others. I own nothing.

“Mr. President?” a voice came through the intercom, surprising him.

“Yes Mary.”

“There is a person here to see you, he does not have an appointment, but I have never seen his clearance before.” Replied Mary, her crisp voice distorted slightly by the crackle of the intercom.

A frown crossed his face. “What clearance is that Mary?” Still looking at the information on his desk for a meeting in 35 minutes.

“Top Secret SCI-SN, Sir.”

His head jerked up, frowning, then he paled a bit as he recognized the clearance, one he had only seen once before. “I see… please get Andrea in here, I will need her, cancel my meeting, and ask him to wait until Andrea can escort him in.”

Curiosity rampant in her voice, but Mary simply replied “Yes Sir.”

The President laid down the paperwork he had been working on and remembered back to the only other time he had heard of or seen that clearance level, it had been about a month after he had taken office.


“Mr. President, there is an advisor to see you.” Announced Andrea Price, who was standing in the doorway watching him. The day had been hectic with people filling the president in on what he needed to know.

“Very well.” He responded absently. Barely noticing when a small man sat down in front of him in the chair.

“Mr. President I am here to advise of something you need to be aware of now that you are in office. You may choose one agent to remain with you but not even your chief of staff may remain and hear this.”

“Hey now wait a minute!” Arnie started to protest, but stopped when the small man pulled out a badge with the words “Top Secret SCI-SN” stamped across the bottom.

“I am sorry but you do not have clearance to hear this, only the president and one agent.” The man was calm but there was nothing in his demeanor that indicated he would be willing to move on this issue at all.

“Arnie, go.. get some lunch I will see you soon. Andrea, it is your lucky day.” The President said tiredly but with a wan smile to Andrea, and waited until everyone else had left the room, most of the reluctantly. Once the room was empty except for Andrea he smiled at the man. “Your name and department?”

“My name is unimportant, but my department is labeled SN. We have a very tiny staff and most presidents never see us but this once. I am here to update you on the supernatural war going on every day. But first.” The man reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a small object, moving slowly letting Andrea see what he was going, it was a small disk he placed on the table, then he moved his hand over it, whispering something under his breath. “There, all listening devices in this room will not hear anything until we are done.”

Andrea who had been very confused with all of this, narrowed her eyes even more, senses on alert, but she said nothing, instead watching her primary for guidance.

“And exactly what was that?” Inquired the President, just as confused and curious.

“Magic.” Ignoring the blink from the president and the snort from the agent he continued. “Currently this country also has a population of vampires, demons, werewolves, witches and various other things. I expect you will soon be getting a visit from the America Ministry of Magic, though not during your office hours. Right now the US Government has no defined policy to deal with these issues, however there are several private agencies that seem to work well in dealing with them. One of them, the Watchers Council has been semi-effectively working on the vampires and demons issue since before we switched to AD.”

The man kept talking providing proof and a brief overview of everything that was going on. The President sat there trying to not freak, instead locked down all emotions and listened to every word the man said. Overall he explained about the supernatural, and hinting as to the existence of wizards and witches regulated by their own governments both in the Americas and Europe. He spoke of mystical devices and objects; which were never to be used for anything short of the sun going nova, and he ended his presentation with with. “Currently there is a Hellmouth in California, there is a slayer there watching it, so at the moment that is all we can do. If anything significantly changes we will inform you. Do you have any questions?”

Throughout all of this the man had been calm cool and collected barely blinking at any of the stunned reactions Andrea and the President had exhibited. The President took a deep breath “Why don’t we have a Slayer on our payroll?”

A odd smile as if he had expected the question. “As far as we can determine the Slayer is a single girl and the next one can only be called by the death of the current one. We have never felt it was worth depriving the world of the skills of the Slayer for what we would use her for. Also the Watchers Council has a great deal of power and the battle for the Slayer would be political suicide.”

The President nodded “okay, so what exactly am I suppose to do about this?”

The man arched an eyebrow and gathered up the information he had shown them. “Do? You are not suppose to do anything, simply be aware incase something ever changes.” With that the man picked up the disk, nodded to both the President and Andrea and walked out.

The American Ministry of Magic had indeed gotten a hold of him, via a small nondescript portrait in his private bathroom. He had almost made the biggest mess he had made since he was 3 and still working on the aim thing. That discussion had been… interesting to say the least.

~end flash back~

It was a few minutes as Andrea had been down in the kitchen eating lunch while Jeff covered her, but soon enough the door opened and Andrea walked in with a different man. Jeff nodded to Andrea and walked out. Andrea shut the door and the man took a seat, he had a large folder in his hand.

“Mr. President, I am called John Smith the situation with the Slayer has changed and you need to be aware of it.”

The President eyes widened, the situation had changed that might mean there were opportunities to help and get help. “Please go on.”

“You are aware of the incident in Sunnydale California last week.”

He nodded slowly “An earthquake caused a huge sink hole that swallowed the majority of the town, luckily most of the residents had evacuated for some reason.”

“Not exactly sir. Apparently the Slayer managed to close the Hellmouth that was located in that town, in the process the town was destroyed also, but there are more ramifications than that.” He paused and took a deep breath then began to talk, very carefully not looking at the president. “Apparently a Wiccan Witch that was friends with them cast a spell that has drastically changed the playing field. As far as we can tell all girls in puberty who had the potential to become a Slayer have in fact become one. We estimate this is well over 1000 girls world wide. The current Slayer was a bit of an abnormality in the way she operated, she had a support system of friends who helped her fight and stay alive. But now in addition to the explosion of Slayers across the world, we have finally verified that over 90% of the Watchers council has in fact been destroyed. They really do not exist except for a few trained watchers here and there.” He paused and finally looked up at the president. “So as I have said the playing field has completely changed. This is an unprecedented opportunity. What would you like to do?”

The President blinked, after the first talk a year or so ago, he had never really had the thought of ever needing to deal with this, but… his mind flashed to the work friends were doing, and the few odd incidents cropping up in various places lately. “John can you please leave the files of each of the friends of the Slayer and any other information you have. I would like tonight to review it, I would like to meet with you tomorrow at…” He glanced down at his schedule “at lunch, I will have some food here waiting.” He glanced over at Andrea “I am afraid I will need you too.”

Both of them nodded, John Smith leaving a large file on the table, then nodded to both of them and stepped out. The President reached for the files and slipped them in his briefcase, as much as he wanted to read them now, he did not have time. As it was, he suspected he would not get much sleep tonight.

The next morning the President kept glancing at his watch wanting the meeting with John Smith, ideas running through his head, when lunch time came, food was delivered, and John Smith showed up shortly afterwards.

“I have some ideas that I would like to broach to you about this change in the playing field.” The President stated then began talking, holding up various folders and gesturing. Andrea blinked a few times at what he said, but mentally she had already wondered how to recruit a few Slayers for the presidential detail.

John Smith was flabbergasted as one of the most audacious ideas he had ever heard came out, with details planned, reasoning laid out, and support provided for, and slowly, so slowly he began to grin. At the end he looked at the President who was waiting for his comments. “Mr. President that has to be one of the craziest ideas I have ever heard. And I will do my dammedest to make it work. I just hope they see this as the opportunity it is.”

“Oh I think they will, especially when President John Patrick Ryan offers it to them in person.” He said with a wolfish smile.

Andrea cringed at that, but started making plans, having a good idea where the ragtag group of survivors currently was, and where they were going.
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