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Dawn's New School

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Summary: Xander is entrusted with finding Dawn's new school...

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Movies > St. Trinian's films(Past Donor)chaoseternusFR712500114,40815 Jun 0615 Jun 06Yes
For the Record: I do not own nor do I claim ownership of characters and / or concepts contained within. Only the story itself.


Okay, I know I did something wrong, I just wish I could figure out what.

Giles has been rubbing his glasses and saying ‘Good Lord’ for the last fifteen minutes, ever since I told him what school I had arranged for Dawn to go to. I mean, I checked this place out; there was no record or indication of any connection neither to the demonic world nor to the more dubious sections of the; well, of any government. Hell, I even had the teachers checked out and whilst a few had some… interesting comments in their records there was nothing that made me think that they A) Couldn’t do their jobs or B) Could become a threat to Dawnie.

I am well aware of course that truthfully, finding Dawn a place to complete her schooling should have been Buffy’s job but frankly, given how recent our estrangement was, the fact that she trusted me with Dawn’s future?

Well, the water in my eyes had everything to do with Andrews cooking, honest.

Still, what is it about this St Trinian’s that has Giles in full ‘Good Lord’ mode?

And will Buffy dismember me for it?

And what exactly did I miss?


Challenge: If anyone feels up to it...
Dawn is now at St Trinians and guess which poor soul gets the job of keeping an eye on her? :)

The End

You have reached the end of "Dawn's New School". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking