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My daughter....the what?

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Summary: A year after Joyce Summer's death, Buffy comes across a letter that changes her life. With Dawn as her sidekick, she heads to New York City to find her birth father. Will the Stabler's accept the slayer and how does Dawn fit in?

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Television > Law and Order: SVU(Past Donor)sevangelFR1837172,4462421335673,97613 Jul 0617 Jun 07Yes
CoA Winner

The End!

Title: The end
Series: My daughter…the what?
Author: Sevangel
Disclaimer: L & O-Dick Wolf…BtVS & Angel-Joss Whedon…me-nothing
Rating: PG-13


"Gee, it's great to be back in Sunnydale." Buffy reaches out a hand to her father and pulls him to his feet. Then she reaches over and tugs Bobby to his feet. "Okay, Wills, you can let them out."

Willow whispers under her breath and the magical bubble falls from around the large group standing behind the slayer.

Dawn rushes forward and kneels down beside the body of the demon her sister just killed. "Are you sure it's really dead?"

Buffy shrugs. "I don't even know what it is."

Dawn straightens and then turns the demon over with her booted foot. "Eww, I think it's a chaos demon."

"Yeah, all antlers and slime." Willow brushes said slime off Bobby's suit jacket.

"Buffy, you can't just leave that body in the middle of the road." Giles says.

"But he's the one that attacked me, remember." Buffy pouts.

Giles just clicks his tongue.

"Fine." With a dramatic sigh, Buffy picks up the dead demon and hefts it over her shoulder. Then she walks over to the rental van and tosses it onto the top.

"We can't just drive through town with a demon on the top of the van." Olivia says.

"It's Sunnydale." Buffy climbs back into the back of the van and plops down between her youngest siblings. "Nobody will admit to seeing it."

"I want to see it." Dickie says. "Why couldn't we come out and see it?"

"Because it was still alive then." Buffy taps him on the nose. "You're too…"

"Young." Dickie finishes. "We're always too young."

"Sucks, don't it." Dawn ruffles Dickie's hair as she climbs into the back section of the van.

"Dawn, don't say sucks." Kathy says.

"Sucks so isn't a bad word, mom." Dawn replies. "It's a mini bad word not a real one."

Kathy shakes her head and climbs into the row of seats in front of the younger set of twins. Olivia and Giles climb in beside her while Willow sits down on the other side of Elizabeth. Kathleen enters next and climbs into the back with the older twins and the two detectives climb in last, Elliot behind the wheel and Bobby in the passenger seat.

"Is Angel going to be there?" Elizabeth asks Buffy.

"He's going to try but he was in the middle of a case the last time I talked to him." Buffy crosses her fingers, hoping her boyfriend will be there. And he is her boyfriend now. The long distance thing is going good, she misses him so much but it's the happiest she's been since she was sixteen. "Dad, turn here, it's the big mansion at the end of the road."

In the almost six months since she left, things have changed so much in the scoobies' lives. The biggest, next the scoobies being broken apart and separated across the country being the two new additions. Elizabeth Lynn Harris and Joseph William Finn, born within days of each other have changed the group forever. The reality that something outside of the fight they've dedicated their lives to, that some semblance of normality is still out there for them has made everything somehow different. Not that there's been many big changes but the option is there and that's something that they didn't think they had before. Spike, Faith, Amy and Tara moved into Angel's old mansion, the two witches not wanting to live on campus and Spike and Faith not wanting to live in a crypt. Then after that, Anya and Xander slowly started to move in, Xander not liking his pregnant wife alone while he was working. Amy and Tara took over running the magic shop when they got home, the former vengeance demon and the two witches believing it unsafe for her to be around so many dangerous magical properties while she was pregnant.

Then Riley and Sam took the advise given and moved to Sunnydale. And while they were looking for a place to live, they started bunking at the mansion too. At first Riley was completely uncomfortable with the situation, not waiting the vampire, even souled one around his wife, but Spike almost got himself fried getting her to the hospital when he happened to be the only one at the mansion. She almost lost the baby then, and would have if Spike hadn't gotten her there when he did, but the doctor's managed to save it. After that, they gradually stopped looking for a place and Riley started helping Xander fix the mansion up.

They've seen pictures, Tara and Amy emailing Willow with each little change, but Buffy realizes the second she sees the mansion that pictures are nothing compared to the reality. The once dreary and slightly sinister mansion is a home. The grass is cut perfectly and the flowerbeds surrounding the front walk are beautiful even now in the dead of winter; she can't imagine what they'd look like in the summer. The gravel driveway is now paved and basketball hoop is installed on one side. The outside of the mansion is clean and restored to what it must have looked like when it was first built. All in all, it looks nothing like the home her boyfriend had.

"Wow." Willow whispers.

"Uh huh." Buffy agrees.

"Hey, the Haunted Mansion look is gone." Dawn comments as she climbs out of the van.

The van quickly unloads, mostly due to the fact that they have very little luggage. They are, after all, only staying for two nights.

"Niblet." Spike opens his arms and catches the teenager that's flying at him.

"Spike." Dawn squeals when he spins her in circles. "I missed you so much."

"You better have, bit." Spike buries his face in her hair briefly, as if to imbed her scent on him. Then he kisses her forehead and sets her on her feet.

He still doesn't like it and he knows he never will, but Elliot has finally come to terms with his daughters' lifestyle and the baggage they came with.

Bobby waits until Willow is done hugging the bleached vampire before wrapping his arm back around her waist. She relaxes against his side, her left hand moving the rest over his and their fingers intertwining. His thumb rubs against the solitaire he placed there only a few days ago and he can almost feel the wonder that flows through her body at that action. She cried so hard that night when he asked her that one would have thought he broke up with her as opposed to proposed to her. He's still a little shocked that she said yes, not that he doubts she loves him seeing how she says it every chance she gets, but…he's still an older man and she's still little more than a child, her past aside. But even if he doesn't say it near as much as she does, he does love her and is too selfish to give her up. Not now. He never did quite move back home and when his lease is up in a month, he's not renewing it. In fact, they moved all his stuff in their apartment a few weeks before he proposed…okay, if he's completely honest, Buffy moved most of his stuff. It wasn't his intentions to have her practically move him single handedly, Elliot and Rupert were going to help him and the slayer tagged along….and then said they were too slow.

Willow steps away from Bobby and with his hand still in hers, pulls him into the mansion. Unlike Buffy and Dawn, her trip home isn't going to be so relaxing. Her and Bobby are meeting her parents for dinner tomorrow, a meal she is dreading. Not that she cares what they think anymore but she's the tiniest bit afraid Bobby will run for the hills when he sees where she came from. Oh, she knows he really won't but still, her parents are not the most open-minded people in the world and all they'll probably see is his age.

"Oh, I want one." Dawn gushes.

"No." Elliot and Kathy say together.

"Oh, but come on, aren't you guys ready to wear those cool 'World's best grandparents' shirts?" Dawn grins up at her parents for a brief second before looking back down at the baby girl in Xander's arms.

"Don't even think about it, brat." Elliot orders, returning her grin.

"You guys could always have another one." Maureen rests her head on her twin's shoulder as she looks down at the baby.

"No again." Elliot says. "We have enough trouble keeping track of you five."

"Hey, I'm an adult remember." Buffy defends. "Oh, she's so cute Xander."

"Thanks." Xander stands up and hands the sleeping girl to Spike before enveloping his two best friends in a hug.

"Bloody hell." Spike mutters. "Whelp, we've talked about how I'm not your bloody babysitter."

"Then why did you give her a bottle last night and change her diaper?" Xander questions.

"Did not." Spike denies.

"Okay, and you didn't sing Joseph to sleep last night either." Sam says as she walks into the living room, said baby in her arms.

"Oh, he's so cute too." Willow gushes. "They're both so cute."

"I want one too." Buffy says.

"You'll have to talk to soul-man about that one, B, but as far as I know, his little swimmers don't actually swim." Faith walks into the living room, Tara and Amy at her sides. "Hey, little Kat, how you've been?"

Kathleen rushes forward to hug the brunette slayer and surprisingly enough, Faith hugs her back. The two have kept contact in the past months, emailing and instant messaging each other almost every day and talking at least once a week.

"What are you going to do with the demon?" Dickie asks suddenly.

"I'll probably burn it later." Buffy replies. "And yes, you can watch."

Dickie hugs her briefly and then walks over to where a basketball game is playing on the large screen TV.

Buffy shakes her head as she wraps her arm around Elizabeth's side. The inside has changed even more than the outside. Gone are all the open spaces and antiques that accented the large room when Angel lived here. Even the fireplace is gone. The room is bright and cheery, the picture perfect example of a family home. She's glad. This place will always be a part of her past but she's glad to see it's no longer broken. That it is beautiful and full of live like it should be. Like she is now.

Riley and Anya finish out the Sunnydale group, Riley fresh from the shower and Anya fresh from pumping milk, which she describes in full detail to the entire room. Spike rolls his eyes and absently rocks the little girl in his arms and in that exact moment, Buffy realizes how entirely her world has changed. This isn't her group anymore, her home anymore. She isn't the slayer in Sunnydale, she's just Buffy. This is Faith's turf and she is finally ready to completely hand the crown over to the other slayer. A small part of her always thought she'd have to come back but looking at the four couples that share the mansion, she finally realizes they don't need her anymore. Instead of filling her with sadness as she always thought it would, she's equal parts relieved and happy. She can finally and forever close the hellmouth portion of her life and the next time she visits, she will truly be a visitor. And one glance at Willow shows that her best friend is thinking the same thing. They no longer have to feel guilty for abandoning their friends because said friends are just fine.

"Hey, Lizzie, go look who's here." Buffy nudges her sister and then follows the running girl to the front door.

"Angel!!!!" Elizabeth squeals as she jumps off the front porch.

Angel catches the little girl and then tosses her gently into the air. "Hi, there, squirt."

"Did you bring me something?" Elizabeth asks.

Angel sighs dramatically. "Now why would I do that?"

Elliot watches his youngest daughter from the doorway and can't believe he's not ripping her away from the vampire. He's seen Angel a half a dozen times since that first visit and much to his own chagrin, he doesn't hate the vampire as much as he wants to. Like Spike, he'll never really trust the monster but Angel does love his girls more than he probably loves anything in the world and he can't hate him too much because of that.

"I thought you had a case." Buffy throws herself at Angel much like Elizabeth did the second her sister is on her feet.

"I did." Angel buries his face in her neck. "It's taken care of for the most part and what's left, they can handle."

"Good." Buffy tilts her head back to look up at him. "Cuz kidnapping, not something the daughter of a police officer should be doing."

"Probably not." Angel agree before sealing his mouth over hers.

"Eww." Elizabeth wrinkles her nose.

"Yeah." Elliot agrees. "Eww."

Buffy breaks the kiss after a few more 'ewws'. "How long do I have you?"

"How long do you want me?"

"Forever." Buffy smiles. "How's that work for you?"

"Just about right." Angel smiles back.

Elliot rolls his eyes.

"How's business?" Buffy leans against his side as they walk into the mansion, Elizabeth walking right in front of them as if leading the way.

"Good." Angel replies. "I'm thinking about expanding the business. Maybe opening another branch."

"Don't joke about it if you're not serious." Buffy warns.

"Groo is staying." Angel replies. "I'd have to fly back occasionally, make sure they're doing okay and help out when needed but….they'll be fine without me."

Buffy looks around the crowded living room. "I know the feeling."

"We'll talk more later." Angel kisses her forehead.

The couple settles into one of the many chairs brought into the room as the large group catches up on the past six months. And as Buffy listens to the room talk about what's been going on in Sunnydale, all she can think is it's a nice place to visit but she wouldn't want to live here.

Not anymore.


The End. ***does happy dance***

More author notes: I have a new obsession; Supernatural. I bought the series DVD just because I was curious (and it was only 22 bucks at Target) and I love the show. Which leads me to a new series. I've started two, sort of, and now I'm trying to figure out which one to keep and which one to not keep. One is a 'Buffy is the bastard child of Joyce Summers and John Winchester, to take place early season four' and the other is Dawn slowly starts to remember another life she lead which will intertwine her with the Winchesters. I'm leaning more towards the Dawn fic since I love Dawn, she's my favorite character, but I will listen to opinions while I make my decision. So, if you have one, drop me a line and let me know.

As always, thanks for reading.

The End

You have reached the end of "My daughter....the what?". This story is complete.

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