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The Shade

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Summary: Out on patrol Xander runs into a spot of trouble. He ends up getting mojoed. Xander and magic just don’t mix. A new place, a new body, and no idea where he is. He now has power and a memory that is full of holes. What’s with the big T-shaped building?

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DC Universe > Teen TitansMerKatFR1324,31513010,19129 Jul 0625 Sep 06No

Spell+Gods= A poor confused Xan

The Shade
Title: Spell+Gods= A poor confused Xan
Author: Merkat
Fandom: Buffy/Teen Titans
Pairing: ??????????
Summary: Out on a patrol Xander runs into a spot of trouble. He ends up getting mojoed. Xander and magic just don’t mix. A new place, a new body, and no idea where he is. He now has power and a memory that is full of holes. What’s with the big shiny T-shaped building?
Archive THE STORY IS A BIT AU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rating: PG-13 . . . NC17
Parts: many if I don’t get a road block.
Status: Finished? No.
Series/Sequel: Nope? No idea
Disclaimer: I own nothing except the craziness that spews out of my head. All characters belong to their respective owners. The Teen Titans belong to Cartoon Network and DC comics. Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. No profit has been made from this fanfiction, and the only benefit to me is personal satisfaction. I hope you enjoy my story. So there!!!!
Author notes & Warnings: fanfic. No Beta. Be afraid. My mood affects my writing. This story is AU. It does not fallow the story line. I love the characters Spike and Faith so I threw them into my story. But my story is about Xander soooooooooo any confusion shouldn’t matter because this story will be about Titans-universe. And yes I know Spike is acting nice. I think if giving a chance the two could hitch up a good friendship.

An abandoned warehouse

“XANDER!” Yelled Willow as they fought a nest of vampires. Xander was cornered by a group of six vamps. The others had their hand’s full and Willow was the only one near Xan. The warehouse was huge and Willow could vaguely hear the sound of Buffy and Faith kicking ass in the room down the hall.

Willow looked at the floor, at the circle of salt around her. The moment she had entered the room Willow had made herself a protection circle. It was a good spell, it kept the vamps out and let Willow do spells on them. But she couldn’t leave the circle. Realizing that they couldn’t get to her all the vampires went for Xander. Bitting her lip Willow rose her hands to do another spell, this one was a transportation spell. It would send Xander somewhere safe.

Slowly a glow started to form around Xander, as he fought he started to fade. Doing another spell Willow added power to her casting and watched as Xander disappeared. Smiling Willow started to zap vampires, she would do a return spell as soon as she got home.


Unknown to Willow her spell did not work. In-fact if it wasn’t for the intervention of an unknown god, who used Willow’s magic and its own to send Xander away, the boy would have been dead by vamp fang or magical blunder. Willow just might be surprised when her basic reversal spell doesn’t bring her Xander-shaped-friend back.

The unknown god sitting on his cloud smiled. He was bored and saved the life of Alexander Harris on a whim. Holding the boy’s spirit in his hand the god discarded Alexander’s body, sending it back to Sunnydale. He would make the boy a new body. A better one. Smiling at the glowing soul in his hand, the god started shaping his champion.


Buffy and Faith breathed hard as they dusted their last vampire. It was a hard fight but it felt so good to just let loose and kill. Finding Willow unharmed with three unconscious vamps, they staked them.

“Hey Red! Where’s boytoy?” Said Faith as she tucked her stake back into her belt loop.

Willow gave a tired smile that didn’t reach her eyes as she looked at Faith. Xander had said the dark slayer should get another chance, that the girl was sorry, but she wasn’t so sure.

“He got cornered by a group of vamps, so I used a teloporation spell and sent him some place safe. All we have to do is get back to the shop and I’ll magic him back. Simple!!”

Buffy smiled but Faith looked a bit leery at the thought of such a spell. “You know boytoy can take care of himself. He swings a mean axe.”

Willow frowned. “You weren’t here . . . Xander was in trouble! He’s the normal one!”

Faith didn’t seam to be listening as she walked ahead to the blond slayer and red witch. As they entered the library, they saw Giles and Dawn reading the dusty books.

“Red used a spell and made boytoy disappear.” Said Faith as she made a beeline for the tv and sat down next to Spike who was watching Passions. Giles took off his glasses and cleaned them, then turned to Willow who was frowning at the back of Faith’s head.


“I did a transport spell!! And I didn’t send Xander far!! I’m going to go and do the reversing spell now.” She said as she went into the back room.

Giles sighed. “Will that girl ever learn?”

Giles looked at Tara who seamed a little embarrassed for her girlfriend. “ I looked over the spell w-with her . . . It is hard, but we practiced. I-it should be ok.” She said in a small voice.

The sound of Willow screaming brought everyone to the to the back room to find Willow holding Xander on the floor. A very limp unmoving Xander. She had tears in her eyes and was rocking him back and forth. Tara gasped and went to her upset girlfriend and embraced her.

“Willow what happened?!” Said Buffy as she went to check on Xander only to be bullied out of the way by Spike. Gently the vampire picked up the limp body.

“ I’ll tell you what happened! The damn bint killed Xan with her mojo!”

Faith bit her lip. “Can you bring him back?” She said as she met the vampire’s eyes.

He sighed sadly as he shook his head no. “He’s been dead to long. I can’t.” He said as he bought the body out front. They were going to have a friend to bury.

In another place far away . . .

Opening his dark eyes, the young teenage boy sat up. He was on a beach with cool water lapping at his feet. It was sunset. Pulling his long unruly hair out of his eyes, the boy stood up. He frowned who was he? Where was he?

He was bare foot and his clothing ripped and two sizes too big. At his feet was an axe, a black axe with a small red ruby in the center of the blade. And on his thin wrist’s two silver circlets with the same gems on it.

Standing up the boy looked around him. He was by a city, a big city that looked like something out of a tv show. Looking out into the wide blue ocean the boy frowned. On a small island sat a giant T. It shone in the sun like a godly pillar. It was odd. It wasn’t something one would see in the ocean. Picking up the axe like it weighed nothing he started walking toward the T.

The T tower

“Dude! Robin, man! We should totally have a party!” Said Beastboy as he hopped onto the coach and sat next to Robin and Cyborg. Robin growled as he pushes more buttons on the game controller, Cyborg’s blue car was passing him up.


He grunted then smirked as his car passed Cyks and passed the finish line. In bold letters the words ‘Robin Wins’ flashed on the tv. Robin smiled at Cyborg who was steaming with a frown on his metal flesh face.

“Its been a week and no bad guy’s! I’m board, we should go party! Maybe get some pizza!”

Robin lifted a brow. “I guess. Hey Star, Raven, you wanta go out for pizza?”

Starfire flew over to the coach her hands clasped a bright happy smile on her face. “Oh yes! Let us partake in the eating of the pizza. It will be the fun, yes?”

“Raven, you coming?”

Everyone turned to the telekinetic who sighed. “If I have to . . .”


Walking along the beach the boy watched people go on with their nights. He saw couples walking hand in hand as day started turning into night. The boy sat on the side walk and watched as the lights of the city turned on. He watched as people sat down at a snack shack and ate hotdogs on the beach. He watched people pass him without really seeing him. But he frowned as an old lady put a twenty in his hand.

“Don’t worry deary. Thing’s will pick up.” Said the grey-haired woman as she went walking on passed the boy.

Getting off the ground, the young man went to one of the tables of the hotdog stand and sat down. Putting the money in his only good pocket the boy continued his watching. For some reason unknown to him he needed to learn about these people. He was about to use the money given to him by the old lady and buy himself a hotdog when an explosion sounded.





Each Titan stopped talking as the alarm went off. Robin stood and said ‘Titans! Trouble!’ A line he always said when they were needed to fight and kick some ass. Cyborg started typing on his arm computer.

“An explosion went off by the beach, close to the tower.”

With that said the team was off. Raven, Beastboy, and Starfire shot off into the air, Cyborg to his sleek T-car, and Robin jumped over the railing of the pizza place onto his R-cycle and zoomed off.


At that moment his heart rate went up, he instinctively grabbed for his axe. A tingling feeling went through his skin, in his blood, it vibrated through his bones. He watched as a black mist shot up his body and out of his every pore, till it covered him completely. He only had a moment to panic before it was gone. He gasped. No longer was he in his ripped worn clothes, now he was in a black body suit. It formed to his teenage body like a second skin.

Tapping it he discovered it was as strong as metal. Looking in a puddle he frowned as he saw his face was also incased in the material. It was all black and faceless with the exception of the eyes, they were menacing white glowing slits. He looked like a vengeful demon from a dark hell. It looked pretty cool to him.

Without really thinking the young man ran toward the explosion, not giving much thought to his new suit. Looking around he frowned as dust blocked his sight. Climbing a large tree, he stood on the thickest branch he could find. For a second he thought he heard an odd noised through the panic of running people and buildings falling to the ground. He stilled on the thick tree branch and waited for the noise again. It sounded like a cry of a young child. He looked down and couldn’t see much of anything through the thick clouds of dust, so he decided to venture down to the forest of panic.

Hefting his axe onto his shoulder the boy jumped down and fallowed the crying. Deep into a crumbling building was a little blond girl with large blue eyes. She was bleeding and her leg was trapped under a large piece of wall.

Lifting his axe the young man swung down and even smirked as the little girl screamed. With one powerful blow the rock crushing the girl’s leg crumbled. Taking the teary girl into his arms, the young man ran out of the building. Finding an ambulance the young man placed her in it and left to find more people. For some reason he felt like he needed to help. Finding a couple in a hole he pulled them out easily.

“Go.” He said simply as he went back into the building to find more trapped individuals.


The Teen Titans got to the square to find the smoke and dust starting to settle. In the center of chaos they found Cinderblock, Dr. Light, and Plasmus destroying the surroundings.

“Titans! Go!”

With that said Robin and Starfire tackled Cinderblock, Raven threw a car at Dr. Light, Beastboy turned into a flying dinosaur and flew up into the air with Cyborg in his green claws.

The young man hid behind some rubble and watched the hero’s fight. He watched for a moment then noticed a weird little wooden man laughing it up while controlling mini dolls of the people fighting. Finding it odd the young man went to investigate it.

The young man didn’t notice that his whole body seam to fade and blend with his surroundings. So as he silently crept up on the wooden man, he went unnoticed by said wooden man. Looking over the puppet man’s shoulder the young man watched as the little dolls moved like the people they were made after.

Swiping one of the puppets from the wooden man he looked it over and watched as the blocky person fighting the hero’s flew into the air and moved like the puppet in his hand. Frowning at the squawking wooden man-thing the young man snatched the rest of the puppets from the puppet master.


Robin was just about to deliver a crushing round-house-kick to Cinderblock’s head when the big rock man shot into the sky. With question marks blinking above their head’s, Starfire looked at Robin as Cinderblock started dancing in the air.

“I did not know Cinderblock could fly? Tell me Robin, why did you not inform me of such important news?” She asked as they watched Cinderblock fly in circles above their heads.

“Because I didn’t know Star . . .” Then everyone went wide eyed as all the villains started flying in circles. All zipping around uselessly above the Titan’s.

“Ok. This is weird.” Said Beastboy.


Snickering at the bad guy’s the young man twisted and twirled the puppets around. With one last twirl he threw them at the feet of the hero’s, and just for the hell of it kicked the wooden man into their view as well. Not like they wouldn’t have noticed him sooner or later, what with him screaming ‘GHOSTS!’ and all. Hiding in an alley the young man watched the hero’s work. He felt the odd need to be by them . . . Shrugging he stayed and watched the young hero’s do their job.


All of the wide-eyed titans jumped back as the flying and swirling villains crashed to the ground as tiny puppet look alikes fell at Robin’s feet. Then they stood there with question marks popping up above their heads. And blinking when the Puppet King landed in-front of them screaming ghost.

“Puppet King!” Said Robin as he pulled out his bo-staff and swiped at the wooden man.

The wooden man sailed through the air and landed in Cyborg’s arms. Holding the little flailing wooden man at arms length Cyborg laughed.

“Boo-ya!” The puppet had swirly eyes and was raving about ghosts out to get him.

Raven hovered in the air, a zoned out Dr. Light and a now human Plasmus floating behind her with her black telekinetic ability. Starfire was right behind her, Cinderblock held easily in her hand.

“We are victorious!” Star said with a bright smile.

Robin didn’t look as happy as the other’s did. After-all the fight was way too easy. It could have gone on for hours. But something or someone had freaked out Puppet King and made the stupid living puppet come out into the open.

“All right team . . . Star, Beastboy, Cyk, help the police if needed. Raven will you come with me?”

The dark girl nodded and handed Dr. Light and human Plasmus over to Beastboy who transformed into a huge gorilla. Starfire tilted her bright head to the side as she helped a cop put Cinderblock into a armored police van.

“And where will you be, my friends?”

Robin smiled at the green eyed tamaranean.

“I just want to check something out. This fight was far too easy.” With that said Robin ran off into an alley and disappeared, Raven not far behind.

Review. I redid the story and added some more to it. Hope you like it. I forgot what the city is called? Is it Jump City or Central City? What is the city the titans protect called? I know Xan is not acting Xander-ish right now but it’s just the first chapter!! Ok?
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