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Buffy ends up working as a Prostitute at a Demon Brothel, that is to say not a brothel that caters exclusively to demons, but rather a brothel that IS a DEMON.

The Brothel itself is alive, and exists in multiple universes simultaneously, it also has an influence on the girls that work there turning them into exhibitionists, bisexual nymphomaniacs so they can better do (and enjoy) their jobs (to the extent that over time they stop being bothered by what they do and enthusiastically embrace it.) It is in the Brothel’s best interest to keep the girls happy, healthy and having as much s...
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A Crossover of BTVS/Biker Mice From Mars. I would love to see this. You may use either the old version or the newer version.

Willow and Xander, being bone tired of all the fighting and the many expectations of them, leave on a road trip together after the collapse of Sunnydale, they end up meeting the Biker Mice and....??

Must Have:
1. Willow and Xander of BTVS.
2. Throttle, Vinnie and Modo.
3. Willow still having her Witch Powers, but also being a good Ass Kicker.
4. Xander being a good Ass Kicker, whether or not his eye is gone is up to you. There has to be ...
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Not long after "Chosen" the Buffyverse reality is destroyed due to the instability in the balance when all the Potential Slayers were activated. The PTB barely manage to open a portal and send Buffy to the Stargate reality before everything is obliviated.

Must have:
- Buffy as the only survivor from the Buffyverse, and she brought the Scythe with her.
- Buffy has become immortal due to a combination of her being the Slayer, her resurrections, and because Willow used Buffy as her focus for the Slayer Activation Spell.
- She arrives in Pegasus at some point in the past and ...
Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Other • MirroredIllusions • Responses [0] • Date Added [30 Jul 14]
What if the animal spirit Xander got... had escaped from a Warner Brothers carToon?

*) Xander must be possessed by an animal Toon.

*) This replaces episode six of season one "The Pack".

*) The reason Xander gets an animal carToon instead of a primal hyena spirit is because the book used as reference to do the magical rituals was fake, and was not supposed to work at all. Unfortunately, WB carToons are know and loved by millions of people, so it counts as faith/belief, and the Zoo happens to be in Sunnydale, so the Hellmouth provides a magical power source.
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So let’s give Giles some xover love. The story can be set either in his past, his present running the Council, perhaps a problem he’s run into, a prospect he’s recruiting for the Council, or the future. It can co-star any of the cast, but Giles has to be the central character.

There’s one catch. Any and all xovers have to either be set in the UK or star a mostly British cast.

Here’s some selections to choose from:-

Espionage\Military: Ultimate Force, Spooks, James Bond, Callan, Harry Palmer, Extremely Dangerous, The Transporter
Crime: The Professi...
Multiple Crossings > Giles-Centered • (Current Donor)KColl • Responses [0] • Date Added [27 Jul 14]
Xander woke up in Las Vegas... and it wasn't even his own body!

People love to write "Woke up in Las Vegas married to some girl" Xander fics, but what if we added the "I didn't look like this before" spin?

*) Xander must wake up in Las Vegas being married.

*) Xander must be in a different body, and by different body I don't mean Buff Xander or Super Xander, but a body people would have a hard time thinking is Xander.

*) Xander can end being male or female, but must be attractive.

*) The change cannot be easily undone, the same for annulling the ...
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Attack on Titan crossover

Somehow, some way, Buffy Summers and Levi become a power couple!

Think about it! Two short, incredibly skilled fighters with a gift for sarcasm who will probably kick your ass if you mention their height. Heck, if you go with post-show Buffy, she's also been training a bunch of teenagers to fight evil. She knows his pain (double, since all the mini Slayers are girls).

Perhaps she lands in the Titan world after falling through Glory's portal. Maybe when she ran away after killing Angel one of those doorways led her to the Underground. Or the ...
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I was trolling the Internet the other day when I came across a picture of what I thought was Buffy and the troll god hammer but after reading the caption I discovered it was actually Harley Quinn (sans white face and costume) and her whammo hammer.
This got me to thinking about the similarities between Harley and Buffy and how neat a cross-over story this would make. This also got me wondering about her best know, the green eyed red head named after a plant.

So without further ado, the must haves:

* Buffy and Willow becoming Harley and Poison Ivy (YAHF se...
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Breakfast Club…B:tVS Style

Friday detention becomes twisted when parents forget to pick up their kids. Stuck at school for the weekend, six teens try to make the best of it.

Must Haves
· The Jock-> Percy West
· The Princess-> Harmony Kendall
· The Brain-> Andrew Wells
· The Basket Case-> Amy Madison
· The Criminal-> Kyle Dufours
· The Thief-> Xander Harris
· Principal-> Snyder
· Instead of the janitor, have Giles come in
· Make a reason for the kids not being able to go home
o Doors locked...
Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered • musickrystal • Responses [0] • Date Added [22 Jul 14]
After shooting Linsey McDonald in 'Not Fade Away' a depressed Lorne makes a wish to be sent somewhere far away, where he'd be out of reach of the Senior Partners, and where he'd always be able to get a Sea Breeze. But capitalization doesn't come over in a verbal wish and he finds himself taking the place of Major Evan Lorne when the Daedalus delivers reinforcements to Atlantis at the end of 'The Siege Part 3'. How will the gentle empath cope when he finds he's expected to fight space vampires? Do his sonic powers work against the Wraith? How will the people of the Pegasus Galaxy react to s...
Stargate > Other BtVS/AtS Characters > Lorne • (Current Donor)Speakertocustomers • Responses [0] • Date Added [22 Jul 14]
So basically this would just be a rewrite of PD in the Buffyverse. How would Xander handle his nightlife while preparing to be a prince? Would his Grandmother know about vampires?

MUST HAVE: Family Feels
Movies > Princess Diaries • Joseph • Responses [0] • Date Added [21 Jul 14]
Unless you've never cared you know that in most books, anime, tv, or movie the plot seems to focus around three characters in particular. That means that the multiverse is full of Triads. What if there was more to these Triads though? What if the souls were all of the same people? Every Triad that you can think of is the same people. They just had different lives even if its always there destiny to be heroes. Now something happens and suddenly the trio remember another life along with the powers and abilities that they had in another world. With the skills of themselves from other worlds how m...
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Star Trek or Star Wars X-over BtVS
When Xander is young (8-12) he runs away from his relatives after discovering he has some abilities.
After he runs away he stumbles across a lab left by Janus to be found by one of his descendants because he and a group of Alterans left from their home reality through a Quantum Mirror which they had the one in their home reality destroyed so their enemy couldn't follow them.
If it takes place in the Star Wars universe it will be A. 10-20 years before the blockade of Naboo. B. Takes place Shortly after the death of the Emperor.
If it takes plac...
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Ok I have read a lot of xander stories where he gets powers from halloween, or from the hyena or the swim team but this is different. my challenge is to choose a character from a movie, video game, show etc. and have them be xanders past life that somehow he starts remember said life.

very few rules to this challenge.

1) said past life has to help in the slaying some how. (so no howard wollawitz or anything)

2) no slash plz.

3) the past life cant change his moral alignment (it can make him darker but no evil xanders plz)
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For Halloween Xander wins a bet with Cordelia and gets to choose her costume. he dresses her as a combination of miss marvel from "AVENGERS" , Voodoo of the "WILDCATS" and, with a gold symbiote for "WET WORKS" comics. he goes as Mister majestic of "WILDCATS", with a gold symbiote for "WET WORKS" and tony stark from "AVENGERS". After the spell ends they are transported to a different universe. They keep the knowledge and the gold symbiote but the power have faded. lost with no way home they spend the next 6 month using Xander Knowledge for Tony stark the build a company, after six month they po...
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