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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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When Willow brings Buffy back from the dead she comes back...different!

Her powers initially seemed to have been greatly amplified; she is INSANLY strong, so tough bullets bounce off her, so fast that she can pick said bullets out of the air and her senses are so massively amplified that when she first pulls herself out of the grave they overwhelm her and almost drive her mad, until she manages to centre herself and get control.

Oh, there is also the fact that she’s gone from a bottle blonde to a NATURAL blonde...

She also isn’t depressed, actually its like a big...
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"Series Minus Series Core is a kind of work-edition which consist of taking a series and strip it of one (or more) core character(s). Since most series are more-often-than-not character driven, the removal of a key character can change the whole work radically, and that's where the fun of trope resides."

Think it with the First Law of Metafictional Thermodynamics in mind: if one BIG OBJECT leaves the stage, then plot can progress faster, other characters whose focus might have been diminished may gain greater roles (with new things to explore), and situations might be sweeter or more ...
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About a week before Halloween, Buffy notices Angel checking out a sexy Goth Chick at the Bronze; feeling jealous she decides to “Goth it up” on Halloween to see if she can get the same reaction out of him...which she does!!

However as she decided to put her Goth look together herself rather than buy a costume, it means she DOSN’T get incapacitated and takes a much more active role in stopping things, which in turn leads her to being the one to smash the Janus statue and in turn get caught in a Chaos Magic backlash...

Next morning Buffy wakes up to find the stuff in her ...
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For Halloween Buffy dresses as someone from X-Com be it Dr Valhen or an anonymous soldier, or even one of the Aliens. The rest is up to you.
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This was inspired by Fair Trade -, and FT2 -

Basic Plot: Yet Another Halloween Fic (with a twist)

Somewhere in the future in the BtVS verse, Wolfram and Hart won the war and drug Earth completely into a Hell Dimension. The only Scooby left is Willow, who is slowly losing her mind. With her mental faculties deteriorating, she comes up with a ritual that is quite literally insane. Evoking Janus and Osiris, she powers the ritual with her own life to give her younger self and her secret hero a chance...
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What if after Buffy died to close Glory's portal, Willow had used mad science to revive her instead of magic?

*) Story has to be be a crossover.

*) It took at least a year to revive Buffy, so Dawn And Willow no longer live in the Hellmouth.

*) Dawn and Willow must be alive, no matter how bad things got in Sunnydale.

*) Buffy must be revived by science, mad science, cloning or or science so advanced it appears to be magic works.

*) Buffy ends somewhat improved, be it a stronger body, new powers, or at least no longer being a demon and vampire mag...
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Instead of ending up in Sunnydale, Joyce takes Buffy to Neptune.

Joyce is aware that there is something...unusual about Buffy (pretty much that she is WAY stronger than she should be) and makes it clear to Buffy that they need to lay low. The Watchers have coincidently completely lost track of The Slayer, and Neptune has a very low instance of the supernatural monster variety, Neptune is more into Black Magic and Selling Your Soul for fame, fortune etc Which don’t strictly fall under the Slayer purview, making it very easy for Buffy to live a more normal life...that is until an inci...
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Buffy & Joyce Summer’s came to Sunnydale for one get away from the Watchers!?

You see Watchers don’t operate on top of Hellmouths, and they don’t deploy The Slayer there...for them it would be like tap dancing across the top of an active Volcano while soaked in nitroglycerin...

And why would they need to get away from the Watchers? Simple, Joyce and Buffy knew about things that went bump in the night long before Merrick turned up or Buffy’s Slayer abilities kicked in.

You see one night Hank Summers chose the wrong girl to have a one night stan...
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I have looked long and hard and have not found any crossovers with Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire, so here is my challenge

Buffy ends up in Westeros (well, any Buffy character will do) and shenanigans ensue.

Make it happen!
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This is set in a Generic Buffy Summers in Sunnydale AU, so isn’t tied into any particular Season.

The Summers Family consists of Joyce (who is in the know about the Slayer etc) Buffy (who is Buffy) and Dawn (who is Buffy’s little Sis, and not actually the Key.)

Willow is with Tara, and Xander is caught in a “tug of war” like relationship with both Cordelia and Anya (who was never a Vengeance Demon.) It should be made clear that Xander isn’t cheating on either of them, they are both perfectly aware of the other and INSIST that he go out with both of them on dates, ha...
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The idea is simple, what if The Goblet of Fire had not only sprout the name of Harry and three others, but also from at least one of the Scoobies?

*) there must be at least five people picked by the Goblet of Fire, the same four that in the books, plus at least one Scooby.

*) Yes you can have the Goblet sprout all the names of the Scoobies gang, more fun that way! (Unless one of them is dead or a vampire, then the Goblet cannot pick them)

*) Events must happen at the time of the fourth book "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" but you are free to change the year t...
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OK, this is a slightly...odd idea but PLEASE bear with me, because it actually has a certain amount of potential.

So I was reading a story on this sight (I wonder if you can guess which one?) where Willow had been corrupted over years by an “Evil Twin” of Buffy...

Anyway there was quite a bit of build up, but when we finally see this version of Willow, she’s remade herself into something quite different...and by the sounds of it now looks like a kind of Goth Barbie with an Elvira fetish!? (This was not portrayed as being of the good.)

As part of this she had su...
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Either Buffy does not exist in this reality or did never move to Sunnydale. So instead of Buffy another young woman moves with her single parent/guardian to Sunnydale and is soon tasked to defend the innocent from the evils lurking in this Californian town.

- The character replacing Buffy must be an already existing comic book character. Examples are Wondergirl Cassandra Sandsmark and her mother Helena Sandsmark or Supergirl using the alias Linda Lang and her 'aunt' Lana Lang.
- The support characters from BtVS (Xander, Willow, Giles etc.) must appear in the story.
- This also...
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Buffy is in Heaven, this is after she has given her life to stop her town from going into a state of Hell Dimension, and she meets a certain Don Diego (Zorro), during some break time, they get into a discussion, in which she informs him of the fact that her home town's mayor was a wizard- of the worst sort: a sorcerer, but nobody knew it until the end of the man's life.
The common reference between them is the fact that Both of them are from southern California and Both of their "Alcaldaes" were villains.
This would be a friendship fic challenge.
Recommended length: 8-10 chapters, ...
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For whatever reason the Golden Tri-Force leaves Hyrule and comes to the hell mouth. They (the Tri-Force) or someone else chooses Buffy, Willow & Xander as their wielder. This happens after Moloch but before Angelus. It can be based by what they are (Buffy/Power, Willow/Wisdom, Xander/Courage), what they want (Xander/Power, Willow/Courage, Buffy/Wisdom) or what they need (Willow/Power, Buffy/Courage, Xander/Wisdom).


1) The trio are in an equal, close knit relationship. If they see each other as siblings; that means that Willow gives up her infatuation on Xand...
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