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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Please thank one of our donors for their help in keeping the site alive by answering one of their challenges. The list below shows all challenges from site donors and personal challenges from moderators in a random order. Note: new challenges will not appear on this list until it is resorted, which happens every 30 minutes.
Buffy/Sin City movie crossover

Buffy Summers is definitely not the girl she was before she turned fifteen; before destiny took over.

Placed in a mental institution because of her talk of demons and vampires, she could do nothing as her parents and little sister were slaughtered by the very creatures she'd been shunned for mentioning. And when she was ultimately released, the only thing to greet her was cold eyes and the sadistic smirk of Quentin Travers.

She remained forever changed. Gone was her bubbly demeanor, replaced by a predator.

She vaguely listened...
Movies > Sin city • (Current Donor)BuffyCharmed • Responses [0] • Date Added [28 Apr 07] • Date Updated [11 Jan 10]
This is a round robin challenge. The stories must be open for any author to add to, and each chapter must be written by a different author.

Buffy and Cordelia (or any 2 major characters from BtVS and/or Angel) end up on a world-hopping adventure. They pick up tag-alongs from each world they visit. Think Bill and Ted in the phone booth time machine, except they visit other series, books, etc.

- The first chapter of each story starts with 2 major characters from BtVS and/or Angel getting sent to a world (you pick the mechanism that sends them). This chapter should en...
Multiple Crossings • (Recent Donor)Baladen • Responses [2] • Date Added [10 Jan 06] • Date Updated [2 Mar 07]
- In Disney's Hercules, Hercules becomes a god when he selflessly sacrifices his life to save the woman he loves.
- At the end of Season 5 Buffy sacrifices her life in order to save her sister.

When Buffy jumps from the tower she does not die but becomes a god.

Ideas (on top of the obvious how she/the Scoobies react to the change and how it affects her slayer duties):
What does she think of Mt Olympus?
What will she think of Hades?
What powers does she possess?
What colour does she glow (and how does she hide it)? [all the God...
Movies > Disney • (Past Donor)IntoOblivion • Responses [1] • Date Added [24 Jan 10]
100 word drabbles where one of the Buffy characters meets other characters that the actor has played in movies and tv shows (eg Buffy meeting Daphne, Willow meeting Michelle, Faith meeting Tru)
Not Categorised • (Past Donor)kayley • Responses [2] • Date Added [25 Jul 04]
Okay, there's a barbershop quartet song (yay), and part of it goes like this:

I'm looking over a four-leaf clover
That I overlooked before.
One leaf is sunshine, the second is rain,
Third is the roses that grow in the lane.
No need explaining, the one remaining
Is somebody I adore.
I'm looking over a four-leaf clover
That I overlooked before.

Write a ficlet (or more) with this song with any of the following pairings in mind (or any that seem appropriate):

Dawn/Xander or Dawn/Spike
Willow/Xander or Willow/Spike
Buffy/Xander (Buffy ...
Multiple Crossings • (Past Donor)halfbloodpuffskin • Responses [1] • Date Added [20 Jul 07]
The events on the Hellmouth (which events are up to you) have attracted the attention of the Ministry of Magic. Desperate for information, they kidnap an unsuspecting native of Sunnydale for a little while and send in everyone's favourite doppelganger as an undercover agent to find out what's going on.


1. Tonks must take over the identity of a human member of the supporting cast - of either sex - not a main cast member.
2. No BtVS characters or entities have any prior knowledge of the wizarding world
3. No need to try and match time lines between HP and ...
Harry Potter > General • (Moderator)jrabbit • Responses [0] • Date Added [28 Jan 10] • Date Updated [30 Mar 10]
Gobo sends the Fraggle Rock to his Uncle Traveling Matt by mistake. Through a series of errors it is dropped into a shipment for the Magic Box. What comedy of errors would be produced if Klepto-Dawnie took home what Gobo and friends are desperate to get back before Christmas?

Personally, I find the Fraggles to be one of Henson's best shows ever. Please, give me more to love.
Television > Other-Children's/(Pre-)Teen Shows • (Past Donor)Dianasis • Responses [0] • Date Added [29 Jun 09] • Date Updated [7 Feb 10]
A Buffy/Fallout 2 crossover.

The resurrection spell goes wrong and Buffy wakes at the beginning of F2, in Arroyo. She is immediately declared the Chosen One and must go through the Temple of Trials. Being suicidal and thinking it is hell does not really help. But (as stats in the game go) having 17 Strength, 300% Unarmed Combat and the Slayer Trait really do. Once she passes the Trials, she must search for the GECK, not necessarily wearing the ugly, 80-year old vault-suit. She will realize she is in the postapocalyptic future with no way home only once she arrives in San Francisco......
Games > Sci-Fi • (Recent Donor)betascud • Responses [0] • Date Added [7 Sep 11]
So, I've been laughing myself sick at If you've been to the site you know how amazingly hysterical some of the texts are, if you haven't been to the site...go now. (Although I will say it's not for the G rated set.) Most of the texts I read make me wonder about the back story. In that vein, using a text from last night, a Buffy character, and crossover of your choice write the events that inspired the text.

Some samples from the site are (area code of sender listed first, spelling and grammar posted as copied from the site):

(210):i had confetti in my...
Multiple Crossings > General • (Past Donor)Catlimere • Responses [1] • Date Added [19 Nov 10]
Category: Anita Blake / BtVS (Can have AtS characters)

Pairings: a) Willow/vamp
Dawn/vamp or Dawn/wolf
b) no pairings

Raiting: between PG13 and NC17

Spoilers: Buffy: After Season 6 or 7; Anita Blake: After Cerulean Sins or Incubus

Summary: - Willow left Sunnydale to find herself and ends up in St. Louis
- Can either meet up or travel with Dawn
- Wants to open a club as a sanctuary
- Willow or Dawn want to adopt Nathaniel
Anita Blake • (Past Donor)Saileach • Responses [2] • Date Added [10 Jan 05] • Date Updated [31 Mar 10]
After the events in Seeing Red, and the subsequent death of Tara, Willow summons Osiris to bring Tara back to life. His refusal to bring her back Willow strikes him with a beam of energy from her mouth, sending him away or trying to destroy him.

I would like to see Osiris taking this as an affront and in retaliation bring Tara back to life. But not in Sunnydale.

Preferably in the Stargate world. I would like Willow canon through to the end of Chosen and, her with Kennedy and slayers waking around the world.

I would like them to come across Tara, or have Tara find the...
Stargate > Tara-Centered > Pairing: Other • (Past Donor)improvedpeanut • Responses [0] • Date Added [10 Dec 11]
Okay, this is a crossover challenge where some people from a different series (and/or book, comic, Anime, movie, and so on) go to Sunnydale for some reason or another and the Scoobies never meet them. Why? Well because the Scoobies are to busy dealing with Sweet (The demon from the episode Once More with Feeling), so now the people you chose are stuck in Sunnydale for whatever reason you chose. What do they sing about?
Miscellaneous • (Recent Donor)Aisu • Responses [0] • Date Added [27 Sep 08] • Date Updated [17 Nov 08]
The setup:

Monica Mancuso(Las Vegas) has a wonderful idea to raise revenue long term at the Montecito - reach out to low-level or occasional gambling sites (such as charity or "play" gambling cruises, or teen clubs that have casino nights, or so on), and have a random person or persons at each site win a week's stay at the Montecito where they'll participate in a "play" Texas Hold'em tournament. This supposedly will have a good impression on them when they can legally gamble.

The rules:

1. Besides Las Vegas, you must have at least two 'verses and two pairings. F...
Multiple Crossings > Buffy-Centered • (Current Donor)DeacBlue • Responses [0] • Date Added [4 Jul 11]
There are probably hundreds of stories out there where a normal enough guy is flung into a situation that is just beyond him and comes back as something greater.

My challenge to all of you is to write a story where this happens to Xander. Where he's set off on an adventure of his own and comes back changed.

Examples: Maybe on his road trip he works on a cruise line that crashes and lands on an island (Far Cry 3), maybe he's approached by an odd couple about a job (Bioshock Infinite), or maybe you go the portal route and land him in a far off land where he's recruited into an ...
Multiple Crossings • (Recent Donor)TheDivineDemon • Responses [0] • Date Added [4 Jul 13]
When Jasper leaves Alice, her heart is shattered.
When Willow breaks up with Kennedy, she is furious, putting all her energy into her Slaying.

Alice roams the world, depressed, until she comes across a young, savage Vampire Slayer, Kennedy, who attacks her. Each puts all their focus into destroying the other, using their battles to help forget their respective heart breaks.

Alice and Kennedy would begin as enemies, hating each other, but that hatered would eventually turn into a forbidden passion.
This story will turn into a Fem/, to what degree is up to the autho...
Twilight > Other BtVS/AtS Characters • (Past Donor)Doorway • Responses [0] • Date Added [7 Feb 10]
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