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It's almost that time again. The 5th Annual International Day of Femslash is July 14th this year. A little under three weeks away, for you calendar-challenged folks out there, which means that if you haven't started writing anything for it... now's the time to get started.

I'd point out that I already have ideas for crossover femslash, but that's kinda like pointing out the sky's blue. So... what about the rest of you?

Start something new. Finish something old. Words or pictures... although we don't allow anything really raunchy with pictures and this IS a fan fiction website, so you might be better off with words.

PS: Free cookies to anyone who can do a crossover femslash story (one-shots are fine) starring Kennedy, Harmony, or one of the Cordettes as the BtVS/AtS character. The real challenge, though? They have to be *GASP* likable.
Posted 25 Jun 12 • (Past Donor)JoeHundredaire • Comments
The folks from Can't Stop the Serenity are holding a Joss Whedon fan-fiction reading evening tonight, including stories from here at Twisting the Hellmouth. You can catch the livestream here.

Can’t Stop the Serenity (CSTS) is a unique opportunity to indulge your geeky side while doing some good! Since 2006, fans have organized screenings of Joss Whedon's Serenity to raise funds and awareness to support Equality Now in their work for the protection and promotion of the human rights of women around the world.

If you want to support them, you can donate here, and post challenges for the readers.
Posted 8 Jun 12 • (Moderator)jrabbit
We have now completed the move to the new IP address described below.

As a result, all links to will no longer work. Iif you have any bookmarks or links on the web, such as in your blog or your profile on other Fanfiction sites that still use the suffix, please update them to

We have been notified by our hosting provider that we will have to change the IP address of our server in the near future. This will mean a (hopefully) short outage whilst the switch-over takes place and DNS propagates. The new IP address will be, and you will be able to access the site on that address as soon as we make the switch if you are stuck waiting for DNS to update.

If things go according to plan, we will make the change at 20:00 GMT on Monday, and the server should be responding on the new IP address within 5 minutes. At this point you will be able to read the site on the address, but you won't be able to login. There will then be a delay of at least 30 minutes before the name starts to work again.

However, a more long term consequence of this is that all links to will cease to work permanently. Since Jinni dropped off the net some years ago, we don't have any means to update the IP address associated with that name. Therefore, if you have any bookmarks or links on the web, such as in your blog or your profile on other Fanfiction sites that still use the .com suffix, please update them to .org
Posted 12 Apr 12 • (Moderator)jrabbit • Comments
Hey TTH look at the date!
It’s March 10th, is it too late?

See, Rhyming Review day is my total fav
I’m happy to get outta my RL cave
To review in rhyme & limerick,
I’ll post some verses up quick!

But alas! Thar be no news on the homepage!
Leaving me pacing like a rat in a cage.
Be there no rhymes for two-thousand-twelve?
Has this fun idea been placed on the shelves?

Say it ain’t so, Jrabbit the Wise,
To keep it alive is what I advise.

After all, (W)hat (W)ould (S)pike (D)o?
(…well besides drinking blood & writing a haiku!)
Posted 11 Mar 12 • (Moderator)jrabbit • Comments
After considerable discussion by the moderators over the last two months, we've changed one rule and added two new ones to the site's Rules page.

Given that both rules dealt with the content of stories posted on this site, Rules #4 and #5 have been merged down into just one rule, now Rule #4.

5. Users are not permitted to open multiple accounts. All stories and reviews must be posted under the same pen name.

18. While we recognize that not everyone will like every story written on this site, please conduct yourself with some degree of decorum if you choose to review a story that you do not like. While constructive criticism is welcome and even encouraged, ad hominem attacks and other unconstructive negativity are not permitted.

While I imagine most of you will find it rather ironic that I'm posting the addition of Rule #18, I'd like to point out that until now there's been no actual rule against it. At one point, Jinni mentioned a distaste for it and we've tried to keep things to a dull roar here just for site unity, but it's never actually been against the rules to leave a flame for any given story. We've only acted when a continuous pattern of abusive behavior have made it clear that a reader (or author) needs to rethink how they act if they wish to continue being a part of this community. Now it's a rule. And we'll be enforcing it.

If you currently do violate #5 for any reason (and we've been given several by different authors in the last two months as we uncover them), please contact us to have your multiple accounts merged.
Posted 17 Oct 11 • (Past Donor)JoeHundredaire • Comments
The Wishlist 2011
A multi-fandom Christmas Fanfiction Fest.
Now open for sign-ups!

What is the Wishlist?

The Wishlist is something that started very small and simple three years ago. The premise was simply to write twenty-four ficlets in response to twenty-four prompts, posted between 1 Dec and 24 Dec. Fandom gifts, if you will. Since then it's grown and changed a bit.

How does it work? (In less than ten sentences.)

If you're a writer or artist who wants to have some fun before Christmas, you can sign up for a full Wishlist (24 prompts), or half a Wishlist (12 prompts), or even a quarter Wishlist (6 prompts). By signing up, you agree to accept a number of prompts for fanfiction or fanart from your fans and try and fill them all through December, one small gift a day.

The community was more or less started accidentally and it's meant to be fun. So we'd appreciate it if you'd take a look and even if you don't sign up, stick around because an author you like might play and ask for prompts. Also, pimping greatly appreciated.

This is where you can find details of how it works and what you're signing up for.

And this way to the Sign Up Post.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

Whatever you do, have fun!
Posted 7 Oct 11 • (Moderator)FaithUnbreakable
Many email providers are bouncing our notification messages at the moment due to a DNS server crash at our ISP. Email messages sent from the site / forums may be delayed or not delivered at all.

UPDATE: This issue is now resolved and mail should be delivered normally.
Posted 24 Sep 11 • (Moderator)jrabbit
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