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Privacy Policy - Short Version

Here's the summary. See below for full details:

Privacy Policy - Long Version


As far as access to information is concerned, there are 4 classes of user at TtH:

  1. Administrators: Those people who run the site.
  2. Moderators: Those people who assist in running the site by checking content posted falls with in the rules and is correctly categorised.
  3. Registered Users: Visitors who have logged in to the site.
  4. Anonymous users: Everyone else.

A list of Administrators and Moderators is on the Contact Us page.

The term "content" means any information you enter into pages of the site that will be displayed to other users. This includes stories, challenges, reviews and your profile. The term "address" means the IP address from which we receive an HTTP request along with any information provided by proxy servers about which address(es) they forwarded the request on behalf of.

Information we store

Along with content users explicitly upload, the following is kept permanently in our database:

The address from which content is uploaded is available to moderators. The rest of this information is only available to Administrators. It is used only to detect abuse or diagnose faults and to mark tracked stories as read when you gives story lists.

Web server Logs & Statistics

Standard apache format web server logs are kept for up to 1 year. These show all hits to the server and include the source IP address and the URLs hit. The raw logs are only available to administrators and are used to detect abuse, diagnose faults and compile site usage summary statistics.

We make some summary statistics public, such as 'top author' charts, but these do/will not include any personal information other than pen names. We may add additional statistics at a future time.


We store the email address of registered users in our database. It will only be made available to Moderators and Administrators. We use it for the following purposes:

We keep a log of all email sent via the site including the sender's address, time and recipient's address. We do not record the subject or content of emails.


We set a temporary "session" cookie for all users to enable choices you have made such as Large Print / Handheld layout to be maintained as you change page. This cookie is not saved to your disk and is removed when the browser window is closed.

We also set a persistent cookie that is saved for registered users, if they opt to have their login "remembered". This cookie is only used to remember the login information.

We do not currently use any 3rd party advertising or usage tracking sites that set additional cookies. We reserve the right to do so in the future, but such 3rd parties will not be provided any additional information us other than what they gather directly from your web browser. In particular, they wil not be told whether the you are a registered user.


We do not have the funds to maintain an SSL certificate from a certificate authority that is trusted by popular browsers. Therefore, any information exchanged with the site, including your password is NOT encrypted. We strongly suggest that you do not use a password on this site that you also use for sites holding important personal information, and that you do not login over unsecured Wifi connections.

Passwords stored within our database are encrypted.